International Forgiveness Day Part 2



August 2. International forgiveness day. never heard of it until a couple of days ago, when I wrote about it here on the blog. I think it´s a great idea. As it is so fracking hard to forgive. At least to me it is. Takes a lot of time. And pondering, weighing, self convincing.

This campaign, Unify, on Facebook I´ve seen it…. well, I went to their site and I did submit one of my forgiveness stories. I could see myself that it did not look very impressive or convincing, what I´d written. But to me at least it is a step in the direction of letting go.
I don´t …. when a “friend” betrays me….. I close that door.
I don´t relate to that person anylonger. I draw the line.

After chances have been given. Talks have been had. Or offered to be had. I let go.
And I don´t let that person back in. I do not.

What is forgiveness?
To let go and release one´s hurt emotions, deciding not to carry others´ heavy, dirty luggage around anymore… to move on without the burden of others´ wrongdoings towards me…

I sent them my story. And could see that it was way…less devastating an issue, and I was less resolved, than the other stories I could read on Unify´s page there… Well. I expressed, and I read other people´s stories, and I´m sure it has moved me a step in the right direction. I refuse to carry her SHIT around any longer.

Doesn´t sound too forgiving, does it…
It´s the best I can do at this point.
Like everything else, I guess it´s a process? Vent my anger, my truth about it somewhere first, before dropping it maybe…?
And isn´t it possible to forgive and let go, and still remain on a safe distance from the pain-causer?

I have a few people to forgive. And it seems that the further in the past their deeds are, the easier it is for me to say I let it go.

All these thoughts make me more conscious, and through that, more able, to take the next step.
Because there is no fracking WAY she my “friend” gets to be so important in my life that I will suffer because of my lacking ability to forgive what she did.

I sound bitter. I hate sounding bitter. I hate hating too.
So there is no other choice but to continue the process towards forgiving that…person.

Here´s an inspiring video about it. I appreciate these people help me and others to work on our forgiveness issues. It is a matter of health, I can see that. Of self care. I will get there.


Things I Would Like to Have


vegan sushi

Look at this! Vegan sushi!
Made by Johanne Mosgaard, who is about to publish a vegan cookbook here in Denmark, she has a facebook page called Englerod (loosely traslated into…Angel´s mess…?).

I used to eat mainly vegetarian until I got pregnant first time age 32. Then came a craving for meat.
But I still prefer vegetables, and eat as vegetarian as is practical…

When we were in Bergen a couple of weeks ago, my friend Katarina actually invented some kind of new way to have sushi! Basically it was salad, sprinkled with sesamy oil, then there was prawns, wasabi and ginger, different sauces to dip in, and lumps of sushi rice, some with raw fish on top others with avocado and cucumber… Wow. Delicious.
I want more tasty, healthy, energizing food!

librarian´s wish chair

Love this chair! Just need it to be a bit wider and longer, so I can stretch my legs and have 2-3 children next to me! 🙂 I want to spend more time reading to my kids!

palm reflexology

I want more knowledge of the meridians, to learn more about acupressure.
Also other alternative methods, such as light-therapy, scriptotherapy…
So much I would like to look into and understand about tools for bettering health.

I have an exam 28.of August, in vocal sound therapy. So first and foremost, I need to read up to prepare myself for that. My course ends in December, where I must have ready 30 journaled cases from my massage table, as well as a home made film from one of my therapy sessions.
So a bit of vegetarian sushi here and there, a bit of reading to kids here and there, but my main focus now needs to be on the three books my exam will revolve around.

I have sat many exams before. 5 years of uni studies, in social sciences.
But the last exam I had was 15 years ago! Wow… it flies…
And I did not have children. That is a huge difference.
My time was my own. I owned it.

But I will make it. Just need to organize time to read. Instead of spending spare time on Facebook or playing with WordPress.


Which reminds me.
See you later!


Empowered Women Rise and Shine :)


Found this video “What if I knew I´m beautiful?” floating past in my facebook-stream this morning, so I want to share it with you. I like what she has to say. Why do we pretend that we don´t know we are beautiful, girls? To be polite? To be nice girls, that boys can come and save from our weak and helpless inconfident selves?! 🙂

What If I Knew I Was Beautiful

Posted by SOML on 20. juli 2015

A couple of minutes later, I found this article. I still haven´t figured out how to copy articles from Facebook directly onto my site here, so I have copy pasted it. Please note my utter respect for the writer KATE ROSE, who created this (to me) eye-opening, spirit-uplifting text for us to enjoy:

Kate Rose Via Kate Rose on Jul 29, 2015

*warning: f-bombs dropped below!

For the Women With Balls Who Do Give a F*ck.

This one is for you.

For the dream seekers and the rebels, the ones who not only don’t fit into the mold—they fucking break it as well.

This is for the women who do give a fuck.

We give a fuck about ourselves, our lives and those that matter most to us—but mostly we give a fuck about making a difference in this one amazing life.

We know that we weren’t born to play life small, and while life has tried to smack us down at times, we stand right back up asking—is that all you’ve got?

This is for the women with the balls to be themselves—unapologetically.

Yes, the balls.

Because having balls isn’t about what’s hanging between the legs of a man—but what we are willing to risk, to go after what we love.

This is for the women who stay up late chasing dreams, and are up early with the sun making them a reality.

This is for those women with thirsty hearts and messy hair—the ones who march to the beat of our hearts and often find ourselves alone because of our choices.

This one is for you, for me, and for all the women who often wonder if they are alone in their individuality.

You’re not.

And although we are as unique as they come, we all are linked because of the desire to break free from the expectation that we need to be well-behaved women in order to be loved.

We can’t follow the rules for the life of us. When given the choice we always choose the most difficult road, because that is where we often learn the most.

This is for the women who take care of themselves. We are masters at keeping our shit together, even when it seems we can’t take one more step.

This is for the women who tuck themselves into bed each night. It’s not because we don’t want a lover with us, but because we know that, unless it’s genuine, solitude is so much sweeter than putting on an act.

This is for the women who just won’t conform no matter how many times people shake their heads at us.

These are the women who drink moonshine underneath the stars with their bare feet dirty, and their eyes wild dreaming of their next adventure.

The women who prefer to be untamed. We don’t care about letting our crazy show because we know it’s just as seductive as the pull of our eyes.

This is for all the women who’ve had people ask why we can’t just be like everyone else. Why can’t we stay in unhappy relationships? Why can’t we just stay with the secure job? Why can’t we just suck it up because we are adults? That is what adults are supposed to do.

But we were born differently. Where others see stability, we see stifling.

We dream of a life that fills us with inspiration, and we dream of a love that even time will lie down and be still for.

We don’t know how to give up on the desires of our hearts.

And while we may seem to wander aimlessly at times, it’s all part of our un-plan. Because some are just born to be the movers and shakers in this life—to rattle and shake things up a bit.

And while we may drive you crazy at times, and scare the shit out of you at others, life would be boring without us.

For we are the wild ones—the ones who make life worth living.

The End

Isn´t that just awesome?! I dig it!

“This one is for you, for me, and for all the women who often wonder if they are alone in their individuality.

You’re not.

And although we are as unique as they come, we all are linked because of the desire to break free from the expectation that we need to be well-behaved women in order to be loved.”



I finish this post with a slogan poster, which also will become the face illustration of my post, if I know WordPress well enough:

no validation woman powerful

Not that we want to be feared, do we. I don´t. But it just says a lot about society, that a woman who does not need others to validate her, a woman who claims she has the right to feel plenty good enough without anyone else agreeing with her that she is… why would such a person be feared?

Because she is free?
Outspoken and independent?
Is that not a good thing?

If you have an answer to these questions, please do send me a comment.


International Forgiveness Day Aug.2.


I just found this short video in my Facebook stream. I like it a lot.

I actually never knew there is such a thing as an International Forgiveness Day.
Great idea.
Watch this for inspiring input.

Forgiving is not easy.

scent of forgiveness

So poetic. Meaning beyond the words, describing what can not quite be grasped intellectually…

forgive for me

Forgiving is not easy.
But it is necessary.
To let go and move on without the heavy painful luggage.

leave luggage behind


Kristiansand “Zoo”



Early Saturday morning we left Fredly (see my last post for a description of “the most idyllic place I know”) – Fredly actually means PeaceShelter… –

But yes, reluctantly we left my best friend´s place, because we had bought extremely expensive tickets to Kristiansand “Zoo” that day, including a play at 11 pm same night.
I call it “Zoo” because it is so much more than that. The park started out many years ago, as a zoo. But then they built Kardemomme by, “Cinnamon Town”, a famous town in Norwegian children´s litterature, written by Torbjørn Egner and turned into a sound theatre that every child has heard a million times, for generations now.
Very clever stuff, with a policeman who sings that “one shall not bother other people, but be nice and friendly, and apart from that one can do as one pleases…”
In the park, the whole town is built, and they play out scenes from the book there.

Later on, the zoo also incorporated Captain Sabretooth. The pirate captain has become somewhat a rite de passage to Norwegian children. They all see his plays on dvd, and they send by mail or give directly, their passifiers to the captain when they are big enough to let go of their passifier… in the park there is a special chamber for passifiers, there were thousands, it seemed! And then there stands his throne, and a sign on the wall says they should get their photo taken in his chair now that they no longer use a passifier…

The day we had tickets for, it rained. Miserably. Non stoppably. And ice cold-ly. I was wearing two layers of cotton, one layer of fleece, one layer of wool, a raincoat and a rain poncho. I was still cold.
But the children weren´t, luckily. So in we went, bought the ponchos and an umbrella, and new rubber boots for our youngest as we found out his old ones had a whole in them…
Then, in the next shop of all the very many shops, we found the selected pirate sword (there were 5-6 to choose from!) and pirate guns… and then the kids were ready to have a look at other things.


This ride was the highlight of my day, as there were dry seats on the train, haha…. No,that´s not the reason. The train brought us from scene to scene played out in the forest, and the actors were really good, and good singers too, which is needed because there are a lot of songs in the play, and every adult know them all by heart, having heard them hundreds of times before…

Here Klatremus (Climber-mouse) has tricked Mikkel Rev (Michael Fox) by climbing up to a tree to escape being eaten. And then he sings him a lullaby, and the fox falls asleep. Very intelligent mouse.


And in this scene, Bestemor Skogmus (Grandma Forestmouse) escapes being eaten by Petter Pinnsvin (Peter Hedgehog) by opening her umbrella and flying away with the wind! A quite spectacular sight, shame I didn´t catch it on video. (But actually, further down this post here, you can see the whole train ride on video, including her flight)! 🙂

She lands at the house of her grandson Morten ForestMouse. He tells her he thinks the animals should stop eating eachother and all be friends and help eachother instead. He is working on a new law, together with the Bear and the Moose, and he will present the law at a forest meeting in a few days.

The play is called Klatremus og de andre dyrene i Hakkebakkeskogen (“Climber-mouse and the other animals in Pecking Hill Forest”), and it is an admirable tale, where the philosophy behind democratic theory / humanism is presented in a way that everyone can understand and agree with.

The author behind these brilliant stories, is Torbjørn Egner, and us Norwegians are very proud of him.
He has also written the story about Karius and Baktus, the two trolls living in a boy´s teeth, digging holes in them as they build themselves nice houses. It has helped generations of Norwegian parents teach their kids why they should brush their teeth twice every day… 🙂

I found the old puppet movie made by Norwegian film maker Ivo Caprino, in this English speaking version:

Actually, here is the entire train ride through Hakkebakkeskogen as well !
That ride is a brand new attraction, of this year, so this is just directly filmed, no subtitles. But you get an impression, and all the brilliant melodies.

There is also a song about how much healthier it is to eat vegetables than meat!
Quite before his time, this Torbjørn Egner. 🙂
We only get a handful scenes on the ride, the highlight of the story is really how the fox and the mice co operate to save the Bears´ little son from the farmers who have kidnapped him and want to sell him to a circus!

Apart from the train ride, which took 40 nice and comfortable minutes, there were little rides here and there, little planes to fly in and such. I didn´t take many photos because of the constant rain and me holding an umbrella over my rucksack the whole freaking time…

But this ride with the cars, was a favourite. Alas, one had to be four, so our youngest was not allowed on it. But he accepted it with surprisingly little drama. His favourite passtime in the park, was meeting other little boys with Sabretooth swords, and to fence with them! Wish I had taken a photo of that…
And I would have liked to have bought him a hat and a coat as well, a sabretooth costume. But it would have cost me £70, and then you can time that with three, as my girls wanted female Cinnamon Town dresses as well…!

Here is the girls´ favourite ride that day. There were not many rides, but there was a handful wild ones for older kids as well. And many plays happening around the different areas of the park at set times…

Here they have driven their cars on board a ferry, which has sailed them 5 metres from Norway to Denmark, and they then drive ashore again. The ship has a huge Colorline logo on it. Product placement. But not a disturbing one. The real ships too have a Colorline logo on them. (Or Fjordline). I bet they give a nice sponsorship for that advertizing.



We arrived about 11 am, and about 14 we were so wet and frozen that we found one of the few restaurants that had proper walls, and sat at a table there for an hour or so, tanking up on bought drinks and brought food stuffs. To eat out all five of us, in a place like that… We had already paid 2.700 kroner for just the entrance tickets and two evening play tickets! (£270,-). Plus 1 sword, 2 guns and 1 boots. (£70).

Anyways. As we sat there, or actually were getting ready to go out into the rain again, we suddenly heard music and voices right outside! We hurried out, and caught the short Sabretooth daytime play. Very lucky!

First there was a scene with three of his crew members, and then he himself made his entrance, striding across the bridge onto the stage. You can see him in the back there, high up in the air, on the bridge…



Such a moment to all the children present. The moviestar. The very angry, authoritarian, immature and unfriendly Captain Sabretooth! (Why does he not hold some deeper values? Like solidarity, honesty…
I don´t understand why he must be so… unlikable really. But maybe that´s the whole idea?)

My two youngest were also smitten. Although they haven´t seen half as many dvds with him as Norwegian kids living in Norway do!


After the show, the actors came off stage and mingled with the children. (Not the captain himself, though. I guess keeping a distance is central to his image).
I appreciate their mingling with the kids a lot.

I noticed that all employees in the park were very attentive towards the children. It is obviously a conscious trade mark of the park. It really makes a noticable difference, and it allows the kids to go into their fantasy world better, when there are grown pirates singing the Sabretooth songs on board the Sabretooth pirate ship sailing people around a lake there etc…


After the play, the girls rode those cars again, and after that we went into a house in the zoo end, where there were birds and monkeys and snakes etc… and WARM.
Sadly it caused us to lose track of time, and we lost a play in Cinnaom Town. But.
I was sooooo coooooold maaaan….. !!

After that we walked around for a bit again, and my eldest girl got a straw hat and an umbrella, like Grandma ForestMouse had. And my youngest daughter got herself a bracelet. Oh there was so much nice stuff to buy! Linen with Climber-Mouse on it… cups and plates and wonderful children´s clothes with their heroes printed on it… I bought 3 drinking glasses… I hope they have a shop online, that I can visit once I´m wealthier than right now… (Luckily I have inherited two children´s Sabretooth t-shirts from a good friend years ago, as well as a Cinnamon Town shirt, so the kids were already dressed properly on arrival, hahaha…. saved me another hundred quid that…)

My husband asked if I wanted to go to the car and wait for them, as there was still an hour ´till closing time. I realized it was the best thing to do, and left.

They joined me an hour later, and brought me this photo! Hahahaha….
Now our youngest keeps saying over and over that he does not want to do that again!
But he is also eagerly telling us how fast it went downhill, and how wet they all got…
Good fun.
One can tell it went down a pretty steep hill, yeah…. :


We jumped in the car and drove off to find the Air-BnB we had booked. Linus-Ferdinand fell fast asleep in his raingear and pirate boots, clenching his sword…

sabeltann bilstol

My husband and our eldest daughter went and saw the play 11 pm, and had a great time with all the lights and loud sounds, the smoke, the skull´s dropping jaw on the real ship that sailed into the bay to the stage on the beach…
I was happy to stay in with the two littles, going to bed and getting warmed up again.

Next morning we packed and drove down to the ferry, that would take us back to Denmark.
On the harbour, Linus-Ferdinand kept watch out the sunroof.

sabeltann sunroof

Take me back home immediately, or else! Ship Ohooooiiiii !!!



The most idyllic place I know


After our week at grandma´s, we headed towards the big amusement park in Kristiansand, where Captain Sabretooth resides, along with Cinnamon Town and Hakkebakke Forest. But it is a six hours´ drive to get there, down the west coast, through ferrycrosses and tunnels through mountains and under fjords. So we had arranged to make a stop in Flekkefjord, where my best friend lives, both to see her of course, but also to break the car ride up a bit.

My friend and I used to live together in Bergen whilst we studied social anthropology. How we met and how we spent our times together is a very good story in itself, but that will have to wait until (maybe) another time. 🙂

We arrived, and the kids spotted the trampoline down the garden from the main house of the farm (Which my friend Ilona and her ex husband Nils built themselves in the 70s). Check this out!


flekkefjord trampoline

My ten-yearold can be spotted on the rock to the left, in a pink hoody…! It blows my mind that a trampoline in the garden can imply a view like this one!

After pancakes and a chat with two visiting German beekeepers, come to help out on the farm, we headed down the path through the woods, to see Ilona´s wonderful little cottage there…

flekkefjord sti til hytten

On the path were tons and tons of blueberries. Ilona´s grand daughter Thelma, age 1, wanted to just stay there and pick them and eat, “yum yum” she explained, I think it must be amongst her first words uttered in this world. 🙂

Alas I didn´t take a picture of the cottage in total, but here is the view from her balcony:



Amazing, isn´t it. It always takes my breath away to stand there and look out, down the hill onto the fjord far far below…

Here is the only shot I took from the balcony into the hut, you see the small, blue kitchen in the right hand corner… there are 3 bedrooms, and a sofa and a dining table. Everything you need. I filmed all the way through the cottage, and hence forgot to take photos with the camera that can speak quickly to this machine I´m blogging from. I will share the video on the blog once I get it edited and formatted.


The cottage has no electricity. But a solar panel, which powers one lamp and a charger or similar, for a few hours. When the weather is good. She has water, a gas cooker and a gas fridge, and a bio toilet.
She could do with proper electricity to be able to sit there and work on her computer. She holds lectures all around the world, at conferences to do with ecological farming, empowering African women, making projects of co operation between farming women in Tanzania and Norway…

She also paints amazing paintings, fairytale themes, psychedelic patterns, in beautiful vivid colours.
And she writes amazing poems, in her native tongue German. She is an undiscovered great artist and poet, actually. I keep telling her she should exhibit but she just laughs at me.
I filmed one of her paintings. Forgot to take a still. I will show it later in the video (with Ilona´s permission, I have to ask her first of course).

But I did take a self portrait. In this fantastic mirror on her cottage bedroom wall. I asked her where she got the mirror from, expecting her to say Taj Mahal or Kilimanjaro or somewhere else, she travels so extensively… but she just replied “I made it myself. At a Norwegian wood carving workshop. Well, my teacher made most of it, but. Hahaha…”
I am almost envious of all her talents! 🙂

Here is my self portrait in her mirror:


After coffee on the balcony… Oh I fogot to tell you about her shower! She has this shower where you fill water on a tank, the temperature you want it to be, and then there is this pedal on the floor that you step on to pump the water up a hose and out a shower head hanging on the wall. Clever stuff!

But yes, after the coffee, and all the children playing in and around the cottage for about an hour or two, we decided to continue down the hillside, to their boathouse on the edge of the fjord.

fl.fjord sti til sjøhus

The adult in this picture is Ilona´s daughter Laura, who just returned from a few years in Cape Town where she did her Phd in sociology. Criminology, actually, if I remember correctly. She is a most wonderful person whome I have known since her teens, and she too studied in Bergen, so we had some excellent evenings out on the dancefloor together, she, her friends, her mom and me. Great memories.
One of her closest girlfriends also used to take my daughter out for walks in the pram when my daughter (now 10) was little, and now, both Laura and her friend are mothers themselves! Mindblowing.

We walked through a…fantastic landscape…a fierce, rocky river way below…through the woods… I would have loved to have taken a picture, but I was busy looking after my 3-yearold and 5-yearold, it was pretty scary to see them run ahead of me down the path there… One day I will photograph that place.

We arrived at the boat house.

This is taken inside, my son comes climbing down the ladder from the “hems”, which is the Norwegian word for a sleeping platform made as a half floor way up under the ceiling. Very popular with kids.


A look out the window:


And the view from outside the boat house, on the pier:

flekkefjord utsikt sjøhus

And the opposite direction:

flekkefjord utsikt sjøhus motsatt vei

While we headed down the hillside to the boat house, Ilona had gone back up to the main house and fetched her car. She drove down to the fjord and found us there. And at the same time, her ex husband Nils came to the fjord side as well! Not knowing we were there, and that we needed him and his car to help give everuone a lift back up the hill. Hahaha…

Laura was offered ten living crabs by their boat house neighbour, and we happily accepted, crab meat is a summer delicacy to us west coat Norwegians. We got in the cars, and Ilona was saying that Marit should have been here now, her friend, as she knew everything about how to prepare crabs.
She started turning the car around, and Laura shouted “Wait, stop! There´s a car!”

The ferry from the island Hidra was just about to unload, and first to shore was this blue car we almost drove into. The lady behind the wheel turned her head, and then she turned her head even more and hit the breaks. It was Marit!!
Quickly Nils told her to take the crabs and prepare them, Ilona tried to shout out the window that she should take the crabs and then come back to theirs to join the meal in the evening, but Nils had already asked her the very same thing, so.
All was well and easy and magically syncronized, Marit drove off with the living crabs, and returned in the evening for a wonderful meal…

Here she is, showing us how to crack the crab shells open, and what to eat and what not to. (One can actually eat it all, she said, but a couple of the parts are less…appetizing…)


Lava, my ten-yearold, was very interested, and asked Marit to show her how to crack and peel them.

Marit Lava og krabbene

We all sat down and just enjoyed the crabs. Quietly, chatting away, laughing, my husband tuning their guitar… Pure quality. A soul soothing time shared.

krabbefest Fredly 15

Oh, I forgot to tell you that before dinner, we went down to the old house, the one that was on the farm when they started building the main house. Vegar, Laura´s cohabitating boyfriend, is a dj, and he has rigged himself a sound studio in one of the rooms down there in the old house.
I remember with joy his dj sessions on the club scene of Bergen in the 90s. He has also djed in Cape Town these last few years, as well as having worked with tv production.
Right now he was working on making some film music for a director friend of his…

This is serious toys for grown girls and boys, huh?! Wouldn´t mind learning a couple of these button twists and tweeks and their funny and groovy effects one fine day…

vegars lydstudio 1

vegar lydstudio 2

Vegar lydstudio 3

After the crab meal, we went to bed. We had to get up early the next morning, as we had booked tickets for the big amusement park. We would have loved to stay longer, and next time we will !

Ilona waved goodbye as we turned the car around and drove off. I managed to take this foggy picture of the departure, we can pretend that the fingers in front of the lense was a deliberate, artistic experiment of showing me waving back at Ilona. 🙂

I am looking forward to the next time we meet, and to the next time we visit her lovely place on that hilltop in the woods by the fjord.

Until then, my friend, take care and have lots of fun!



A week at grandma´s on Karmøy


After a week in Bergen, we drove 3,5 hours southwards, to the isle of Karmøy, where my mother and two sisters live. We were greeted on the parkinglot by my niece (9) and nephew (6). True Kodak moment, one of those one doesn´t have time to take a picture of, coz one is too busy hugging. 🙂

Following day we celebrated great grandma Else´s 83 years´ birthday at her place, bringing a guitar and birthday songs in Danish as well as the Norwegian one. Wonderful to see her and great grandpa again.

Day after that, we went out, all 13 of us, kids of my mom´s with husbands and kids. Day was dreary, as has been most of our Norwegian/Danish Summer so far this year… but we put rainclothes on, and off we went, first to a small, local zoo, a quaint place with interesting architecture and flowers as well as animals from all over the world…

This is the black swan I also photographed there 5 years ago, and used as an illustration in my book…:


After the zoo, we went for a picnic. Luckily in this beautiful local nature park, there is this stage with a roof over it, so we sat on dry benches enjoying all the food that grandma had prepared for us.

After eating, we played different games, spinning people around with a binbag around them, for example, to see if they could find their way to a designated table…stuff like that. Lots of fun, when adults fell over…



Apart from that day out, we visited my youngest sister´s newly finished house. Job well done indeed.
And I got an evening at my girlfriend Alice´s place, catching up on our lives´ events, haven´t seen her since 2013.
We also spent a whole day at an other girlfriend´s place, Hege, whome I used to live with in Bergen in my student days. She has a French husband, and they have two lovely sons age 12 and 6. Wonderful to hang out, eat together and catch up.

On our way back from their place, we passed Avaldsnes Church, from a different angle than usual.
It was the church of King Harald Fair-Hair, who gathered Norway into one kingdom, beating down all the small independent viking kings. He was nicknamed Hair-Fair (Hårfagre) because of his vow not to cut his long hair before Norway had become one united kingdom.
The site of the church was the capital of Norway in viking times.
As it was a place where every ship had to sail by on its way to the Norwegian coast.


In more recent historical times, Karmøy is the place in Norway where the most people emigrated from, and went to seek a better life in America. My grand dad was the only one of his mother´s children who stayed in Norway with her. All five of his siblings went on board “the America-boat” and I don´t think their mother ever saw them again.

Here are some close-up images from outside and inside the church. A videopoem I made in 2011.
(1:45-2:15 into the video, if you are too much in a hurry to watch the whole song).

Our whole week on Karmøy was basically spent hanging out with family and friends. Much needed.

Here is the view from my mom´s balcony:

daytime view grandmas july 15

My husband even swam in the sea there, one of the days where the sun was actually out and about!
To me that sea will always remain too cold for that kind of activity.

Here is the view in the other direction one fine evening:

evening view from grandmas place july 15

We had a lot of lovely time together with my mom, grandma.
For example, her and Linus-Ferdinand played a game where she lit candles and he blew them out and she “got cross” and lit them again… he found it hilariously funny. 🙂

mormor og LF blåser ut lys

And one evening, we shared a big meal of prawns and crab claws on bread with mayo and lemon, a traditional Norwegian Summer meal. We moved on to singing and dancing, and I filmed this little piece, which I think will go into family history due to its degree of happiness expressed, and not least my very… engaged… singing style… 🙂

The song is a Norwegian pop classic called “Next Summer” by De Lillos. About how we will meet again and talk about the same old things and drink wine together again…next summer…

I took this great one too, of my kids:


We had a fabulous week at grandma´s. Sad that we live so far apart.
But good that we all try our best to visit eachother whenever we can.


LOCAL – Sustainable Lives (the Leaf Heap)


Hello again! Been a while, haven´t written much whilst on holiday in Bergen, Karmøy, Flekkefjord and Kristiansand. Arrived back home last night. Went to bed with my 3-yearold, so I´m pretty fresh this morning.
He started his day with his favourite activity; a dvd on the sofa. “Frozen”. He knows all the songs by heart. 🙂

I want to tell you about a project that my friends Kristin and Eivind in Bergen, are instigators of.


“Local. Sustainable Lives the Leaf Heap”. Løvstakken, meaning a heap of leaves, is one of the seven mountains surrounding downtown Bergen. It is the area of town where my friends live.
(There are also Sustainable Life groups in Sandviken and Landås, other areas of Bergen).

It started out with my friends an a couple of neighbours finding out they would really like to have a community room, for exchange of ideas on a sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle. So they found an old house where there used to be a fish shop, contacted the owner and were allowed to rent the space cheaply. (Later on, they now have Bergen Council on board with their ideas, and their expenses for rent and electricity are now funded by the council).

Here´s a picture of the old fish shop from the outside:


There´s one more window in the shop, this picture is taken from the inside looking out:


The poster in the window says: “Get started with a kitchen garden”.

The local group actually have a community garden as well. Where they grow vegetables. In the LOCAL space, they have courses in organic gardening etc.

Here is what meets the eye as you walk into Local Sustainable Life Løvstakken:



Most of the furniture, they have made themselves, using palls that they got for free. The bookshelves, the sofa… made by hand from recycled goods, without other cost than creativity and labour. 🙂



This is a wourkshop room, as it´s often not easy to use a saw in private homes… here people leave their tools for all in the neighbourhood to come and borrow.


This is a sewing room:


They have this kitchen, where they recently held a rubarb chutney making workshop! I got to taste the result, and ensured myself a recipe!


These two ladies, by the way, are two of my best friends in the entire world. On the right stands Kristin, who is one of the instigators of Local. We visit eachother often, living in eachother´s homes Summer after Summer. The one on the left is Katarina, whome I have lived together with and shared many happy and sad times with, both in Bergen and other places.
I know I have these two amazing friends forever, and that makes me a very lucky and rich person.

There is also this room, where a local artist resides. She makes BEAUTIFUL notebooks, using traditional book binding techniques. I had to buy the talles one on the shelf there. (Plus a smaller one that was in the front room). The books are almost so beautiful I feel I can´t write worthy stuff in them, haha…


They even have this in-between space, that they don´t know what they will do with, yet…:


It is a truely amazing place, isn´t it? And the colours, their decorating it… makes it so welcoming and cosy… there is coffee and tea bags in the front room, and they use it as an office space, so that it is open for the neighbours to drop by and check out the facilities, those who don´t have a key…

One can sit down in the old sofa, and pick up one of the donated books about gardening, herbs, diy…


This is a map of the local area…:


This poster says Welcome to Sewing Club:


This is a lamp made by one of the members, with knitting pins stuck into it… 🙂




Yeah… I wish I could be a part of this place. I have told Kristin that if I win the lottery (I must remember to gamble, I always forget)!… then I want to rent a room somewhere in their neighbourhood so that I can spend some months there from time to time. It makes my soul so happy to learn about this new trend in Bergen. Sustainable Lives. Local.

Maybe we could try to create something similar here on Fanø?

Or where you live!

It is a movement that takes care, of the planet and of the people in the community.
A win win thing, all the way.
(Apart from for the profit makers in this world, but they can take care of themselves. And if they can´t, then all the better for all of us, really)!



Bergen Impressions



This image is painted on a wall in the walking shopping street Skostrædet. (Shoe lane). Which is an area developed the last few years, and it has a lovely, international urban feel to it.

Like this shoe shop facade. The photo isn’t glorious, as it was raining, I had to be quick with my phone, just. But it reminds me of the shoe shop facades of Camden Town, London…


Then, around the corner, has appeared “The Litterature House”:




Didn’t get time to go inside the litterature house, though… Sad, coz there was a cartoon book in the window entitled something something Norwegian Culture… which I wanted to have a closer look at….


This is the Seafarers’ Monument on the downtown citysquare Torgallmenningen. Where we always used to have an icecream or a cup of Bergen fish soup when we lived in town. I have caught a father daughter duo in this image, they always sing in this spot every Summer. The daughter actually won the Danish Eurovision song contest a couple of years ago, her song was very good, I can’t remember her name or the name of the song right now but. Yes.


This is a new café in Skostrædet, at least new to me. Roll and Rock, it’s called. Brilliant idea with the tables inside old American cars. They served Oreo Milkshakes. Scrumptious.


My daughter and my soul sister. How lovely to get a cafe visit with just the two of them lovelies.



These two pictures are taken in the café’s bathroom! They have this unisex toilet space, with onelong mirror above the sinks, and very loud, brilliant music, the moment we fixed here, James Brown was singing I feel good! 🙂

It was impossible not to dance and sing in front of that mirror. And then in came a young man to go to the toilet. Hahaha… how unusual to have a mixed sex toilet space. If I had had access to this one in my twenties, I’m sure it would have been a great place to meet new men, likeminded ones, who would join me in my singing and dancing there! Imagine how much fun can be had in this room, this dancefloor bathroom. 🙂


Here are my kids in Bergen cinema, during the finishing credits after the film Cinderella. It was so cold and miserable one day, that we went and saw a movie, escaping the cold for a couple of hours. The kids loved it and wanted to go back the following day, hahaha… my youngest is 3 and it was the first time for him to visit a cinema. He sat still all the way up until the last fifteen minutes where he walked silently about a bit, I let him, thinking it would disturb less than his screaming voice if I tried to make him sit in his seat… then as soon as the credits came on, they entered the bars and got their desired climbing exercise… 🙂

We have many fond new memories, made during our week in Bergen.
The best ones in our friends’ home, with nice meals, and visiting, meal joining friends, wine… piano and guitar played, tv series watched, laughing children running around in superman outfits and Rapunzel wigs… the conversations. Basically. Seeing my close girlfriends, both one to one and in groups…. that is what I miss the most, living abroad. My heart needs time with my wonderful, sweet girlfriends.

My friends whome we lived with, also have a very special, inspiring project going on in their neighboorhood. I took pictures, and will tell you all about it in the next blogpost.
For now I must get dome breakfast served, so we can go out in the car and find the fish shop on this island Karmøy where my mother lives. Prawns and crab claws. Best Summer dinner in the whole world. At least it is my favourite Norwegian traditonal Summer food, mmmmmmm I hope we can find some, the fishermen come in mainly on Fridays and it is very popular… so yes. We must get out and about and start the big seafood hunt.

Wishing you all a happy Wednesday, where ever you are.


Summerdays in Bergen


We spent last week at our friends’ place in Bergen. Had an ace time. For example walking in a handful of the seven mountain sides surrounding downtown.

Here we are on the newly built Løvstien / The Leaf Path…


Kids got thirsty and found a tiny waterfall to drink from…


By the path there was this amphi theatre, that local school classes some times come and use as a classroon…



Further on we found this, where we spent quite a few minutes, probably like almost an hour…


Further on again we came to a place that was a barbecue area by a stream, built on the remains of an old farm’s walls…


My fiveyearold fell into this little pond. Luckily my friend had a big green t-shirt in his rucksack that became like a dress for her, and kept her dry on her way back to the house…


There was also this metal map over Bergen and the surrounding islands, next to a big pair of binoculars, that could be used free of charge…


There was more as well. Strange installations… Such a lovely trip.

Later, in the evening, we drove up to the Ulriken mountain, and took its cable car up to the top. Here’s a video I shot of the ride back down:

We have been up there several times before but we just don’t tire of it. Neither the cable car trip nor the view from the top of the majestic mountain, check this out:




The tv mast…



We had an icecream, cappuchino, redwine after an hour’s walkabout up there, meeting sheep and stuff… Must be the cafe with the best view in town…


Here comes the cable car to bring us back down to earth… 🙂


And here we are back at our friend’s place where we stayed, with a view of Ulriken and the cable car masts from the kitchen window…


Apart from Løvstakken and Ulriken, we also went by cablecar (on ground version)up to the top of Fløien mountain, and spent a good few hours there on a lovely playground in the forest.
Wanted to film that too, but it was so chock ablock with people… very popular tourist destination. At least once up there, there is plenty of space to explore the mountain’s woods without feeling it’s crowded…

Yeah. We did many sifferent things in Bergen last week. Visiting the mountains was for sure among the highlights, for both adults and kids alike.