My Valentine View


Just wrote a facebook status:

Happy Valentine´s Day to each and every one of you.
Celebrate the Love you have in your life.
The Love you are allowed to give.
To your cat or dog, your friend, your child, a stranger on the street, your mother, your uncle, your neighbour or your spouse. One Love. Long Live Love. Let Love Rule.

Because. Something on facebook last night made me think. A woman was saying Valentine´s day was sickening to her, all the focus on being a couple, feeling left out.

Then someone said that in other countries they celebrate it differently. In Syria one says happy valentine to one´s friends, and the same applies in Japan and some latin American country I forgot which one was mentioned.

And of course that´s much better.
Why make limits to Love?
Why leave some people out?
Love is including. Not excluding.


I don´t have that much more to say about this. And also, I don´t have time to sit and think about it. Because I´m spending this my Valentine´s day with my husband and three children on the ice, skating about in a probably disturbingly big crowd.

But hey. It will be memorable. It will make us laugh together. And make us two adults catch eachother´s eye above the little ones´heads and smile together about how cute we think they are. If that is not a perfect way of celebrating a Valentine´s day, I don´t know what is.   🙂

sofaselfie LF, Lava og mor2


Here´s me with two of my four favourite people on this planet. Budapest, November last year.
Age soon 3, and 11. And then there is Viola, not in the picture, who soon will turn 6!
God I remember thinking “Soon they won´t be 2 and 4 anymore, but 3 and 5!” Well, that´s a year ago now.

I finish this post with a song. A happy ending. A lovesong?

Okay, you´ve got me started now. This one belongs together with the last one, in my head.

And all good things are three. So. Here. One of the best lovesongs ever written. I said so!



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