The New



Still sounds fresh and unusual. Fifteen.

Like every year´s name does, first January week.

School and kindergarten started up again today.

I´m in my tiny garden hut, with my stereo and my radiator.

Big coffee mug. Soundtrack from the movie “Himalaya”.

The new is entering me, is being entered by me.

Continue good progress, and say goodbye to the old.

Find money. Got to find money.

Stepping up, visible and unafraid.

Welcoming my growing knowledge of sound therapy.

Accepting the cape of the healer. Feeling honoured yet worthy.

Ready with my hermit lantern and my sword of clarity.

At the service of Spirit. Allowing, allowed. I surrender. Gratitude.

Asking for assistance in being the best I can be.

As a writer, singer, healer, mother, friend, sister, daughter and wife.

As a woman, poetically orientated, dedicated to peace and to joy.

No less. And also no more.

Why live in small letters when there are capitals?

I hereby get up and stand up for my right

to create and to reach out and share my inner riches

for the benefit of All.

Thank you, UniVerse, for being me.

Please stand by me.

In the new now.

And please stand by each one of us who wants to do lightwork.

Guide us, strengthen us, enthuse us.

And so it is.



8 thoughts on “The New”

    1. Dear Fiona,

      thank you…. a heartwarming compliment. It is very special to feel I am now ready to stand up for my role in healing… Incredible how certainty can appear the way it did for me.
      Lightworkers unite! 🙂 Hope to give you a sound healing session one day! Big hug, send my love also to Alan.

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