Discovering Alan Watts


I find this an interesting point of view. I don´t know Alan Watts, but I just read this now about him:

Seems like a decent, hard working philosopher, worth listening to.

Wonderful imagery as well. 3,5 million have watched that piece on Youtube!

I believe I have stumbled upon a new, inspiring friend here! 🙂

I just replied to a comment to the last post, before I started writing this new post.
We talked about the importance of choosing sources for uplifting information and perspectives, and to remember to take breaks from the internet.
I told her that I found a wad of books on healing and energy medicine in the library yesterday, and a meditation cd and a Michael Moore film, that I feel will lift my spirits.

And then I clicked in at Youtube´s, and saw that this Alan Watts was recommended to me.

So I have discovered a brand new source of inspiration today.
Sweet relief, and grateful joy.

I will finish up this post, and go downstairs and continue preparing for our meal with guests this evening. Garden hedge cuttings need to be removed for us to be able to sit out there comfortably, and bathrooms need cleaning… food to cook of course, but my husband will do most of that, I will help chop stuff…
The children are off from school and kindergarten today, and have set up a small second hand shop down on the corner where our little street meets the main street, where all the tourists come drifting by. Selling old toys and children´s clothing.
And our famous local beach shell necklaces that my husband makes, very simple ones but they sold real well last summer.

Hope you too enjoy where you are right now.


Survival of the Fittest to What?


we think too much feel too little chaplin

Or is it rather the opposite that is our problem? Too much feeling, and too little thinking, in our political decisions these days??
Maybe so.
Or maybe it is fear-inducing thoughts that create the great anxiety that steers the aggression in our current political / religious relations…
If we as individuals were better at taking notice and to respect our feelings, then there would probably not be that many soldiers in the world…
And the political leaders would distribute the economical resources more just, and not give tax relief to the wealthies whilst knowing that there are many children starving to death every day…

It would be a really good thing if we all started to both think rationally, and to pay attention to and respect our emotions, that these two aspects worked together, towards common goals as One Human Nation living on One Planet Only, which we need to save from our own exploitation before it goes under.

Survival of the fittest.
Means the ones who fit in with nature, who preserves the soil and trees and oceans, so us animals in the eco system can have water, food and air.
This moment, us humans are not fit to survive.

It seems we believe that our existence is a competition between individuals. The one with the sharpest elbows and the most money, wins, is the best survivor. But we are actually in this together! When the few are allowed to take all the money, then we collectively go under. Trees are cut, so they can print out more money for themselves. As if they could take it with them into the afterworld.
I find it unintelligent. Both their behaviour, and that we collectively legally accept their greed. in the end paying for their greed with humanity´s / our own existence!!

I read yesterday that we have destroyed 50% of the earth´s species, the last decades. Half of the species, gone. And that we are moving very quickly into the 6. round of extinction, I think it was called. Bees are threatened. Pesticides. Well if they go, so do we. Easy equation. It is happening NOW. Not in a thousand years from now. When will we start to take this seriously? If we don´t soon, it will be too late!

erradicate poverty

Just saying. As a further comment to my post from yesterday, straight underneath this one, called Political Problems & Solutions…

And this one, too, I found on facebook this morning. A comment to the same post from yesterday:

rainwater collecting is illegal

How can they punish people for collecting rain water? It is insane. INSANE is what it is.

I heard on tv this morning that the new government elected here in Denmark has started deciding to save money on the stately support to handicapped citizens, and daycare and schools. AGAIN.
Why is it always the ones who have too little, that have to make do with even less?
Why do we never hear the politicians say that they can reduce their own, very high wages, or the monthly pay that children of ministers receive for the rest of their lives (!), or the free train rides that they get for life time, or their amazingly luxurious pensions….

How are we supposed to trust these people?
With what legitimacy do they get to steal from the poor and give to the rich?
Because we voted for them, in their monkey system?!!
Democracy. Means people´s rule. Give us direct voting on issues. Like in Switzerland.
The way our country is governed now, is ridiculous and harmful and against the will of the public.
It systematically gives more to the ones who have a lot already,
whilst giving less and less to the ill, the unemployed, elders and children.
How can this feel right to them???

In earlier times, there was a king who had all the power. And once a year he rode around the country and people were to applaud as he rode by. Today we have politicians, and at elections we get to applaud for the one we like the best. But the system remains the same, and there are a lot of officials staying put in their offices, where the real decisions are made. We are fools. It is a puppet show.

choose to be optimistic

Yes. Be optimistic. I do try.

note to self enjoy each moment

True, that. We will not get out of this alive.
So I guess whether we go under from atomic waste or a lack of food and clean water, doesn´t matter.
I was hoping to die smiling in my own bed age 99, and I was hoping that my children would have seafood and health and their own children one day. But I guess it´s just out of my hands and I have to accept the state of affairs as they are, and that´s it. I am powerless. Aren´t I.

lao tsu content


Political Problems & Solutions


dutch sued for climate

Fancy that. A nation suing its country´s government. I LIKE IT A LOT !!! Con gratulations, Holland.
I believe many more cases like this will follow. Thank you for showing the way forward.

poverty is man made

This shatters my heart. The rulers of this planet choose to keep people in poverty. It is simply a question of priorities. War machines are more important. Tax freedom for multi billionaire corporations, is more important. Than children dying of hunger. And families having to flee their homelands in order to survive. How saddening a truth is this, about the people in power on our globe.

fears under communism truth under capitalism

Can´t argue with that. Can you? Please give me your view in the comments section if you want.

no arts why war, chruchill

I like that man. If only he was still in charge over there… Where they are making it illegal, actually jailing people now, for collecting rain water in their own gardens!!!
And for giving food to the homeless!!!
If that´s not crazy, signs of a mentally ill society, I don´t know what is. What are they thinking???

And this war on terror…. that only creates more terror….. and creates a LOT of refugees…. that we now can watch on tv drowning outside the coasts of Europe…… we bomb their homes to pieces, and then we get angry when they start fleeing in our direction??? Come on……. !!!!!
(And Usa is not alone in this, Denmark and many other European countries are co instigators of this war).


Yes. Simple as that.

earth is my country

One Humanity. One Home, Earth.

Let these two wise men have the last word.
Peace, you my brothers and sisters. Let´s work together towards it.



Dalai hard or soft

Oh… look at this gold nugget I just found on Youtube….
The dear, great leader and brave civil disobediant peace maker Mahatma Gandhi.
We owe him such a lot. All of us.


Recipe for getting good kids! :)


treat a kid good to get a good kid

Treat a kid good to get a good kid.

heal your own stuff for your child

That´s what they call ridding oneself of karma. When you break a pattern.
Stop passing on things your elders did to you, and that hurt you.
If one is hit as a child, most likely one will also hit one´s own children.
But it does not have to be that way. We can heal our shit from the past.
And get rid of karma, and not pass neglect and hurt on to our offspring.

forgive for me

Forgive and put down that heavy luggage. It is not yours to carry.
What others did to you, put it down or the burden will weigh you down.
Doesn´t mean you have to forget. Forgive for the sake of your own inner peace. Throw it away.

child care dont compare

And one last little piece of nudge in a positive direction, maybe the best thing we can do for ourselves if we want more energy, more calm, less aggression and other kinds of stressing:

sit in nature


First Summer Holiday Day, Hurray!


selfie in hammock

This is me in our new hammock, about a week ago, one of the far too few hours we have had so far where the sun has been shining warmth down on us light-thirsting Scandinavians. Summer comes very late here this year. And as soon as we get a day of warm weather and we think that now it begins, next day an autumn like storm wind is whipping our sorry backsides… BIG SIGH…

Anyways. Couple of weeks ago we were also lucky one afternoon when we were going to friends´ in the neighbouring village, for dinner:

på cykel til Rindby

Denmark is famous, like Holland, for their bicycling everywhere, there´s path lanes made especially for bikes. In Norway we don´t have much of that. Easily explained; Denmark and Holland are flat savannahs, whilst Norway is built in the mountains.

On Fanø, the island where I live, the tourists rent a bike when they are here, and go everywhere on it. Beach, woods, and between the three villages. Lovely mode of silent transport, when the warm wind gently carresses one´s skin on one´s way from A to B.

We have a wonderful garden. High hedges give shelter from the world, it is a completely private space.
Took this one the other day; called it “One snail and two siblings”.

snail and siblings

Here is another shot of the garden, from last summer, I think:

two garden umbrellaholders

In some weeks we will go visit family and friends on the south west coast of Norway.
First a week in Bergen, where I lived for 15 years, going to uni and having jobs. Wow do I look forward to seeing my girlfriends there! One of them I haven´t seen since 2011, when I was pregnant with my youngest child! We have gone through thick and thin together, shared our twenties… In Bergen we will also visit the old sardine factory turned into culture house down by the waterfront, for a walk in its gallery and some prawns in the café outside on the dock. We will visit a museum or two, and of course the playground with the trolls up on top of Fløien, one of the seven mountains in the city centre… hopefully there will be weather for picnics and barbecues.

Here we are on top of the mountain Ulriken in 2010. Majestic.

ulriken 10

And here are some of my friends, last time we were there, in 2013. We went to the museum for “nature´s history”, where all the kids could run in long hallways filled with stuffed, real animals, a whale skeleton, anything from butterflies to snakes, monkeys, moose, giant hedgehog, a snake, bear… the birds´section, the geology section… a brilliant place for adults and kids alike.

bergen friends summer 13

After a week there, we drive 3 hours southwards and come to the island where I grew up, Karmøy. There we will stay at my mom´s for a week, catching up with all our lovely family members, and again some outings into nature and possibly the local little zoo which we enjoyed so much last time, a couple of summers ago.

torvastad zoo 10

(Actually it was way back in 2010, I now realize)!

We go to Norway every two Summers. Though in 2012 we didn´t, as we got married, so all relatives and friends came here to us instead, for our big wedding party in the woods. Hence it became 2013, and now this year again.

Many times we go to my uncle and aunt´s place, at the end of the Aaker fjord, where they own Norways biggest waterfall, actually. Hahahaha…. so funny to say that out loud. As if human beings can own mother earth. But there you go. Such is the human illusion of ownership.

I will write a different post about that place later. They have built a tourist welcome centre there now, so cruise ships come in and get a local traditional meal, and are transported with tractor up to the top of the mountain to see there they kept goats in earlier times…

I´m afraid we won´t get time to visit them this Summer, as we have promised the children to go see Captain Sabertooth Kingdom in Kristiansand. All Norwegian kids go there, including my kids´ cousins, so.
It´s a rite de passage. Gonna cost us anarm, a leg and then some, but. What to do. It must be done.

“Heev ohoi, soon the treasure is ours, and we can take it easy the next one houndred years…”

On our way to Kristiansand, we stop at one of my best friends´ place in Flekkefjord, where she has a house in the woods by the sea. As the drive from my mom´s to Captain Sabertooth´s takes about 6 hours.
So we make a stop and stay over at my friend´s there, whome I used to study anthropology with and live together with in Bergen, 95-99 I think it must have been. Her daughter will be there too, with her babygirl who was born in South Africa and is a year old now, so I finally get to see her! They have been living in Cape town to do a phd in criminology. Haven´t seen them I think since I moved from Bergen in 08. Looking very much forward to catching up with them too…

Yeah. So that will be our main trip this Summer. 15 days in Norway. Sailing with the big ferry, which is an ace way to travel with kids. And their luggage. Packed in a car, so we can easily get from town to town on the coast there. Where ferryrides lie close, for crossing fjords, and there are no trains and buses are scarce.

Apart from our roadtrip, I hope to spend some time in my listening hut in the garden, meditating, reading for my exam in August, and updating my blog. Here is the view from the hut the other day:

view from listeninghut

And then I hope we will be lucky and receive some visitors from here and there, family and friends, for some barbecues and wine bottles and guitar singing sessions into warm summer evenings in our garden.
And maybe a party or two in other people´s gardens as well. And the street theatre festival first weekend in August, which is the annual event we always attend to here on Fanø.
Plenty of entertainment on Fanø in the summertime, so I´m sure we will find things to do, and if not, we can always go for a bikeride and camp for a couple of nights… We take it as it comes. As few plans as possible gives the best holiday feeling for us. Room for improvisation, spontaneous happenings.

So school holiday starts today. And we are really all just very tired, because dad has been away all week making exam parties for his music students at the college university where he works. He´s going to work today as well. And I need to find something to do with the kids. It would actually be nice if the day developed like the afternoon when I took this photo of my son after he came home from kindergarten:

Linus sover med dvd i hånden

Happy holidays´ people!
Get some rest in, and some fun and some lovin´,
and some new nice memories to keep our hearts warm through the next long, dark and cold wintertime…!


Robin Hood in the Danish forest


Robin Marion og de tre små Galeasere

Here are my three kids, together with Robin Hood and his Marion, a Saturday in June, in the woods outside of Esbjerg in Denmark.
Every Summer, the town´s Children and Youth Theatre Group set up a play in a big tent in the forest.
We have been to see it the last three of four years. This year it was Robin Hood.

Theatre tent

More than a hundred people participated on stage!!! And popcorn, candy and juice cartons were sold at friendly prices. I think tickets are sold out for every show, it runs maybe about ten times.

It´s my daughter Viola we see here, watching the show with great interest:

“Little as in my little pony…” hahaha…. that´s what I call intertextuality on a high level. 🙂

“I want power…I want to be a millionaire, want to be feared by everyone, want a hot wife next to me on the throne, the power must be mine…!”

The show lasted for about an hour, I think. Many songs, dancing… great stuff.
When it was finished and we left the tent, we found the king´s throne outside…

tronarvinger i sherwoodskogen

We had a picture taken with Robin and Marion too, as you have seen, and then we went and found our car. Other years we have gone to a buffet at a Chinese restaurant after the show, but this year we went to a show earlier in the day, so instead we drove to the fish shop and got smoked salmon and maquerel, bread and something to drink, and went to a big playground and had a picnic there.

A wonderful day out. We will surely be back for another play in the woods next Summer.


Inspiring Female Rockstars


Last night, when I finished blogging, I switched on the tv and that very instant a film started, called The Runaways, a film about the band Joan Jett had before she went solo. Great film.
I remember Joan Jett´s number one hit, the first song she made after going solo.
I was 10 years old and was on a school trip, and our whole class stood in one big circle in a room there and heard Joan Jett´s superhit over and over again, while we sang along and made the first attempts of “discodancing”. Her song is a raw one, so energetic, brilliant stuff. This one:

(Strange they haven´t adjusted so that visuals and sound is in sync, but there you go…)

Two years later, in 6.grade, age 12, we did a performance for our parents before Summerholiday.
Cindy Lauper, Girls just wanna have fun.
You might argue she is more a popstar than a rockstar. But I think of rockstar as someone who rocks, is independent and dares to stand out. Cindy rocks. In my mind there is no doubt about that. 🙂
Let me share with you not the one we danced to, but my favourite Lauper tune:

“Don´t be afraid to let them show, you true colours, true colours are beautiful like a rainbow…”

Same time periode as Cindy, an other special lady appealed to my sense of free female singers.
Madonna of course. With her provocative look, contrasted with her crucifix and her artist name…And of course her very catchy songs. Papa don´t preach, Like a virgin, La isla bonita, later on, the lyrics of her song Frozen…
The one that spoke to me the loudest, is Like a Prayer. The video where she finds a black Jesus statue behind bars and brings him to life… the burning crosses after he is falsely accused of murder there, and the scene with the gospel quoir… I love it. Strong symbolism all the way through.

Some years later, I had a crush on this lady´s album, where especially this song, I simply listened to it over and over and over, lifting the pickup arm on my record player to hear it again, this was long before the handy Repeat-button of cd players…:

Hehehe…. “and your protection is minimal, so minimal… I´m gonna….”
A bit of a stalker´s song that one…
I was never dangerous like that. I was a shy teenager, fell in love often, and the chosen one never knew a thing about it. Safest that way. 🙂
But I do remember one boy, who was in my high school, and I knew his full timetable, so I would always walk past his classroom where he was standing, on the way to my own classroom… just for the rush of seeing his long dark hair… But yeah. He never noticed, I don´t think.

A handful years later again, I listened a LOT to this powerful woman. What a voice, and passion.

“I´m gonna show you baby, that a woman can be tough…”

We have Joni Mitchell, Tina turner, Dolly Parton… all rocking / strong women whose work I respect a lot, yet it didn´t stay with me or touch me as deeply as other music did…

But Nina. Yeah. She… I´m shaking my head with a smile on my face. Lost for words to describe her.

My first child was born to this song, it was in the room when she took her first breath of air.
Look at the pictures of Nina Simone in this “video”. Such a character. Wish I could meet her.

There´s Annie Lennox from Eurithmics, great energetic tunes and good lyrics as well…
There´s all those soul and r&b singers I don´t relate to that much…

Oh and this one song by Natasha Beddingfield.
I had a severe crush on it for months. Still dig those lyrics:

“I´m having trouble saying what I mean, with dead poets and a drum machine…” 🙂

Oh, I simply HAVE to include one more by her. She talks so well about writing. “Today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten…” Again gospel…

Reminds me a bit about Walking on sunshine, with Katarina and the waves, excellent song…

Must not forget Tracey Chapman. One of my favourites.
Fast car, baby can I hold you, talkin bout a revolution…
I love this one maybe most of all, shame I can´t find a version of it that includes imagery but.
I guess it can be a nice thing to just close one´s eyes and listen, as well.
The way she uses her voice here… she rocks. 🙂

Then of course there is also Suzanne Vega. Her legendary song Luka. She has many really good ones.

Okay. I could have gone into Marianne Faithful now.
With her songs Marathon kiss. File me under fun from the past…
So many fascinating, brilliant female singer songwriters out there.

But this post is quickly becoming a long one now, and I also need to go to sleep soon.

So. This lady. Has touched me maybe deeper than anyone else with her music and her courage.
Here is a whole concert with her. I have it on dvd. Mtv Unplugged.
Shame they haven´t published it including the visual side.
But again. Her lyrics, and her words between the songs. So worth listening to.
Totally truely amazingly talented stuff. Inspired stuff. Coming through her, inspiring the listening.
She rocks.

I did find a piece where we get to see her and not just hear her voice. Enjoy this! 🙂
And get hold of that dvd. That must be today´s hottest tip from me.

That´s all, folks!
Have a sweet dreamy sleep when you get that far!
I´m gonna go to bed and unplug. It´s freedom time now. 🙂


I stand by me



Today I’ve felt a bit butterfly-bellied. 🙂
To stand up and claim a title like I did in yesterday’s post…
To a flowy piscean like myself, that’s a huge thing to do.
I feel a bit trapped by it.
I’ve been walking around thinking, “but I’m not a medium in the same way as others are…and I’m not just a medium, I also steer my own writing a lot of the time…”
I’ve been answering myself, that there are immense variations to mediumship, the point is the connection with Spirit.
Which I do have.

And yes, of course I am more than “just” a medium. Like the girl in this wonderful poster that came floating into my facebook stream today:


One can probably say an awful lot
about me and what I am and what I’m not.
The important opinion, though, is the one I’ve got.
Will not lay myself politely down to rot.

Need to stand up.
Be visible and clear.
No need to stop.
No need to fear.
Just stand tall and receive and pass on.
Contact and connect and have fun.

impress yourself only

People have always judged me, thought I’m weird.
I have taught myself not to care.
I sing in the streets, dance alone on a dancefloor,
no matter who I meet, I stay true to my core.
I strive for open mindedness, equality is my passion.
And now I’m forced to find a rhyme that ends up in a fashion.
I love to sing and dance and drum and I don’t make excuses
for who I am and what, what not, coz I’m the one who chooses.

I stand up to be counted, In-Betweener, this is me.
And to say it, is to own it, and it helps me to be free.
If the whole world turned against me,
I would still know it is true,
every word I have been thinking and I’ve published now to you.



What am I?


vibe attracts tribe

I just got back home from a big birthdayparty in Faxe outside of Copenhagen. A three and a half hours’ drive from home. Dorte turned 60, she is the wife of one of my husband’s best mates from childhood. It was lovely to meet her friends and family. All such lovely individuals. Artists, musicians, writers, architects and healers. Every conversation I entered into, was about something interesting and exciting! Ofcourse as in all parties, one introduces oneself and ask eachother “who are you?” And since I got myself a big wad of business cards a week ago, I used them, telling people about my educating myself into becoming a vocal sound therapist, and telling them about my blog. And it turned out that everybody I talked to, knew about my teacher Githa Ben-David and the work she does! One had used her cd for her singing practice, another had been to a course learning Indian style singing from her, a third had a recording studio where one of Githa’s students has recorded a cd of self made songs which she uses in her therapy… One conversation after the other, and each one so relevant to me, inspiring…!

One lady, she told me she had had many different jobs, from “spiritual editor” at a publisher’s, to her current job, which is to coach composers… I asked her, “but what would you then call yourself, as a gathering label of all these tasks you do?” She laughed and said, “I’m spiritual. So I just go where I get directed to go, and help people there in the way it’s needed.”

Something actually fell into place for me in that moment.
I have written so many poems and songs about not feeling at home in labeled boxes, how no profession title seems to fit me.
(Last time in the blogpost Being a poet).

The business card helps me to frame what I do. It says Kaltwasser Heart Matters on it, vocal sound therapy, educated by Githa Ben-David, and then my contact details plus the blog’s address. On the back side of it, I have written a line in the middle that I’m really quite proud of, because it manages to pinpoint all my passions at once.
It says:
Vocal Sound Therapy & Maker of Video, Songs & Poetry

And it rhymes! 🙂
I dig it.

I exchanged cards with 3-4 people yesterday. One of the ladies was an artist, doing graphics, and helping others with web design, and then she also makes jewellery out of old typewriter keys, and sells lettere, physical letters… All this was told efficiently on her business card, helping potential customers see what it is she does… a way of packaging and presenting information…that really works, and really is a helpful tool in this era where we move into a new paradigme and into the age of communication, and things are fragmented…

In the car on the way home today, it suddenly hit me.
I am a medium!
That’s what I am. That’s a label I can identify with and that covers me fully. I let stuff through from sender to receiver.
I’m a channel. For words, and sounds, and light and love from Source, or Spirit.

Often, when I write a poem, I write very fast. And only afterwards, when I read it, do I discover rhymings and rhytms in the text. Often words are used that I don’t normally use. Old fashioned ways of putting things.
Not automatic writing. But inspired writing. As it’s called.

I have after all taken 8 weekend courses at the School of Clairvoyance here on Fanø. (Described in the blogpost by the same title). Studied mediumship.
I did not feel I was to do platform work, giving messages from Spirit to an audience. I liked the one to one sittings more. But something told me to take a break. Then Githa’s books reached me, and I was ignited by them into applying for her two year long course. (Vocal sound therapy has its own category on my blog, if you want to know more about it).

So yes. A bridge, a link not missing, a connector, transmittor.
A channel. A medium. I can actually feel at home in that label.

Some use the word lightworker. But I’m not 100% sure what of the meaning of that word. I definately work for the Light, to increase consciousness, both my own and others’.
(As was also confirmed in my soundhealer inauguration, see the post with that title for more info)…

It is…. a great relief to me actually. To be able to define “what I am”, or the title of my profession.
I’m in the healing business. Using sound. And silent, written words. Connecting video images to my poems turned into songs.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.
Imagine, I too belong somewhere!
Among other communicators, transmitting strengthening energy from Source. Aiming to uplift.

It is all coming together now. Integrating within, giving me clear impressions, to express to empower.

I’m a lucky lady.


Let me finish this talk with a song that comes to mind. She’s a mystery to me. Because I am a mystery to myself. Hahaha…
The lyrics aren’t that apt, just that one line. And I like the melody a lot. It is an optimistic one, somehow.
Happy go lucky vibe. Central to my tribe.


Short observations on Faith


blue art

Isn´t that beautiful…?
An image that I believe can speak directly to every human being´s soul, no matter what religion a person belongs to…. no…?

This one too…


So symbolic… and somehow universally relevant… open to wide interpretations and still…

recognizing humanity in others

I believe in One Human Race, in Human Rights, in humanity respecting and accepting our diversity…
And even enjoying our amazing diversity… !!

if u hate, u faith wrong

Yeah… No prophet has ever recommended hating as far as I know… that stuff is a tool for politics, greedy church / mosque / temple / synagogue leaders who want to steer people so they can keep their power or even better, steal power and resources from their neighbours…

fight those who destroy the world

Look around. A small percentage of this planet´s people, are destroying our home. And we are busy discussing which name is the correct one to use for God… A bit silly of us, I reckon.

<3 <3 LOVE & LOVE <3 <3
<3 <3 LOVE & LOVE <3 <3

Love is the one message every faith tries to communicate. Am I wrong? If you think so, tell me in what way I´m wrong, coz I really don´t think I am.

As Ziggy Marley puts it so well:

your road alone Rumi

Each one to his or her own path. Reciprocal respect. Every faith must surely embrace compassion?

become the light

Life is such a mindblowing mystery. Why not just enjoy it in peace and joy, all of us.


Is it really too much to ask?
Just some peace and a bit of joy, without people of “faith” ripping eachother´s heads off?

Religious faith, political faith… dogmatic tyrants. Oppressive rulers.
Please just go away and leave the rest of us in peace.
Most of us are actually not interested in your war games and hateful fear-factory.

poetisk alene i blå natt