Welcome to this place this moment

My blog is an intuitive process.

I follow the loops; see where the typing leads me. Just let what wants to be talked about, flow through me freely.

I ´m all for talking about the essential questions in life.

Matters of the heart. Open, direct, empathic communication on issues and from angles that I feel are important to get out there, between us.

There are many categories. Yet they are all interconnected.

In everything I publish, I aim to leave the reader feeling uplifted. I´m not always funny at all, but. Neither is life. (She said, drily).

Feel free to comment. Dialogue is most welcome.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will enjoy it here.

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Recent Posts

Running for local council election

It´s been a year since I was here. A year of corona restrictions which now seems to ease up where I live. We’ll see. I´ve spent the year writing my CoronaWords; poems and reflections. I performed at a private garden gig in August, reading 30 of the texts. (There´s about 270 of them at the … Continue reading Running for local council election

So what do I do these days?

So…. I realize it´s been over a year since I was here. Explanation must be that I´m busy, prioritizing my time differently. With 3 kids, 5 NGOs, a clinic to build, a conference to organize, Corona since March 11. — And a lot of information to take in, process, express. Some rehearsing with a band … Continue reading So what do I do these days?

Moving into the new

It’s been a while since I wrote. Been so busy. With lots of different cultural ngo projects. International Women´s Day Celebration. And planning for big events happening next year. Helping build the local green party The Alternative. Helping start up the “Night Ravens”, adults volunteering to go for walks where the youth hangs out in … Continue reading Moving into the new

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