Vocal Sound Therapy #10


So. Last weekend I went to one of my courses again. In a church in Copenhagen, 22 of us and our teacher. Friday she taught us how to use castor oil to purify the liver. Saturday we had our exam. 132 questions in 3 hours. Yet she said that if we couldn´t finish in that time, then we could take the paper home and send it to her once finished. Which luckily I didn´t have to do. I was well prepared, and it paid off. Nice to feel I had made an effort big enough to feel pleased about myself. And a nice feeling to see that I actually know and remember many central questions now, from our curriculum. I love to study. To learn.


silent and listen are spelt same letters

To listen. Is the major part of the education I´m doing. To listen for the resonance between a tone I make, and the body I´m “singing on”. And, apart from voicing the tone, be silent. Within, I mean. Empty of thoughts, focused on just listening, listening. And when the sound is right, to keep giving that sound to that particular place for a while. Very, very fascinating stuff.

(See my blogpost http://kaltwasser.dk/introducing-githa-ben-david/ for an impression of my teacher and the method that she teaches).

We also show people how to use their own voice to work through their emotions, and release old emotional wounds. During a treatment Saturday, suddenly more and more of us started to resonate with one of us, who was dealing with a trauma. I did too. So I found myself standing in the middle of the circle, together with 7 others, “cryingsinging”, expressing stuck emotions. Whilst each of us had a fellow student supporting us. And the rest of the group stood all around us and sang long tones together…
It lasted quite a while. It was mindblowing. I almost don´t have words for it. I feel like a different person after that. Liberated, uplifted. And with a whole group covering my back, so to speak.
Fills me with gratitude. This is such a big deal in my life.

openminded vibing along

At one point during the weekend, we sat in our usual circle and our teacher asked us to share our experiences with practicing vocal sound therapy, how we think it is going. One of us is having an amazingly high success rate treating tinnitus patients. An other is helping people be able to sleep better.
Yet an other gets all these women who want to “sing themselves free” from low self esteem and low self worth… Very interesting how patterns seem to develope.

When it became my turn, I told them how I still mainly treat people I know. (To grow into the role of therapist. My friends I can ask for feedback on all the aspects of a treatment). And that the only complete stranger I have had on my massage table until now, was a dying cancer patient, and how that meeting moved me deeply. (I described it in the blogpost http://kaltwasser.dk/crossed-over/

My teacher said that maybe I can use the therapy method to help dying people with their crossing over. That really got me thinking.

I have always read a lot about death and dying. It is a subject so close to my heart. (See my blogpost http://kaltwasser.dk/dealing-with-death-kubler-ross-jung-and-tolle/ for more on that) …

A fellow student approached me in the break, saying she had been thinking along the same lines, and let´s talk about it, maybe we could do something together. That to me, is very exciting. Everything new is so much easier to break into when one has a person to co operate with.

I just read on Facebook this morning that Wayne Dyer crossed over Saturday night. Age 75, just. I have many of his books, and a dvd or two as well. A very inspiring man. Who was looking forward to dying with excitement. I wish him a happy journey. Have a glimpse of him here:

Yeah…that weekend. So grateful.



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