Let It Come


Allow me to start out today with the opening poem of my self published book from 2011                                                                                          (Heart Matters; Around Abouts and Previous Pieces):


Let It Come

Patrience – precious mode of being

Watching, waiting, feeling, seeing

Landscapes from an eagle´s view

The Flow will guide the Adventure of You


Yesterday I opened my blog, new post page…. and just sat staring at it. Completely empty inside. No word to be heard. Quite frightening! 🙂 So this morning I said to “My Self”; “Please help me know what to write about today, as I really would like to keep posting on a regular basis, a bit frequently, so new stuff pops up not too often but also not too many days apart…”

Immediately “Let it Come”  came to my mind. So here I am now.

I don´t have a clue what I will write after this sentence here now.

And this unknowing, having no idea what words will come the following moment, is the greatest both challenge of writing. And excitement as well. Just sitting, looking out the window. Listening to the birds. And suddenly something comes through. Love it.

It´s a bit like being alive in general. At least my life. Some people I guess plan their lives. I never did that. I just took one step at the time, letting my heart choose the direction. Studied one subject at the time at university (that´s how the system was back then). First I studied politics, found it dry and moved on to anthropology. Loved that, so I stayed for an extra semester. Then did media science, and their third semester was taught by famous Manchester anthropologist Graham Murdock, it was a course on Consumer Culture, so I did that semester too, though it was developing my degree width-wise, not the normal depth-wise… After that I took a semester of organizational psychology, because I always loved psychology and I could live off my student loan if I kept on studying.

Same with my love life. Met a Brit age 21, and moved to Wales a year later. Travelled around the world with him (quality control in the oil biz), and went back to uni from time to time to pass an exam. 6 years later we broke up, and I moved back to Bergen. Met a Dutch guy a year and a half later, moved in with him, moved back out 3 years later… Two exhausting breakups which I don´t want to dwell on more than to say I learnt a lot about what I want and don´t want in a relationship.

In 2005 I went to a kiromantic (hand reader) and asked him whether I was supposed to take my master degree in anthropology. He said: “What does your heart say? Does it become happy when you think about studying?” I said “No…. I don´t know… that´s why I ask you…” “Well, when your heart says I don´t know, that means you are in doubt, and doubt means simply “not now”. Maybe you will study later, but not now.”

I stared at him. I could actually feel that his answer was the right one for me. “You know,” he continued, “the heart speaks in only yes or no. Your intuition. It tells you whether to take a step forward or not to. So whenever you are in doubt, just ask your heart. Do I want this? Then notice your feeling. If it´s not a YES! feeling, then wait and see, then maybe later, but not now.”

That is a very useful thing he told me there. And now you know it too.

Why I talk about him now, is because he also taught me something essential about letting it come. He told me that one of my main challenges to grow through this lifetime, is to trust in Spirit. To rest assured that I am taken care of. When there is no work, and I don´t know what to do next… “It´s like your helpers are sitting on a fence, smiling at you, saying “you just do what you are supposed to do and we will take care of the rest!” He said…. “Your hand shows what we call bird feathers, a sign of being able to write. I think you should allow your love for writing to be your main focus. That and mothering. Move out of the video production community that you say is filled with drama between the participating people. Make a peaceful space for your mothering and your writing. You will be headhunted for projects, teachers will come to you when you need them to, things will happen in strange ways…”

Again I just stared at him. His words went straight to the core of my being. Things always seemed to happen to me the way he described. I once wished I had a job in a certain film documentary company, and a while after I expressed that wish to myself, I was hired as a director´s assistant in a cinema movie project, about refugees living in Norway, I worked there for 18 months! And that was just one recent example of many things synchronizing for me.

He read my palms, and taped the session on an old fashion cassette, that I could bring home. I listened to that tape probably about 100 times. It gave me a lot of strength. I was amazed at what he could tell me about myself from looking at my hands. His name was Kundan. Norwegian man. In case someone wants to try him.

Let it come… yes… It is not that easy, you know. Not to know where I will go, what to do, allowing stuff through, waiting for the next step. Then again, I´m getting better and better at it. I´m in such a period right now, where I have no income, and no sight of a regular job to apply for. Because I know in my heart I want my small kids to be in kindergarten only half time. 9-1pm. And this of course strongly limits my options, as if I get work on shore, the ferryride plus the waiting for the ferry and driving to the work place, will add an hour´s transport to each end of my working hours. Hence I will have to place them in all day kindergarten. And my heart just says no to that. My youngest is not even 3 yet. I know many people do it, and get used to it. But I´m just not … built that way? I have to go with my conviction.

When possible. Heaven knows I have worked in a fish factory one winter, in order to save up money so I could finally go to India! (Which didn´t happen after all, coz I suddenly met the Dutch guy, and then got the movie job almost simultaneously, and decided to stay in Bergen instead). Point is, I will make sacrifices when necessary. I´m not a spoilt princess afraid of work.

For now, I will keep them in kindergarten half time. I work on this blog, and if Luck strikes me, someone will contact me and want to pay me for advertizing on my site.

Secondly, I keep doing my training as a sound healer. I will make journals of 30 treatments before my exam in December. So this will lead to income in a while. My teacher is hitting Danish television as we speak, she’s been asked to appear on breakfast tv tomorrow, Saturday morning, and also to be a sound healing expert in an upcoming programme called “The Madsen brothers present the future”, where they will look at weird and wonderful new technologies and ways of life…. (They are shooting first episode today, I wish I could be in the audience but Copenhagen is 4 hours away from where I live…) So basically I expect sound healing to be quite popular and sought after pretty soon. I will just practice and get myself ready.

These are simply my two strategies. They don´t generate instant income. But I will let it come. I do trust that everything is as it is supposed to be, and when I tell the universe I am grateful for everything being taken care of, this has proved to work for me time and time again. It sounds peculiar, but. I ask and I receive. Mystical, magical and most mmmlovely it is.   🙂

Right. 1436 words. Pretty good for not knowing what the next word would be, when I started. Again, trust. Step aside and let it come. Allow it through. The only hurdle on your path is you. That is so funny and so annoying. But I guess it´s true.    🙂


About breast feeding

The following is 3 replies by me in a facebook thread
25.of January -15 … underneath a lovely photo of a woman
breast feeding her newborn. The discussion was on how Facebook censors that kind of pictures as offensive, whilst accepting photos of violence.
One man said he was breastfed until he was 10 years old, and so I replied what i quote underneath. I have not included the man´s words or name, I am only interested in sharing my own view on this subject, which as a matter of fact is an incredibly important one;
How do we culturally view the act of feeding babies the natural way, and what consequences does our cultural definition of it, have?
Here goes: 

I breastfed my eldest until she was three. Seen documentaries of people breastfeeding until the reflex in the child disappears in the teens. Nothing weird about it. If the mother and the child both want to hold on to that unique, bonding interaction, then that is good for them and their choice. Nothing sick about it. What’s sick is people’s eagerness to judge other people.

I too have read that there is measured correlation between breastfeeding and how well the kids do in their studies. Not that I think it is an absolute, i.e.that kids that don’t get it can’t excell too. But it’s definately another reason to follow nature if possible. Immune system also benefits. Mother’s milk is designed for young ones growing. Foolish not to use it. Why do women in some cultures choose not to? It hurts like hell in the beginning. Two weeks is a long time to spend crying while the baby eats. Which is most its awake time. And also, our cultural view on breasts as being meant to look good for men. And looking good does not seem to include being breastfeeding or, worse, how they look when their natural deed is done. If men/media praised breastfeeding, it would, i suspect, strongly reduce the amount of women who fear becoming ugly. Really.
A mother should be looked upon as a superhero. Only she can bring new human life to earth. Mothering is the biggest challenge I know of. I have three kids, all born without painkillers, the two last ones at home in water. All breastfed of course, because I am lucky to be able to. Youngest one is 3 in march, we still breastfeed bedtime and morning, and we will stop gradually some time I don’t know when, it will happen naturally as he grows and we adapt into new needs. Yes this topic is actually a very important one. For feminism, children’s rights, and the sake of… love, for crying out loud. Bullying breastfeeders is just totally ignorant, and has severe consequences for mothers’ self pride and their children’s health. If I was God(dess), I would silence bullies. Period.

Yes, economy, as always, pulls at the puppet strings of society… same in Europe. Although over here at least we get decent parents’ leave for the newborns. Myself I stay at home. Again because I am lucky, to have the (financial) choice. We are pretty broke living off one wages, but other values are more important to us.                                                      In Denmark there is actually a slow but growing trend, that staying at home mothering is a priviledge symbolizing wealth. One can afford to. People have four kids and stay at home nurturing them. Isn’t this a nice turn of fashion?  I don’t say one way of living is better than others. But i do say that society should give families options. Household Leader should be a paid job. I think if it was, then most families would choose to keep one parent in the home those first five years of their little ones’ lives. Maybe that way, even the percentage of divorce would go down. As the years with little kids is the time where divorce happens more than at any other time in the marriage. So yes. Social economy. Big factor. -y.  🙂

Freedom of Expression


You know, this blogging is all new to me. I have always written, filled notebook after notebook, since age of five, talking to myself in a way, gaining clarity from seeing my thoughts and feelings in writing. Only when I met my now husband, 8 years ago this coming spring, did I start to realize my poems and rants could be of value to others than myself.

I write in a very personal style, I guess you can call it. I am not educated in litterature science, so I can’t tell you if it fits in a genre or not. And I don’t care, actually, either. I write from my heart, and to me the focus is more on the content than on the form. (Although to play with form is good fun too).

One thing I have noticed within myself, though, after having started sharing so…  internationally here in this blog online… (I do it all the time on a smaller scale, on Facebook, but that’s not as long pieces, at the same depth as here… ) I have noticed an inner unrest about the question of sharing too much, about whether I cross the privacy barriers of people I write about. Not that I write about others a lot. No. I am conscious not to.

But I have told very openly the story around my soundhealer inauguration, and we were 32 people involved. I have verified with our teacher that the text is okay. And also with the person who gave me the healing session in trance. So it’s in the clear in that way. But I have still shared information that to some of my fellow students maybe feel is private…

I have also shared the story about my beloved Ellen’s death in very unusual amount of detail. It is a taboo subject, death. Death beds. I am very careful about going into details that may be misunderstood as not being respectful, or show too much of an other person’s feelings… but still. When I am so open hearted about my own feelings and thoughts, how do I know if I unawarely come to hurt someone’s feelings? Unless they tell me. And most people actually don’t tell a lot or very easily, about their feelings. At least not the ones I know… (the solution will be to ask them directly, I guess. Face to face. Which I find hard to do. But I will.)

I feel that it is very important with openness. The beat poets used to say “Make the private public!” and “Write your life!” I think these are good aims. When we word what is difficult, we lift taboos and can help eachother find solutions. So I don’t mean to apologise for my openness. I just hope that my sense for discretion and concern is good enough. And if someone gets hurt by my openness, then I hope they will reach out to me and let me know, so that I can adjust, edit, reshape the information given so it doesn’t feel too private for them.

You know, these terrible happenings in Europe over the drawing of the prophet Muhammed…

Of course we in the west can draw what we want. We don’t follow Islamic law. We won’t be beheaded or whipped for having gone against God’s wish of not making pictures of Muhammed.

What I don’t really get, is the need to draw Muhammed. When we know that someone will be very upset with a certain action, isn’t it plain kindness to refrain from triggering that pain?

Of course a free and open debate on politics is a democratic right. And religious institutions are big power factors actually, owning land, having money, telling the population whether to use contraceptives or not, how to understand homosexuuality, abortion…. their views on human sexuality, claiming they know God’s unloving judgment upon everybody that’s not heterosexual and married, having intercourse only as a sacrifice in order to make children…… (I wonder why did God give us the sense of sexual joy if we are not supposed to enjoy it?)

I think these are political issues. Human rights issues. Equality issues.

Hence, when religious leaders involve politics in their talks, claiming some people are better than other people…. then this subject matter will be debated, people will criticize what they feel is not just. Jesus, Muhammed, Buddha and the rest of them would applaud this. They all talked about Love. Kindness. Tolerance. Equality.

So yes. Political debate is a must, and religions are part of that arena.


Can we really not discuss politics without breaking the holy rule of the opponent? Would we not get further if we showed respect, and told the opponent we would refrain from drawing Muhammed as we could see that it hurt him. Would that not be a better step towards helping the opponent listen to our message?

It would show empathy, respect and tolerance. The opponent would then possibly answer with showing us the same fine qualities. The parties would be able to hear eachother. Trust could start to build. This is called dialogue. Peaceful communication.

Instead we shout:



How mature is this really? How ethical is it? To me it sounds like three-yearolds in a kindergarten. “Give me that bucket now, because my dad is stronger than your dad and he can throw you up on that roof over there!”

When I was younger (80s), (well every day previous to today I was younger but),

when I was in my teens, then… there was a concept at home there in Norway called “freedom under responsibility”…. one was for example free to go to the kiosk outside the school grounds, under the expectation that we would return for the next class… we were free to go to a disco, assuming we were responsible enough not to drink alcohol…

I think responsibility is a very central part of freedom. These two words are central in being an adult, a citizen functioning smoothly in social settings… without these two words, who will we be? Irresponsible and unfree…

How responsible is it to be drawing Muhammed, knowing that millions of people will get extremely upset by this? Is it really necessary to do that, in order to criticize politics and religion? Could one not draw a mullah instead? Or use Jesus and Buddha, talking to each other of how they wish Muhammed would come out of his drawer soon….. come on…. there is a million ways of using carichature, (and I am a great fan of that art form).

What good has those drawings done for the world? Oh it has shown the moslems who is the boss? That we dictate to them and they don’t dictate to us?


Humanity is so disappointingly immature in so many ways. All these wars. And polluting earth. Making animals and plants distinct. Actually being cruel. To animals, to women, children, poor people, homosexuals, “other races” …… very immature.

And we can not actually claim that we do not know better!!! Can we?

All we need is love. Love. Love is all we need.

And the world is ruled by greed.

Freedom of Expression, used for hatred breed.

We need responsible  people of ethics, to lead..

Cruelty begets cruelty. Kindness begets kindness.

Let’s please hurry up into a higher level of consciousness.

Our irresponsible behaviour is making us unfree.

The moslems are our siblings, not our enemy.











My Videopoems “Linking”


This is the video installation “Linking” which I made in 2011, for an exhibition with the same title (only in Danish; “Kobling”).

I also released a book the day of the exhibition opening; 16.of April. “Heart Matters – a round abouts and previous pieces.”

The book script was the starting point of the project. I took the script to the local fine artist Margit Enggaard and asked her if she wanted to do something together. She did! 🙂

So she created wonderful, big, colourful paintings inspired by my poems. And I used the book script to make video pieces, filming her paintings and her gallery and using that on the visual side, with my reading of the poems, some turned into songs, on the sound side… I used photos of Margit´s paintings as illustrations in my book.

Apart from Margit´s painings and gallery, I filmed nature and sculptures in Denmark, Norway and Hastings, UK.


There are ten poems and five songs in the installation.

38 minutes long. Hope you enjoy it!


My SoundHealer Inauguration


Dear Reader.

I want to share with you a course weekend that has forever changed my life. It was last weekend, just a handful days ago, 16.+17. of January. It was in Skanderborg, small Danish town, inside a beautiful Steiner school building, with colourful stained glass windows and a small cute library and a book store, kitchens serving ecological buffet with for example beetroot soaked in liqourice and orange… not a single wall is straight, none of the rooms are square, it is built in Steiner’s architectural spirit, and painted in wonderful, light, friendly colours. Oh I just love to go there.

We are about 30 in the course, and we have just finished our first year, now entering our second and final year. We are training to become Vocal Sound Therapists. Under the eminent leadership of a true pioneer in the field, ms. Githa Ben-David. (Check her out on Youtube!)

This particular weekend we were to be “initialized”, maybe an incorrect translation but… I googled the Danish word “initialisering”, and found inauguration, consecration… We were basically to have a ceremony where we through rituals helped our hearts embrace the role of being a sound healer.

We met at five pm in our usual, beautiful classroom. (There is a photo on my facebook of it. If I could, I would paste it in this blog. Well. I will learn these techniques).

We had been told to wear light coloured clothes, as a symbol of our wish to be at service to the Light. We were to bring a candelabra and a candle, a small personal item which would carry the energy of our ceremony into the future, and a fruit which we would all share between us as a symbol of us wanting to share from  ourselves for the benefit of others or…. well. Use our energy to give others energy. Not so easy to word, this.

We sat on chairs in a big circle as usual. In the middle of the circle there was as always a low table draped in white cloth, on it a big silver cup of water, candles, and for the occasion silver trays for all our fruits. We put the fruits on the trays, and our little personal items on the low table and the white cloth. We placed our candlabras on a blue cloth that flowed down from a table on the little stage behind our circle. It symbolized a river, flowing water, the earth axis. Whilst our candles symbolized the vertical axis, connection to “the higher realm”, the light. We placed our objects and sat down in silence, a whole circle of white clad people, lovely sight.

Githa walked through the room with burning, cleansing  twigs of sage. Then she blended two essential oils which I don’t remember the names of at the moment. She told us what she wanted us to do, and then started. She came to each of us, and gave us a kind of bindi circulating our third eyes with the oil on her finger. A surprisingly soothing sensation. She held a sacre ceur which she let briefly touch our hearts. It is an object showing a heart on fire, often depicted with Jesus and Maria Magdalena in paintings, to us symbolizing the opening of the heart chakra. After she finished these two gestures, she said the person’s name out loud, saying “Lene is now blessed by the Light” (Or similar words)… and then the person went to his/her candlabra and lit her/his candle, before sitting down again. We all sent energy to the person being blessed. When all the candles were lit, Githa played a song on the piano, singing a kind of prayer, asking for us to be shown how to best serve our brothers and sisters. Who the prayer went out to, is up to our own individual definition. I love that freedom. Whether we call it Higher Self,  Tao, God, Spirit, Light, The Force, Love… any name and no name, to me it is the Same.

We sang the song for a while. Then sat in silent meditation. Then did sound healing singing, everyone singing long tones, listening to the circle, weaving a sound together out of 30 waving voice threads, the sound growing louder then softer, going into higher notes, then into lower notes spontanously, creating this together…it is such a beautiful experience, always very moving to me.

After a while the sound just … fades out and stops. As if we planned when. Bewildering.

We decided we wanted to go for dinner before we shared the fruit. When we returned, we simply sat on the floor eating fruit together, in the light from all the candles. It felt like being gathered around a bon fire. Lovely.

After a while, we all went to bed. I shared a room with four other ladies from the course. Feels so good to go to sleep there after our course days. One of my fellow students played a tune on her flute and sang an old celtic song for us before we switched the lights off. I was sound asleep (pun intended) by ten pm!


So that was the ceremony. Of helping the heart say yes. It will always be a precious treasure of a memory to me. Rituals carry meaning. Language of soul. Strengthens inner knowing. Verifies. I don’t know quite how to explain it. Rituals touch a dimension wordly unexplainable, perhaps. Beyond the grasp of mind.


Now I want to tell you about how my Saturday went. We met in the morning in our circle, and Githa showed us some more techniques. Afterwards, as usual, we went out in groups of two to practice what we had just learnt. I first gave my fellow student a session. After the agreed twenty minutes had passed, I was shocked because I was only half way through what I wanted to do! We swapped places and I lay down, and was covered by the blanket. Closed my eyes. She started. I heard her breathing change. I know she works as a trance medium, I have seen her in trance before, so I guessed she was giving access to spirits coming through her. First she tried to give undertones to my legs as we always do to give grounding. She couldn’t. It sounded like she was a wolf. Sorry, I know it sounds strange.  But that’s what it sounded like to me. After a while she made a vibrating sound, as if she was playing on a seesaw, mixed with a harp! I can’t really describe it, coz I have never heard anything similar. After a while she moved on to my crown chakra and I heard what I can only describe as angelic tones. Such is my connotation, from I don’t know, movies or… I don’t know. They were angelic tones.

I lay there, in awe. Gratitude, receiving these completely new sounds to me… I felt peaceful, at times I couldn’t believe my ears, I lay there and took it in, every tiny wave of it, totally mindblown. In grateful awe. And then suddenly she just stopped! I had not heard the alarm clock go off. I got quite annoyed, actually. Thought she would soon realize only five minutes had passed, she must have heard an sms coming into the phone or something. But she just sat there, silent. My body felt weightless and paralyzed at the same time.Very strange. I just wanted to remain as I was. After a while she asked if I was ok? I thought ok, I guess I will have to move now, then… I wondered how to, then decided to move my toes and fingertips, like I always do to return from deep meditation. So I did, then stretched, and sat up.

“You were in a trance there, weren’t you?

“Yes, I did move out of the way a bit. It’s so easy for me to step aside. But was it any good? I didn’t quite get it all as it was happening…”

I told her my experience, as I have just described it to you, dear reader. Her session was unique, and I felt so uplifted! Very happy, and… like my energy’s focal point had been shifted, from hara chakra to the crown. I had been so tired, and burdened by the shocking death of my beloved motherinlaw this fall. I simply felt… changed at core… Big words, I know. I mean them.


We returned to the circle. She told Githa that she had been unable to make undertones on me. Githa asked me to come up on her massage table in the middle of the circle, and to my own surprise I jumped eagerly from my chair and ran up to it. (Normally I used to be reluctant to be the centre of attention). Githa found a “donkey sounding sound” in my solar plexus, and gave it sound until there came a “clean, unbroken tone” replacing the other sound. “This is the sound of trauma,” she told me and the class. “Probably the shock of your motherinlaw’s sudden death.” I nodded.


The rest of the day we experimented with remote healing, sending across the room, and between different rooms. At one point I went into a meditation much deeper than usual. Complete quiet within, I felt like a solid Buddha statue. Wonderful. We gave eachother feedback, and came to the realization that our healing had been received as it was intended. Great to get that reassurance. When the receiver describes becoming warm on the exact bodyparts I sent energy to, it becomes hard to doubt there is effect.


Yes. This was my story. I am not the same as I was last Friday morning. I am now ready to start giving sound healing treatments. This is not what I think, it is what I know to be true.

I would love if I could paste a link here to the song “Caravan of Love” by the Housemartins.

Allow me to quote:

“Every woman every man, join the caravan of Love. Stand up, stand up, stand up.

Everybody take a stand, join the caravan of Love.

She’s my sister… she’s my sister don’t you know?

He’s my brother…he’s my brother don’t you know?

We’ll be livin’ in a world of peace…

It’s a better place for us to be…

So bring the young and the old,

why don’t you let your love flow…

from your heart… ”


Thank you for reading this post.





Goodness Gracious!


I just returned to my blog, having been away for an extremely exciting course last weekend, which I of course will tell you all about in a new post. But first I HAVE TO write this:


I just now found out there are 72 comments from readers!!!

I feel so…. grateful…. all your compliments and appreciation….. It is truely heart warming and very encouraging for me. Thank you all so much. I am sorry I have not replied as you wrote to me, I am simply not litterate in this wordpress blogging universe, I just write my thinkings and that’s it.

I have tried to link to the videopoems I have on Youtube (you can search for my name, Lene Kaltwasser Henriksen and it comes up, it’s called “Linking” and is a video installation of ten poems and five songs that I have made, and then filmed and edited video to go with the lyrics…)

I have added a youtube plugin but I just can´t figure out how to paste video into a post. I have made a library of photos on my blog, but I don’t know if they are visible to others than myself… I love images and would like to use them as illustrations for my texts ofcourse. I have also self published a book three years ago… I would like to link to it and present it and people could contact me if they wanted to buy it…

I simply need a wordpress fairy to come teach me how to use this wonderful equipment properly. Big sigh… It will come. And yes, I have heard about the free e-book ” WordPress for Dummies”.  I will get round to it. I’m just slow. With three little kids and my course to study, I just want to write, not be googling google adwords and fighting my way through a jungle of unknown stuff! 🙂

Anyways. I promise I will get better at it all, soon. And I am sorry that one of you commenters receive comments four times in your email inbox from my site. I have no clue how to solve it but I will for sure find out and free you! I’m sorry it will probably take some time before I find out how, but I will get there. I am very much against being a spammer mailbox jammer. Bare with me, I won’t forget my promise.

What else…… wow, you guys have just made me verry happy. I will definately check out your sites and comment back. Brilliant stuff, this. Communication. So easy, compared to earlier.

I am also very active on Facebook. Feel free to add me as your friend there. Again I just use my full name, Lene Kaltwasser Henriksen. I love Facebooking. All those wise words and pictures, and interesting articles, information not found on tv or radio….. spiritually uplifting, inspiring stuff…. sharing is great.

But ok. I must post this and get on to talk about my …. mindblowing course last weekend. See you in the next blogpost!


Lots and lots of Love from me to you. Thank you for your nice supporting comments. Really made my day.



Who wins world war 3?


My facebook stream is full of drawings and words about the tragedy in France. The murdering of cartoon artists.

It seems I am one of very few lucky ones to have escaped the closeup videoclip of a man being assassinated on prime time news.

Not that I don´t want to know what is happening in the world. I just don´t think it´s my duty to follow the melodramatic media coverage of what happens.

I know plenty about evil. Fascism. Fear. I refuse to inject it into my nervous system voluntarily, daily, through tv.

“The war on terror.” A polarization of our understanding of who is “us” and who is “them”. “The other ones”. “The bad side”. It used to be “the communists”, now it is “the moslems”.

Ku Klux Klan does not represent all christians. Just like fascistic groups within islam do not represent all moslems.

I will wait until the emotional waves quiet down a bit, before I find the sources to which I am willing to listen for analysis and understanding of this case.

The world will not gather strength through me falling into the whirlpool of blame and grief and accusations and fear, I have done it so many times before, spending days in deep sadness for the state of humanity, fighting to keep from falling under and drowning in hopelessness.

I will keep my calm. We have another symptom of the known social illness amongst us, the humans. What we need is unity, not increased feelings of separateness.

World war 3. Has it started without us realizing it? One thing is the fear of terror, another issue is the unfair (non) sharing of material goods on this planet. Then of course there is the polluting of earth, air and water. Oh yes and the scarcity of water. The battle over oil rights. The battle against GMO. And the issue of censorship / jailing “whistleblowers” for disclosing information about systematic violence.

Democracy. Where is there democracy? All I can see is state elites working together with corporations in stealing from the poor to give to the wealthy.

When I studied political science in university, they told me history moves in cycles. It repeats itself. The way things are now, it reminds me of the 1930s. High unemployment, increasing racism. Let me tell you this: If everybody had enough food and shelter, time to be with their children, safe health care. Then there wouldn´t be aggression between different “groups of people”. Then everybody would be busy filling their lives with love, enjoying their surroundings. In harmony, because everybody knew that whatever we had, we shared. Equally.


One of the most important words ever invented.

Another thing they say about history is that it is written by the victor. The winner. But who can win this “war on terror”? This “war on gene manipulated food”, this “war on unbreathable air and undrinkable water”… ???

The issues we face are global, and we need to stand as one human nation, not alienated in imagined opposing communities.

Actually, this world war 3 or global war 1 or whatever meaningless label we give it, it is a struggle between the rulers and the ruled. Between the exploiting bigmoney companies, and the rest of us, the people, the citizens of Planet Earth.

Who will be the winner? Well. Either the rulers continue their path of profitmaking, and we go under. No winners. Or the ruled get up and refuse to be overruled anylonger. This taking over of power I guess will have to happen through revolution. I don´t think the corporations and politicians can change this sick system fast enough for us to survive. Do you?

We have to die from something. So there is nothing to fear, I guess. But I hope to die from something peaceful. And don´t we all?

The real sadness lies in that there is nothing stopping us from all having a good life and a peaceful death. The only thing stopping us, is greed. A handful of very greedy, ruthless, heartless people.

Next lifetime I want to reincarnate on a greedless planet.


Blues and Purples


Fresh from meditation I sit here recharged, peaceful and focused

out in my ListeningHut in my garden, behind the apple tree

singing long tones together with the Nepalese cd voices

sensing strength spread out within me, from the core outwards.

Yesterday I felt so down, so extremely low on energy, so sad

I spent many hours on the sofa, stressed and tense within.

Many chores and tasks await my attention.

Even christmas decorations are still up!

Feel so useless when I don´t have energy, trapped

in my own tiredness, all powerless, uncapable of action.

And then, like magic, the next day, like today, I feel quite differently,

having slept, having talked to my two best friends about my feelings,

and through meditation and voice work,

energy is returning to my body, mind & spirit,

not quite roaring to go yet, but definately getting closer

to that place where things get done and laughter hangs loose.

I guess the fatigue is due partly to having mothered a long holiday,

partly to still being in grieving over the loss of Ellen and partly it´s

the Scandinavian winter darkness, lack of sunlight, decreasing

dopamin and serotonin levels, the natural mood lifters provided for

us earthlings by the sunrays connecting soil and sky.

A lot of Scandinavians suffer from “winter depression” because we

only see the sun a few hours each day, in some areas they don´t

actually see the sun at all for months on end!

I have a lamp, 1000 watt strong, to help my body get light.

An ordinary thing to do here in the north. Sit before a strong lamp

for 30-60 minutes every day. It sounds strange, maybe. But it helps.

Two days ago I wrote a pretty special blogpost. “The New.”

Empowered, brave in my eyes, open hearted.

I am proud I could phrase my inner process like that.

And I aim to remain in that spirit, that mindset, that mode of being…

for as much of the time as I can. I see that I am not light enough, yet,

to just stay there solid, or… stable…

to be in that frequency continually…

and I will allow the process of growth to come to me

in its own natural pace and way.

I believe I must rise my vibration by thinking positive,

by acceptance and love towards myself as well as towards

all else. If I feel guilt or shame or stupid for not being good enough,

then out of those thought-feelings will come more of the same,

it will not lift me higher, but drag me down, make me dark, heavy.


Letting go.

Is one major exercise for me this January, this year, this lifetime.

Not to hold on to disappointments. To fear. To ideas of “should” or

“must”. Try to talk against negative thoughts when they appear on my

inner movie screen. Try to do something every day that uplifts me.

And accept I´m only human, and progress takes time, and perfection

is not something to strive for but a trap set by the ego.

I will allow myself to be in a natural flow. Where I do my best.

And rest assured that forgiving myself for my shortcomings,

is a lot more beneficial to my rising, than being angry with myself

can ever be. Focus on what lifts my spirit, not what drags me down.

My cape, my lantern and my sword. Hold on to these.

One step at the time. Two forward, one backward… it is okay.

I will be my own best friend. Be understanding and encouraging.

When what I need is meditation, sleep, singing long tones, watching

Dr.Phil on tv whilst eating something sugary… so be it.

Being drained is natural. And when lucky, very fixable.

I will choose my battles, as few as possible thank you very much.

And I will count my blessings.

I am a lucky person. I do my best.

Everything is as it is supposed to be, and that is perfectly fine.

One day blue, another day purple, breathing through the crown.

Emotion is energy in motion.

I let it through me, and then I let it go.

Let it flow.

I reap  when first I  sow.

Picking the right seeds to help Love grow.

And so it is.

Thank you.




The New



Still sounds fresh and unusual. Fifteen.

Like every year´s name does, first January week.

School and kindergarten started up again today.

I´m in my tiny garden hut, with my stereo and my radiator.

Big coffee mug. Soundtrack from the movie “Himalaya”.

The new is entering me, is being entered by me.

Continue good progress, and say goodbye to the old.

Find money. Got to find money.

Stepping up, visible and unafraid.

Welcoming my growing knowledge of sound therapy.

Accepting the cape of the healer. Feeling honoured yet worthy.

Ready with my hermit lantern and my sword of clarity.

At the service of Spirit. Allowing, allowed. I surrender. Gratitude.

Asking for assistance in being the best I can be.

As a writer, singer, healer, mother, friend, sister, daughter and wife.

As a woman, poetically orientated, dedicated to peace and to joy.

No less. And also no more.

Why live in small letters when there are capitals?

I hereby get up and stand up for my right

to create and to reach out and share my inner riches

for the benefit of All.

Thank you, UniVerse, for being me.

Please stand by me.

In the new now.

And please stand by each one of us who wants to do lightwork.

Guide us, strengthen us, enthuse us.

And so it is.