Things I Would Like to Have


vegan sushi

Look at this! Vegan sushi!
Made by Johanne Mosgaard, who is about to publish a vegan cookbook here in Denmark, she has a facebook page called Englerod (loosely traslated into…Angel´s mess…?).

I used to eat mainly vegetarian until I got pregnant first time age 32. Then came a craving for meat.
But I still prefer vegetables, and eat as vegetarian as is practical…

When we were in Bergen a couple of weeks ago, my friend Katarina actually invented some kind of new way to have sushi! Basically it was salad, sprinkled with sesamy oil, then there was prawns, wasabi and ginger, different sauces to dip in, and lumps of sushi rice, some with raw fish on top others with avocado and cucumber… Wow. Delicious.
I want more tasty, healthy, energizing food!

librarian´s wish chair

Love this chair! Just need it to be a bit wider and longer, so I can stretch my legs and have 2-3 children next to me! 🙂 I want to spend more time reading to my kids!

palm reflexology

I want more knowledge of the meridians, to learn more about acupressure.
Also other alternative methods, such as light-therapy, scriptotherapy…
So much I would like to look into and understand about tools for bettering health.

I have an exam 28.of August, in vocal sound therapy. So first and foremost, I need to read up to prepare myself for that. My course ends in December, where I must have ready 30 journaled cases from my massage table, as well as a home made film from one of my therapy sessions.
So a bit of vegetarian sushi here and there, a bit of reading to kids here and there, but my main focus now needs to be on the three books my exam will revolve around.

I have sat many exams before. 5 years of uni studies, in social sciences.
But the last exam I had was 15 years ago! Wow… it flies…
And I did not have children. That is a huge difference.
My time was my own. I owned it.

But I will make it. Just need to organize time to read. Instead of spending spare time on Facebook or playing with WordPress.


Which reminds me.
See you later!



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