Leaving behind


hold vision trust process

Trust the process. Yes. I´ve called this post Leaving behind. Which is meant as a synonym for letting go. As this is the emotion filling me today. I was at a sound healing course again this last weekend. Second but last time before our 2 year long education is finished. And it was the last time we met in that extremely beautiful Rudolf Steiner building of Audonicon in Skanderborg.



I love that building so so much… I will consider taking an other course, as long as it´s situated in that building! Time will tell…

We always stay the night when we are there. This time I put my mattress and linen on the stage in the big concert hall. Only me. Next to the grand piano. Every time I coughed, it echoed! A lovely experience. Slept very well there. Here´s my view from the stage:


And here´s the stage. My bed was just behind the black curtain on the left hand side.


There are many beautiful rooms for learning, in the building. And a wonderful little library with a tiny, winding wooden staircase with a seat built into it, invisible until one stumbles upon it. Can´t find a photo of it online though.

They have a bookstore, look:


bogbutikken 2

Yeah… Audonicon darling. I´m leaving you behind now. I have enjoyed every second I have spent in your space. And I will try to come back to you later, in a new context. I wish you prosperity and keep you forever in my heart.

Another building I am about to leave behind, is my mother-inlaw´s home. Her little house in the woods, on the isle of Rømø. She died a little over a year ago. The family has left it as she left it, until recently. Now we are in the process of sharing the worldly posessions between the two sons of the lovely couple who were my parents inlaw. I am very grateful that the process of sharing is a peaceful one, with humour and warmth. Soon we are finished, hopefully the day after tomorrow is the last time we´ll have to meet to do this work. And on Sunday, the 01/11, the house is bought by my husband´s brother.

Same day, we go for a week to Budapest, my husband, myself and our 3 homeliving kids. So that will be an apt symbolic marking, for moving out of the old and into the new. Fresh memories to be made.

I can´t find photos of her beautiful place right now. But here´s a couple of pictures of her. The world´s nicest and wisest grandma Ellen. Here she is September 2013. She always did puzzle after puzzle with our Viola, and read book after book to our Linus-Ferdinand…

farmor puslespill

And here she is christmas eve 2013, we are dancing around the christmas tree… she was so happy. Most of the time she was just very happy, and with such a positive outlook on life. Miss her badly.

farmor juletre

This christmas will be the first one we celebrate in Denmark without her. Last year we celebrated at my mom´s in Norway. This year we will dance around the christmas tree in our home without grandma. Such is life. Death is part of the natural life cycle. It will feel sad. But we will huddle up closer to eachother and try and fill the gap best way we can. Maybe we will light a paper lantern and let it loose into the sky, thai style… we will make it meaningful, this christmas. Comforting, in spite of our family´s missing cornerstone.

So yes. We are letting go of her, little by little. And on Sunday we leave her house behind. I guess  we will probably be invited to visit the family there for a barbecue in the future. But it is not our place anymore.

Found this now, in a Facebook album… “The Cafe”, a spot at the back of her house… her husband Paul built little places to sit, everywhere around the house, so they could always be outdoors and not be bothered by the wind. Ellen published 11 books. So most probably she has sat here many a time with a good idea and pen and paper…


More than Audonicon and Ellen´s house, today is also the day my father died in 2010. 65 years old. I miss him, and the worst bit is that he is missing from my children´s childhood. I don´t seem to have a good photo of him at hand or I would place it here now… there is actually a photo of him as a young man, where he looks like James Dean. Honestly! Not just bragging!! 🙂 We miss you, Leif Arthur Henriksen.

Oh, I found this one. Taken July 2010. We didn´t know then that he would die soon. They said he was free of the cancer. We took him to hospital in October as he was not eating and drinking enough. Then they found cancer everywhere and he crossed over 3 weeks later. A shock!

My eldest daughter on the left here, was almost 6 years old. Her cousin Emily 4 and a half. It was so painful to walk with them behind the coffin. They loved him immensely.

He doesn´t look his best on this picture, after years of battling cancer. But it is a picture that shows so clearly the love between a granddad and his two granddaughters. So I treasure this photo.

morfars siste sommer

Leaving behind… something is wrong with that concept… Moving forward is more correct… the past is the past but our crossed over relatives are very much still part of the present… time is an illusion and now is the only reality there is. And in the now all is present.

Well. I leave the headline as it is. What is finished, is finished and change is the only constant. Moving on. “To boldly go where no one has gone before”. To quote the captain of the starship Enterprise.


Stig Møller, Danish musical genius


Steppeulven Hesse


I´ve only experienced him live once. At the all day music festival Realen Rocks, here on Fanø, Summer of 2014? I think it must have been.

I had never heard of him, and I was just flabbagasted. Started jumping up and down as close to him on the stage as I could get. It was about mid day, sun blasting in its friendliest mode, children and their parents were lying on the lawn enjoying the music, and this crazy Norwegian immigrant was jumping up and down laughing and singing from the top of her lungs…! I wasn´t drunk. I was in an extatic shock! He is… something else, this Stig Møller. His music, his essence, his presence. He makes my spirit bubble and fly high, he touches the sky.

This is the song he played that day.

It´s called “What a brilliant day it is today!”

See how everyone in the audience know this song, and smile…

I found this too on YouTube… a gig from Christiania last year… You know that alternative hippy society that has its own space in Copenhagen… visit some time if you can. A very special place.

Love their lyrics, as well as the melodies and rhythms… Lyrics remind me a bit about Syd Barrett, the shiny crazy diamond of Pink Floyd… their album from 1967, “Piper at the gates of dawn”… he´s got several wonderful songs on that one. The Scarecrow, The Bike, The Gnome, Chapter 24… poetic.

Here is a documentary about the band Stig Møller is famous for being a part of.
Being Norwegian, I don´t actually know anything about Stig and the band Steppeulvene (The Prariewolves, or possibly a spin on the band Steppenwolf? But maybe it´s the other way around in that case, coz as far as I can see, the Danish band was founded first of the two)…

I just checked Wikipedia. Which says that Steppenwolf got its name from Herman Hesses novel of 1927 “Der Steppenwolf”. A cult novel to the youth of the 50s and 60s, the book describes a man´s feeling of being alienated by socety, and also describes sex and the uses of drugs quite openly, as well as eing strongly influenced by psycho analysis (Hesse was in therapy under C.G. Jung)…
So I think that the Danish band also was inspired by this book. Especially as their debut album starts with “My name is Harry…”, which is the name of the character in Hesse´s novel as well…

Sources of inspiration. All linked together. All parts of OneSource really. 🙂

There is also a film made about the band, quite recently. “Steppeulven”, it´s called. I haven´t been able to see it yet. Looking forward to it!

Here´s a trailer:

I will add that dvd to my christmas wish list. (If it exists on dvd. Would prefer a cinema screen of course, with beautiful cinematography like that).

Just wanted to share my love for Stig Møller with you guys.
Everyone should know of his amazing talent. And of the genius of the band Steppeulvene.


My kind of people


Still autumn holiday week here. We had several plans, that we have cancelled because it´s so cold out there. (Go hunt for crabs, and to go collect oysters…) The change of plans is fine, though. It´s lovely to stay indoors and just rest, all five of us. Kids go on overnight stays, and their friends come and stay over here at ours. My man plays the piano, we cook something good, I do guided meditations ( which tend to turn into napzzz, haha…)  Tomorrow and Saturday we have dinner guests, and tomorrow eve there´s also the annual Halloween parade, placed a week or two early, in honour of Fanø´s visiting tourists… I love empty calendar spaces like this week. God knows we need them, these breaks from everyday conundrum…

Not self evident what to blog about though, these quiet days of rest.

gruppeselfie høstferien 15

But I just uploaded a group selfie with my kids to my Facebook wall an hour ago, and I´ve received all this warmhearted attention from friends and family, so I think I´ll just show you these two published selfies and move on to say something about the kind of people I enjoy to have in my life, and why…


gruppeselfie med kyss høstferien 15

Well. Apart from my amazing children. (Which, by the way, every child deserves. To know that her mother thinks she´s amazing).

i like messy people

Yes, I kind of like this statement. It´s a bit muddled, but. To stay between the lines… I drift off into metaphors of reading between lines, and keeping in line… but. Yeah, I like messy people, who can´t be boxed/categorized, and whose integrity goes beyond rules, and whose loyalty fathoms more people than just their blood relatives. Is my interpretation of this poster.


swimming armchair cinema

Like the inventor of this cinema. Respect and awe to her or him! Would love to meet that person and hear about other ideas she or he has got going…! 🙂

dont turn negative

That´s right. And those who think it´s impossible to change the world, should keep quiet and not disturb the people who are busy changing the world. Nothing ever changed the world, but people who believed it could be done.

strong women

I collect such women. Proud to say I have a really nice collection now, after years and years of finding them one by one, and cultivating our relating together with them. Growing up I was a tomboy, spent childhood playing soccer with the lads. The social circle of peer girls was way too scary for me. All that whispering and ostracizing. No thanx. But when I entered university, I started to find other tomboy women, and we were all surprised to find other girls we had things in common with! What a joy! What a relief and reciprocal strengthening bonds to make.

girl boy best friends

YES THEY CAN. I have always had male friends. Which never became confused, erotic, romantic. Ever. That is one of the things about Scandinavia I love the most. The fact that I feel I can be mates with people regardless of their gender. When I meet someone new, I´m Lene first, not woman first. Just me, as I am. A person with certain qualities. When I lived in Wales, I missed my male friends in Norway. It wasn´t as easy over there, although I did have a couple of male friends, but they were mainly parts of couples me and my ex socialized with… Anyways. Another story.

high on conversations

Yes I do. Intelligent conversations, give it to me! And openhearted, personal conversations.
My kind of people. Quality time is real, openhearted, humourous or tearshedding but honest, shared time.

Your sky your limit

Yup. Real friends lets you be who you are. Allows you and encourages you to just be who you are. And dancing. My favourite activity in the whole world. Almost. On my top five list for sure, at least!

vegan sushi

Plus food. Dancing and food. Two international languages of joy. Let strangers meet around good food, and music to move their dancing feet, and soon that group of strangers will be busy constructing friendships. I mean it! It really is as simple as that, I have experienced it so many times. People from many different countries, not knowing any common language, on the dance floor and over the buffet, suddenly communication is easy and smiles are beaming, lighting the entire place up… communication is so much more than words. And us human beings have many vital things in common. Fascinating.

pretending to be a mature adult

I don´t pretend. Especially not do I pretend to be adult, or mature. YAAAWN… It exhausts me just imagining having to do so! Why pretend?? Life is too short to pretend. I am plenty challenged by being myself and facing the consequences. Hahaha…. okay, so THAT´s why people pretend… fear of consequences…? Well. The consequence of being alive is death. So. I don´t have time to worry, I want to have fun while I can, or feel alive while I can… life is far from fun all the time. But it is real. All the time. And so I too want to just be real and get on with it.

kinds of people i like

People with courage and a sense of humour. Humble people, honest people. Sensitive people.

seeing behind

People of empathy, who understand, who have compassion, and who can truely listen.

first instinct to smile

Totally. Agree with that.

dont battle

listen to hear speak of others

negative people allergy

These are factors I notice and use when I choose which people to move closer to, and which people to move away from. I want to be around people who uplift, connect, support, encourage, and allow me to bring such energy to them also. I want to feel stronger for spending my time with people. Not drained.

note to self enjoy each moment

vibe attracts tribe

And then there is this aspect…:

old person jewel

I miss having elders in my life. As a child, I would hang out with old people a lot of the time. I prefered them to kids. Old aunts, neighbours, my aunt´s mother… I would go visit them. These days, most of them are gone. Crossed over. I am consciously on the look-out for a new “old person” that I can draw close, and share quality time with, around my children, and just for my own sake. I need the kind of energy old people have. The peace, the mildness, the (potential) wisdome. Their wider perspectives. Their warmth.

position open

Yeah… my kids only have one precious grandparent left,  my gold hearted mom. But she lives in Norway, so we don´t get to be with her as often as we would like to…


Yeah… no matter who we meet and connect with. It all comes down to what radiates from within our selves, outwards. Your vibe attracts your tribe. I believe that.


And allow me to finish with this one, an all time favourite:

honesty is highest form of intimacy

Good night! 🙂


Why Sound Heals


Good morning… Autumn holiday here now. I just read this on Facebook, and decided it should be a part of my info bank in my category of Vocal Sound Therapy. Now I must find out about the Sri Yantra. And find apt frequency meditation on Youtube. Wishing you a restful and smiling Sun-day.    🙂

Why Sound Heals

By UPLIFT on Saturday October 10th, 2015

What Produces the Healing Power of Sound?


We can feel it when we turn on the radio and our favorite song happens to be playing, or when we sit quietly and listen to the rain. There is a palpable peace when we are absorbed in quiet and a different kind of rejuvenation when we hear the wind in the trees. There is no doubt that sound has subtle, but profound effects on our body, minds and spirits. How exactly does sound work, though, to heal us?

Just Like an Orchestra, You Can Tune Your Body

Have you ever listened to an orchestra prepare to play an invigorating symphony? There is a cacophony first with the woodwinds and strings, horns, and timpani making quite a ruckus, but when they tune their instruments precisely, the sound that washes over you like a wave, can bring peace and excitement that surpasses some of the most invigorating practices on earth – like sky diving, or dropping 45 feet into a hidden cave.

Sound healing session
Sound is not unorganized chaos. It is a dynamic but ordered pattern. – Dr. Hans Jenny

The body works in much the same way. If a single instrument (organ, or organ system) is playing its own tune, and not in harmony with the rest of the body, disease is more likely to happen. As sound therapist, Dr. John Beaulieu, ND, PhD explains:

The fundamental principle of Energy Medicine is that an underlying energy field generates physical, emotional, and mental behaviors or symptoms. If we change the energy field, the physical, emotional, and mental behaviors will also change.


One of the most effective ways to change the energy field is through a science named cymatics. Though he was not the first to discover that sound could heal, Dr. Hans Jenny, M.D. of Basel Switzerland put together some fascinating experiments where we could literally ‘see’ how sound works.
Jenny created ‘cymatics’ when he put sand, fluid or some other powder on a metal plate that was attached to an oscillator. An oscillator is essentially a vibrator, but his oscillator was controlled by a generator that was able to produce many thousands of types of frequencies. Some of these can be found in nature, and others are created by man.

Cymatics pattern
Powder on a metal plate, attached to an oscillator

By changing the frequencies on the oscillator, Jenny found that sand, or water or whatever substance he was using to create a visible medium for his sound, would morph into some very interesting shapes. These shapes mimicked the properties of divine geometry, and the higher the frequency, the more complex the shapes would appear to be. He wrote:

Since the various aspects of these phenomena are due to vibration, we are confronted with a spectrum which reveals a patterned, figurative formation at one pole and kinetic-dynamic processes at the other, the whole being generated and sustained by its essential periodicity.

What Jenny was observing was really a simple way of observing matter come to life. Since we now understand, through the emerging field of quantum physics, that patterns emerge via waves of energy, the plates were showing the scientist a similar phenomenon. In ancient Sumerian society, this was a known fact. This is why practices like mantra were held in high esteem. The seed syllable, OM, for example, causes a certain frequency to imprint upon the ‘matter’ around it, and thus changes the energetic field.

Monastery of Christ In The Desert
Abbot Philip Lawrence from Monastery of Christ In The Desert

“The kind of singing that we do calms the spirit and helps us live in peace with our world and with one another,” says Abbot Philip Lawrence, a scholar of chant who also leads the Monastery of Christ In The Desert – home to an American order of Benedictine monks from Abiquiu, New Mexico. “Chanting has some strange effect on the brain waves according to various studies,” continues Abbot Philip, but this effect is certainly not the Monks of the Desert’s objective; rather their goal, and that of Gregorian chant, notes Abbot Philip, is “to focus on the words rather than the challenge of voice production or sight reading. It is always our hope that our singing will bring others to peace, inner tranquility and an appreciation of beauty. These values can help create a world in which peace and tranquility prevail.”

Since all matter is just different frequencies of the collapsed wave, or quantum field, then we have the ability to create a different reality with sound.

Sound and the Golden Number

The possibility for great healing can be seen in the science of sound. The picture of the Sri Yantra, a mandala created by sound, and said to be imagined by a yogi in deep meditation, is a representation of one of the oldest sounds in the world. Some call it a manifestation of divine sound. The triangles that appear in the Sri Yantra are perfectly integrated based on the divine number, Pi, which is also the basis for the golden mean, Phi. The Greek philosopher, Pythagorus understood sound and divein geometry, and it was written about by Euclid in “Elements” around 300 B.C., by Luca Pacioli, a contemporary of Leonardo Da Vinci, in “De Divina Proportione” in 1509, by Johannes Kepler around 1600. Many others knew of this ‘cosmic’ mathematics, and its power to heal throughout the ages.

Sound healing with singing bowls
The harmonics of sound work to create order out of chaos

The harmonics of sound work to create order out of chaos. Disease, you might say, is a form of chaos in the body. According to Dr. Robert Friedman, the connection between the Golden Ratio and ideal health was a no-brainer. During his medial residency in the 1980s, Dr. Friedman began observing the Golden Ratio throughout the human body—on the anatomical, physiological, and molecular levels. “The deeper I looked,” said Friedman, “the more deeply I discovered this incredible and ubiquitous Code to be embedded throughout the structure and function of the body…it only followed that the more one could harmonize with this grand principle, the more efficient and effortless life could be.”

Healing Frequencies

What is illness?

Emotional issues that are unresolved block the healing vibrations or cause the disease state to return.
– R Gordon

Over millennia, those who have studied the science of sound, have come to understand that certain frequencies are very healing for the human body. Overall, however, you are trying to create resonance – “When two systems are oscillating at different frequencies, there is an impelling force called resonance that causes the two to transfer energy from one to another. When two similarly tuned systems vibrate at different frequencies, there is another aspect of this energy transfer called entrainment, which causes them to line up and to vibrate at the same frequency.” (Richard Gordon)

Crystal bowls
Certain frequencies are very healing for the human body

When we ‘entrain’ with healing frequencies, our bodies and minds vibrate in harmony. These include:

285 Hz – Signals cells and tissues to heal. Leaves the body feeling rejuvenated.
396 Hz – Liberates guilt and fear to make way for higher vibrating emotions.
417 Hz – Allows the ‘undoing’ of challenging situations.
528 Hz – Said to heal DNA, repair cells, and awaken consciousness
639 Hz – This is the vibration associated to the heart. It allows feelings of love for self and ‘other’ until there is no longer a distinction. To balance relationships, listen to this frequency.
741 Hz – Said to clean the cells and heal them from exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Helps shift someone into empowerment so they can create the reality they wish to see.
852 Hz – Awakens intuition.
963 Hz – Activates the pineal gland, and aligns the body to its perfect, original state. Of course, there are further frequencies, many of which that are not even within the human range of hearing, but they are healing nonetheless. George Lakhovsky, a Russian engineer understood the power of sound as well. He understood that certain frequencies would make a living being grow stronger. I hope you are able to find healing in the frequencies I’ve described, and that this introduction to why sound heals will spur you to learn more.

At the root of all power and motion, there is music and rhythm, the play of patterned frequencies against the matrix of time. We know that every particle in the physical universe takes its characteristics from the pitch and pattern and overtones of its particular frequencies, its singing. Before we make music, music makes us.
– Joachim-Ernst Berendt, The World is Sound



A bit about meditation & trust


It´s 01.30 AM here now. House is quiet. The island is quiet. Only sound is my pc and the keys as I type. I slept for a few hours early this evening. And now I can´t fall asleep again, so I get some computer work done. Rather enjoyable, alone undisturbed in the silent night.

And about what will I write?

I wonder. But refuse to ponder, let me skip into the  library and find something  to inspire me… :


einstein imagination takes u anywhere

Okayyyy…. hmmmm yeah…. or as I tend to put it; Imagination is the only limitation….

One more lucky dip:


love does not hurt

I read somewhere that everything can be divided into stemming from either love of fear. All the issues mentioned in this poster, stem from fear.


åæease do not feed the fears

Hehehehe…. Don´t  feed the monkeymind in general…. How do we avoid feeding our fears? By being able to silence our minds. Thoughts come floating by but are dismissed without us getting caught up in them…

Yes, meditation. Many ways to practice. Here is one:


inhale love exhale gratitude


Inhale while you count to four, hold your breath ’till four, breathe out ’till four, wait ´till four before you inhale again. This is a very anxiety reducing method of breathing. Used by soldiers suffering from PTSD, for example, to help oneself function in daily life, to go shopping and travel by bus, basically be around other people…

There are many guided meditations about as well. More and more of them popping up on Youtube. This is one I have used a couple of times:


It may sound corny when you are not used to it. I have used guided medtiations for many years. Mainly some I have bought on cd from my mediumship teachers, Dortea Berg jensen and Val Williams.

It´s just such a treat to lie down dead comfy under a thick blanket, and just listen and follow the speaker´s voice and feel more and more relaxed, hence able to see certain things to the inner eye… very strengthening to me. Confirming my connection to Higher Self.


trust the journey

Yeah… I´ve been rehearsing this skill a lot this lifetime. Very interesting. Quite unnerving. Motivating me to keep working at my inner… beliefsystem… trusting the following of my heart one step at a time on a path hidden in mist, mystified…


trust your intuition and be guided by love

I finish up with this pretty clever little model of what to do in life. How to fill our dealt hands of living days with meaningful content. To feel content.

life skema