Love & Happiness


life is love

Fear, sin and guilt is the language of the ego.
But we are spiritual beings. Come from Light,
and to return home to Light again we will, once this life experience is finished.

a good life is when


Love her face.
And there is truth in that statement. Food for thought.


hap comes from your own actions

Isn┬┤t he lovely. I feel so close to him. So grateful that he is around, and that he shares his insights the way he does.


thoughts cause unhappiness tolle


I love Eckhart Tolle too. Read ┬áhis books “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth”, if you haven┬┤t already. He also gives talks on Youtube.


Hahahaha, Al Green my SuperGrooveHero… I just realized that the title of this post would be Love & Happiness, and bam! Al┬┤s song smoothed itself into my mind…. He is just one of a kind…

love is endless

Remember that.


negativity brings down immunesystem


So let┬┤s enhance that gratitude-attitude. Cultivate it. Make it grow.

Which reminds me of a poem from my book;


A better view from here

Momentary madness

Rushes of sadness

Both joy and pain

are to our gain.

In retrospect

all is perfect!

Let go and flow;

Life loves us so…


In hindsight

I realize

that I have met

nothing but angels

giving me knowledge.

Dark or bright,

heavy or light;

always a widening insight.




Our individual and social selves


first 40 years of childhood

Hahaha….we all know dudes like this guy, don┬┤t we? Many of us can identify with aspects of him as well. The Peter Pan syndrome; wanting to never grow up. Just live a care-free life, no worries, no obligations. Play and laugh. Party as if there was no tomorrow.

I honestly have no clue what this blogpost today will be about. But I will try to put together a small collage of images and slogans, and comment on them, and hopefully a red thread will show through the text. Worth an experiment. Let┬┤s see what else I┬┤ve got gathered in my library…:

forget who they told u to be

That┬┤s right. Forget who they told you to be. Your parents, other family, neighbours, teachers, peers…
It is your life to live. And you will also leave this life alone. So try and look inwards when you search for self understanding, not outwards. Each and every one of us is unique. Shine bright, you light! ­čÖé

eyes rainbow from tears

A beautiful Hopi saying there… ┬áNo amazing colourfulness of soul without having lived through painful experiences… Reminds me of the concept of the wounded healer. Who has, through his-her own suffering learnt things that makes her-him able to help others in their healing. Without the suffering, helping others would not be possible. ┬áI see myself too as a wounded healer.

talk about joys

Sure. Talk about joys too. Yet. To talk about one┬┤s problems and pains, has a healing effect, I find. I distinguish between that and the complaining babbling about everyday challenges that people seem to have as a hobby. I welcome the exchange of how we really feel, how we are, our sorrows, fears. As well as sharing one┬┤s gratitude for the gifts life has to offer.

There is a difference between stating facts and complaining. Moaning about annoying issues, like what the neighbours didn┬┤t do and stuff like that, I have no patience for listening to that. But when someone opens up and talks about fears and important problems, then I honour their honesty and confidence in sharing that with me.

manifest wisely

Yeah… this statement deserves its own blogpost really… Our thoughts, emotions and convictions shape our reality. No doubt about that. So do focus on the positive, do talk back at your mind when it tells you everything is hopeless and stupid. Or you might actually manifest such a reality for yourself. This doesn┬┤t mean you can┬┤t share your problems. But once it┬┤s shared, try to see solutions or at least things that can be of comfort in your process. End your evaluations on a positive note.

rather sit alone than with judgers

Indeed I would too. I would also rather sit alone in silence than with people who do mental masturbation together whenever they meet. Such as tell eachother how many movies they know the name of, or directors┬┤ names or… My goodness, how it bores me. I don┬┤t really end up in circles like that anylonger, but I still remember how restless it made me feel, like I was wasting chunks of my life on sitting with them when I could be at home meditating or cuddling with my kittens… So I just decided one day that I┬┤d walk away whenever I got stuck in those groups. And so that┬┤s what I did.

wayne dyer2

I finish with this piece of truth, as an inspiring reminder of a positive focus for all of us.
Live, Love and Let Live.


On Creativity

┬áBeen a few days since I updated my blog now. ┬áIt┬┤s because I┬┤m still struggling with this cold, feeling tired and deflated. Plus I┬┤m attending this 30 day long workshop through email, where I do psychological / spiritual excercises an hour every day. It┬┤s free. Her name is Katja Strandgaard, website called Life in Spirit… hereby recommended. ­čÖé
I found this vid the other day. Love it truely. Hope you enjoy it:

Creativity. I┬┤ve read heaps of books about it. How to stimulate it, help it flow, help it grow…

u cant use up creativity

Like flexing a muscle…makes it stronger…
I could tip you on a few great book titles. But then I have to find the books, behind the sofa… it┬┤s an hour long project to find the books I┬┤m thinking about, even though I know their whereabouts…

I┬┤m too tired for that right now.

showered cat

Hahaha…. this photo is proof of quite a creative cat owner… probably a young one…? ┬á ┬á­čÖé

Creative is to make up. To spot that a cup can also be a hat. And a musical instrument. And a house for a mouse. Or ornament for a christmas tree…


The person who made this chair, had a pretty creative mind… ┬á ┬á­čÖé
We all want one of these chairs, don┬┤t we?
He or she could make millions, selling these.

vegan sushi

Pretty creative looking sushi maki rolls… purple… ! …
Actually, today I made “sushi salad” for dinner. Which was invented by my grlfriend Katarina in Bergen this Summer. Sushirice, wasabi, ginger, salad leaves sprinkled with sesame oil… fish /prawns… avocado, brussel sprouts, corn in butter… It was a feast. We made packages, wrapping our favourite ingredients in sea weed. Mmmmmm…. I┬┤m really full. And so are the kids actually!

teach gardening

There┬┤s creativity in gardening, cooking, sewing, painting, there┬┤s creativity in any activity where we use our sense of fresh vision, to see things anew, from more angles than the agreed upon one, the conventional… ┬ámaking something that wasn┬┤t there before we started…

Yeah. ┬áAnd now I will sort out the spelling mistakes of this blogpost and publish it and take my little son to bed and fall asleep together with him! It┬┤s half past 7 pm and I am just… knackered. Utterly and completely knackered. This day has been good, but now it is long enough.

Give me some of this!

like cat and dog, peaceful sleep


Danes are born with bikes! :0)


So I finally got a chance to film my tinytot riding his bike, this morning. Normally I am busy holding his seat while he gets up on his pedals. But today his dad just suddenly taught him to start on his own too, so… YEAH!

Like I wrote underneath the video on Youtube, Norwegians are said to be born with skis on their feet. And I reckon one could say that Danes are born sitting on a bicycle! ­čÖé

Wonderful to watch them learn new, difficult skills. Mastery. Success. Like jumping from the kitchen table to the floor. Or floating in a pool without being held by a grownup…

Kids learn to bike real early here, and the flatness of the landscape has some of the honour for that. In addition, there┬┤s the trend of giving toddlers “running bikes” to ride when they┬┤re 18 months old. On those bikes they learn to balance. And then, getting up on the pedals is not as big a challenge as it is if one has not been on a running bike first.

Anyways. Just wanted to share this proud moment with you. Of my youngest one, biking to kindergarten through our hood this fine, sunshiny morning.

I wish I had been more aware whilst behind the camera. I should have told his sister there, that I wanted to film her brother because he just learnt to ride himself, and that she is very good at it too! I kind of tell her to move out of the way so I can film her brother! Hahaha…. but I┬┤m sure she understands my focus. She gets a lot of praise as well, all the time. So.
Nothing as guilty feeling as a mother, huh?! We never feel quite good enough, do we?!

sark on how to love kids

I dig SARK. She┬┤s got books and posters going on. Excellent stuff.

Well, I must dash now! Sees y┬┤all later, gators!


Love is the New Religion



So I fell ill with a cold Friday, and now Tuesday I┬┤m better but coughing badly. I┬┤ve spent the days in bed, reading about the refugee crises on Facebook, and feeling sad about the human situation, crying and processing emotions through use of pen and paper. Like I always do when inner turmoil and physical fatigue overwhelms me.

Yesterday I stumbled upon this video, and it really moves me in a profound way, it makes me feel uplifted and less alone.

I hope you like it too.


Strong stuff, huh? ┬á ┬á ­čÖé

I love it. With a capital L.


This Facebook-poster has been one of the most popular ones on my wall these last few days. I post a lot about the refugee crises. In-depth explanations of the conflict in Syria. And appreciative posts, showing the compassionate caring shown the walking refugees by Danish police and citizens. Also some criticism on the Danish ministers, who really behave quite racist and generally unintelligent about all of this, creating an international reputation of Denmark as a rightwing, unfriendly country… big sigh… I don┬┤t post more negative criticism than I find necessary, ┬áthough. My aim with what I publish, is to help build hope, and trust, help us all find ways of loving co existence.

(Read my last post for more on my understanding of the Syrian refugee crises)

I have shared this song before, but it is one of my alltime favourites, and it fits so perfectly with the title of this post and of that inspirational video. So here you are again. Bob Marley┬┤s son Ziggy. Enjoy this!

“I dont condemn I don┬┤t convert. This is the calling, ain┬┤t┬áyou heard? Bring all the lovers to unfold. Coz no one┬┤s gonna lose their soul. (…) Hey you can take it or leave it. You don┬┤t have to believe it. (…) Well I┬┤m done searching now. Found out what this life is worth. Not in the books did I find. But by searching my mind. So don┬┤t let nobody stop us. Free spirits have to soar. With you I share the gift. The gift that we now know. Love is my religion. All we need is Love.”

Wonderful lyrics.

milj├Şpartiet valgvake 15

Now, this poster on Facebook last night, made me very very relieved and happy. It is from the election which was in Norway yesterday. It is the relatively new Norwegian party; “The environmental party the green”. Look at those faces!! They are watching the vote results as they roll in, realizing they have a lot of┬ásupport in the Norwegian population. It gives me goosebumps, actually, watching them here.

So grateful that there are political parties that really NOW want to focus on our Mother Earth. Because in my understanding, if we don´t move environmental care to the top of our agenda, we will soon not be able to live on this planet. No air and water clean enough, no fish to eat, and our soil destroyed by gmo experiments. So without falling into doomsday mood here, I just want to say CON GRATULATIONS, Green Ones in Norway. Good luck with your work, I am sooo happy about this positive development in Norwegian politics! Hurray!!!

We have soon had enough of this kind of “sharing” of our world┬┤s resources, seen below here, haven┬┤t we?


And to me, this is the kind of revolution we need. (Revolution means “quick turn-around”, in the dictionary):
We need to turn our mindsets and actions in the direction of Love. Love of the nature, love of the human race, behaving as One, seeing that we are all connected, we are the extensions of eachother, and our happiness depends on us treating Earth and all of its Lifeforms with respect and compassion.



The wave that is a drizzle


Last few days, Facebook and tv news has been just all about the “wave” of Syrian refugees coming to Denmark from Germany and Hungary… and especially about how many of the refugees choose to run away from registering with the police as asylum seekers, and instead they walk towards Sweden. Yes, walk. With their children sleeping on their shoulders. They┬┤ve dropped their luggage somewhere along the way, so they can keep carrying their children…

And the police won┬┤t allow Danes to come bring the refugees food on the train station as they wait to catch a lift to Sweden. And there are disgusting racist idiots spitting down on the walking refugees from bridges, pictured in Danish newspapers!
Many Danes on the other hand, go out in their cars and pick up refugees and drive them to Sweden, or to a ferry, or give them money for train tickets. This is against the law. But people don┬┤t care. “How can we sit and watch this happen without reaching out to help them?” Is the attitude of most Danish citizens. Thank Goodness for that!

Experts say that the politicians talking about this being a wave, a flood of people entering… that they are just wrong. We saw the same numbers of refugees in the Balkan crises, the war in Kosovo. And the 360.000 people coming up into the continent of Europe, equals 0.068 % of Europe┬┤s population…
In earlier times, countries have co operated, giving asylum for a short amount of time, let the refugees stay and work until they could go back to their homelands again. Which people want to do! We all want to live where we come from! Where people understand our thinking, our language, people behave in ways we are used to and agree with…


rumi love is the bridge


I shared this image today. Rumi, the Persian poet. One of our greatest in the history of mankind.

I shared it with a friend of mine who is a refugee from Syria, now living in Denmark. He has been here a month or two. I met him and his friends, his fellow asylum seekers, at a most wonderful party in ├ůbenr├ą 2-3 weeks ago;┬á

I┬┤ve become facebook friends with some of the people I met there. A great honour for me. I deeply appreciate building friendships with people from far away lands. Always have done. I have quite a few Kurdistani friends who now live scattered around Norway…

In 1988 there was an asylum centre built on the isle of Karm├Şy where I lived with my parents and went to college. (Gymnasium). A bunch of us local teenagers started Sos Racism. I was the leader, age 18-20. We would arrange evenings at the asylum centre for cooking with the ladies… we took the guys who wanted to, with us as volunteers to paint an old people┬┤s home… we made sure the local newspaper came and took a picture and interviewed us, smiling, with paintbrushes, helping the old people for free…

sos racisme


We danced eachother┬┤s folk dances at a xmas party in the local school hall… I made friends with people from Romania, Kosova, Macedonia, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Palestina, West Sahara, Marocco, Eritrea, Somalia, Angola… I learnt a lot from them. From each one of the people I met.

Very interesting conversations. And nice to be able to help them get used to what Norway was all about. But more than anything, I appreciated the opening of hearts. To hear their life stories. Their pain about having left family behind. How they worried, for their mothers, children, brothers, wives. And for themselves, how they feared the police would come one night and just put them on a plane back to the torture they escaped from, back to death threats and a government who gladly let opponents of the system disappear, vanish, without a trace…

I wish Denmark┬┤s refugee policy was the same as Sweden┬┤s. That an asylum seeker is granted to stay, on arrival. Not after waiting for a year or so, and then maybe get a “No. Leave.” Also, in Sweden, family reunification is done quickly. No long wait before you can be reunited with your toddlers whome you left in that war zone.

I so understand why the refugees want to walk to Sweden, and not stay in Denmark. Danish politicians have even made an advert campaign in eastern European newspapers, saying “Hey refugees, you don┬┤t want to come to Denmark, coz we have just made a law that will make sure you only get an income that you really can┬┤t┬ásurvive on.”

How embarressing. How low. Unempathic. Compassionless.

As if seeking asylum is a crime! It┬┤s not; it┬┤s a human right!!

And we know that Europe actually needs the working hands these foreigners can contribute with. Check out reports from professors, people who come from education, who know what they are talking about. I would link to a facebook article or two here, if I knew how to. “Informationen” is a good Danish newspaper to check out.

Sorry I can┬┤t find out how to copy the URL for the good articles. ┬áAlso a very wise professor called Hans Rosling, is working very hard to help Scandinavia understand the crises in Syria and why the refugees are forced by our rules to go on the deadly journeys to seek asylum…


I found this refreshing voice on a good friend┬┤s facebook wall today… Totally agree with his viewpoints here:



If I had lived closer to where the Syrian families are walking right now towards Sweden, I would for sure be driving some of them to their destination. How can we stand by and watch children, hungry, thirsty, too tired to walk anylonger… and not give them a bus?!

Many people have brought drinks and food to give them. The decent Danes, which, believe it or not, are in majority still in this politically fucked-up┬ácountry… the decent Danes are ASHAMED┬áof this treatment the refugees are getting here now. Please believe me. The Danish people are actually warm hearted and caring people.

Yes, the Danish government is taken by surprise, and they don┬┤t know how to deal with all these people coming into the country suddenly. But come on. Refugees have been drowning in the Mediterranian ocean since spring! And whatever the deal is, I thought that christians would help fellow humans in need. Isn┬┤t that what Jesus was all about?!

I feel so tired. Disappointed. At the same time I┬┤m also positively surprised by the kindness coming from individuals, insisting on help├şng the refugees, even though they risk prison for doing so.

But I really have overestimated the intelligence of the Danish government. The politicians are not wise leaders. They are selfish, greedy, compassionless ignorants. It┬┤s, sadly, what I believe to be true.

why war

Denmark went with big brother dictator Usa to war. They helped bomb Syria back to the stone age. And when the victims come crawling out from the ruins that once was their home…. they are not welcome to Denmark for shelter? In what universe does this make sense?

Well. I guess I will have to write a poster and put in the back window of my car: “Refugees are welcome in my world”.

dear refugees

And I will for sure get to know the refugees I meet on my way, some I will get along with, others I will not get along with, just like with all people from everywhere.

But the ones that  I can connect with, with a smile and an open heart, I very much look forward to building friendships with them. Such bonds make my life richer, stronger and happier.


Heal the world. He sang.


We are the world. We are the children. We are the ones to make a better day, so let┬┤s start giving. Remember that song?

Check out this beautiful art piece on the wall of the archeological museum in Stavanger, Norway.

world heart

Bottom line is:

money to help




4 songs 4 u 2 enjoy


Just feel to share some ace music with you. This group is called L.E.J. They are from France.
Amazing talent!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!! And so it seems people on Facebook do too. 10 mill hits on Youtube so far. Con grats, ladies. Well done!

Then there is this other brilliant song by Danish rapper Per Vers, singing about His FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out, on our net┬┤s “liking action” on social media. ┬áThe lyrics are of course only understandable for Scandinavian viewers, but. It is a marvellous piece. So.

Let┬┤s hope he adds English subtitles at some point. Very good thinking in his lyrics in general, and this one is no exception. I also like his style of swinging from talking into half singing and back out into talk mode again… By the way, the video is shot in S├Şnderho, the village at the southern tip of Fan├Ş, the island where I live. It was voted to be Denmark┬┤s quaintest village, the other year. Beautiful there.

I also want to give you this one, by Roger Waters, from one of the biggest albums of my life, I have listened to his “Amused to Death” album hundreds of times. Literally. This track, “Watching tv” is so moving. And a perfect comment on the issue of media┬┤s use of images in crises. Such as the one of little Alan on the beach in Turkey, a handful days ago. The 3yearold Syrian refugee who drowned.

“Half victim, half superstar, she┬┤s a victorstar; conceptually new. (…) She┬┤s different from the Aztecs, and from the Cherokee. She┬┤s everybody┬┤s sister, she┬┤s symbolic of our failure. She┬┤s the one in fifty million who can help us to be free. Because she died on tv.”

He wrote it about a famous photographed victim on Tienanman Square. This is a beautiful song.

Okay, I want to leave on a happier note than this one. Though an incredibly important song, it also makes me feel sad that such songs are necessary to feel grateful for…

Oh yeah. Of course. Zita Swoon.

Who jumped into my life one sunny afternoon in a festival in Rotterdam, Holland, Summer 2001 or 2002. My mind was blown, my heart so happy, my soul a-sailing a-zick-zacky bliss…
Catch this!


The 9.of the 9.


So! I completely forgot to mentioned in my last post two days ago, that it was written on the one year anniversary of my blogwriting!! Yeah, I started this adventure on the 7. of September last year, year 14. I have written about… well more than 100 posts, can┬┤t remember excactly. I┬┤ll give you ┬áexactness at a later date…

It has been very much enjoyable for me.  In the beginning I was worried that I would run out of ideas of what to write about. But I´ve stopped that nonsense. Life keeps on happening, so there will always be stories to tell. About inner events and outer ones. No stress.


Heart matters. Matters of the heart. They do matter. More than anything else, to me. Open, personal free conversations, where one listens to one another with silent minds, not sitting busy thinking of what to say next whilst the other one is talking…

I┬┤ve always written inner talks with my (higher) self about heart matters. My self published book is poems and thoughts that have come out of that process of self-talk, if one can call it that. (I┬┤m open to objections, I just thought this theory up and am always willing to reconsider in the added light of new input).

self talk

Well. With this blogpost, I actually just wanted to say, that two days ago, on the 7/9,  one year had passed since this blog was born. Maybe it´s even cooler to celebrate 9/9. Symmetrical numbers are fabulous.

Nine. As in a cat┬┤s nine lives. And as in nine being made up of three 3s. All good things are three, so three times three MUST be a lucky number. I┬┤ll settle for that. Any excuse will do.

Here┬┤s to creative writing, scriptotherapy, scribbling, journaling and diary keeping. Gratitude to the word, the alphabet and the joy of expressing oneself in writing. It is my dearest passion.



Celebrate your Struggle


I feel… funny today. As in funny peculiar. Definitely not as in funny haha.

I feel displaced. Sad. Annoyed. Restless. Why? I ask myself. Possibly a bit because I think I┬┤m catching a cold. Slept a long night last night and woke up groggy, sore throat, sneezing. But that can┬┤t be the whole reason, I don┬┤t think.

Maybe it┬┤s a little bit because of the Syrians. The wave of refugees washing over Europe, being welcomed with flags and singing in Germany… some have fled from the police here in Denmark, and they seem to be walking to Sweden! According to Danish law one is not allowed to give them a lift. That feels stupid. Why not give them a busride? If private persons help them, they could go to jail for 6 months. Braindead rule.

But I don┬┤t think that news is what┬┤s weighing me down either, coz there are actually so many positive stories now, about the citizens standing up to welcome and help the refugees… They are proving that the people are not the same as their governments. The people have warm caring hearts. Solidarity.

Maybe it┬┤s just a lack of alone-time last 5-6 days, bothering me. Could be that. A need to meditate, sit and write or draw, and go for a drive with some loud music on, singing as loud as I can…

Either way, it┬┤ll have to wait now. Kids are off to bed soon, and I guess so am I. Sleep is the best medicine, someone wise once said.

green lightbeing

This is how I would like to feel. All the time.

Only interrupted by feeling like this, kundalini rising, energy glowing.


Working with spirit is so enthusing. Amazing and amusing.
When I come out of a particularly intense meeting, then a few days later I feel lonely and cold, or how to describe it. It┬┤s normal. It┬┤s just the way it is. I know. But it still throws me off balance when I notice.

einstein other dimensions are

No doubt about that. I don┬┤t struggle with doubt anylonger. A healthy grain of salt is still ready at the back of my mind if I need it, but. Haven┬┤t needed it yet. Suspect I never will.

lou reed not alone

Yes, Lou. I agree. Both refugees and people like me. I love to spend time alone. But to feel alone, or lonely, is not nice.

celebrate struggle

Yeah. So celebrate your struggle. That must be the title of the challenge I┬┤m facing today, maybe, ey?

Struggling means expansion, growth, progress.  Nice positive angle.

As always, when I have these off times, I listen to my emotions, pay attention to them, accept them, and express them. After that they loosen their grip on me and I can start to let them go and move on.

I finish this post with encouraging support from Osho.



Recommended Album


lars og githa

At the bottom of this post is an interview with my sound healing teacher Githa Ben-David and her husband, former popstar (and present author of spiritual books) Lars Muhl. They will release their new cd September 22., and I am so very much looking forward to that.

I have listened a LOT to their last album from 2012 (I think); “To heal the space between us”. ┬áAmazing songs. Which all have catchy melodies and beautiful lyrics, many of them functioning as affirmations and prayers to me… I sing these songs very loud in my car when I have emotions that want to be expressed.

“Any wrong condition, in my body, mind and life, is dissolved and crushed by Divine Love…” Is just one example of affirmations…


Here is a medley:

Beneath is the interview from Vimeo, with the two wonderful people. And in between them talking, are ten clips from the songs on the upcoming album. Their two sons, age 18 and 10, are also singing on the album. And one of the songs, “A message from Dennis”, came through as Lars was sitting playing the grand piano at their friend┬┤s place, Al Jardine from Beach Boys…

Yeah. That┬┤s all I want to write here and now about this. I just got so excited seeing this vimeo video, that I needed to immediately share it with you!

You can see many videos with both Githa and Lars on their site Cosmoporta. Also in English. This interview alas has no English subtitles (yet?).
They explain why they have chosen to record this album using analogue, old school equipment… very interesting. So at least Scandinavian blogreaders, do enjoy their talk! The rest of you, who don┬┤t understand Danish, enjoy the clips from the songs, and check them out on Cosmoporta, Youtube, books, cds… these two are very special people, and I love them very dearly. Maybe you will too.

Like I said, she is my teacher, so you can read about the education she┬┤s giving in my blog category “Vocal Sound Therapy”. There is also a blogpost called┬á