My present daily life



Monday of the school´s winter holiday here. And me and the kids slept ´till 08.30! Historical new record. We went to sleep at 9.00 pm!

So. That´s just marvellous. And outside the sun is shining from a bright blue sky. We will enjoy this day, I can feel it in me boooonez…!

Yesterday we went skating in Esbjerg, the town on the shore of the mainland. Every winter they make an ice skating “pond” on the city square. A most brill idea. Here, look at this!

skøjtebanen esbj feb16

The girl in the orange ski pants, is my eldest daughter. The five-yearold, the three-yearold and daddy-o are also out on the ice there somewhere. (As was I, apart from the five minutes I took these photos from the seat at the side).

skøjtebanen esbj feb16 lava

On the ice, we suddenly met friends of ours. A drummer and his pregnant wife, and their two daughters (7 and 9 years old, I think they are by now). So we ended up going for lunch together, at Sunset Boulevard right next to the square. Here is the view from our lunch table, overlooking the ice:

skøjtebanen esbj feb16 fra sunset

Yeah… so that was a splendid day out. Valentine´s day actually. I wrote about going to spend it on the ice, in my post from yesterday;

Other than ice skating, every day life is running rather smoothly for us right now. Still miss our grandmother, who died 30/9 2014. She was the one to share our every day life with us. And she was the one who always came and spent a couple of days with us when we needed a helping hand.

But the children are growing, and it makes everything noticably much more easy. We are over the worst grieving. And we have consciously built bonds with other people who can help us when we need babysitting etc.

We have had influensas lately, coughs and colds and such. But that doesn´t really count as negatives. All in all, we are happy and healthy all five of us. Looking forward to the arrival of our grandchild no.2 this autumn! And looking forward to our Norwegian family coming for a week in the Summer to visit, they have rented three summerhouses, so they will be 15-20 people! I love them for doing that. It really makes living abroad away from them all, a lot easier for me.

Once a month or so, I go to a meeting in my ngos. Well, I´m a member of 3 ngos, so. But in the Music Club I´m only an extra, so I don´t have to go to all their meetings.

The two places where I go to meetings and together with the boards organize events, are:

Kulturelt Samråd;

a council office really, that is in charge of distributing 80.000 Dkr every year, to local people applying for funds for cultural projects and events.
Here are the board members, taken a month ago:

ks bestyrelse jan16

At present, our biggest project of own initiative, is an event we have named “People Meet”. Which will happen in the town hall 17.of April 2 pm – 6 pm this year.

It will consist of an international cake buffet; cakes from many different nationalities who are represented in this island´s population. And then we want there to be folkmusic – and dancing. Local tradition (which is a rich and strong one), plus Syrian music and dancing. Hopefully we will also have a jamsession where we all just play and dance as one group together, freestyle or…. I don´t know yet. I hope the participants will improvize and create magic. (I will be one of them myself, hopefully there will be more participators than bystanders… the idea of spontaneity really excites me. It “opens up” somehow, when everything is not planned into detail, when the happening is more an improvized workshop for all than it is set performances).

Yeah. So please do wish us luck with that! 🙂
We just want to welcome our new Syrian neighbours, collectively and in Fanø fashion. This island has received more Syrians than anywhere else in Denmark (related to its size of population). And we have great success stories from the past, of integrating Bosnians, and Burmese people… On Fanø people look into eachother´s eyes and nod and smile when they meet on the street. Strangers included. And if it is morning, we say good morning to eachother. It is a very good place to be a newcomer, one feels very welcome here. (I myself moved here in 2007 and come from Norway, so I have felt it myself. And my Syrian friends have told me too, how they think it is amazing that even children and teenagers will look them in the eyes and say hello when they cross paths around town here…)

The other ngo where I spend my time and energy, is called

De Utrolige. Meaning The Incredibles.

Inspired by that cartoon movie of that superhero family you know… (Check out and please like our Facebook page for all the information: “Foreningen “De utrolige” på Fanø” is what you write in the search field).

Here we are, the board members, this selfie was taken 4 days ago:

du bestyrelse feb16

Us, The Incredibles, we want to make an annual day of cultural entertainment, for all the locals to participate in. We have asked the kindergartens and sfo to help make a children´s circus show for the day, and they are happy and eager to take charge of it.

(We had on Fanø an annual circus show made by the school kids, for years on end, but the tradition stopped after 2009 because their house was torn down due to problems with moisture).

So we want to revive that splendid old children´s circus show tradition. And add to it. We want to arrange an international lunch buffet, which Kulturelt Samråd did for the first time in Fanø´s history, for the ngo´s 30.anniversary back in Nov.2013. It was super popular, a great hit.

Apart from circus and buffet, we approach all of Fanø’s many, many different ngos and spare time clubs, and we ask them all to come and do something that day. Like arrange a football tournament, or show us skateboard tricks, one wheel bicycling, dance shows, a baking competition… what ever people can think of. The sky is the limit.

We want “The Day of Diversity” to be a celebration of our local community, embracing all citizens. The more that participate and make themselves a part of the happening stuff, the better. A feeling of collective ownership, is our aim.
The Incredibles want to do the organizing and co ordination of all the practical elements. And help connect; stage builders (we will ask the boyscouts if they would like to take on this task) must be connected to  the circus group, maybe we will ask some ngo to stand for sewing circus costumes, and an artist to help decorate the stage… we have a so many rich and competent creative citizens here on Fanø. Truely a wonderful and important resource we have, on this score.

The Music Club will try to find local bands to share short, acoustic sets with us… we need a tent or two…. tables and chairs…. all the logistics. We will plan it and solve it, either by delegating the different concrete jobs,  or by doing some of them ourselves.

I DIG this project. I really do. It sparks my soul, to use big words, and why not use them when they exist and feel right?!  🙂

It is an ambitious and all inclusive project. It is integrating, both between individuals, between generations and between all the different ngos and interest groups on the island. It will create a lot of new ties everywhere. And ties, bonds… is the incredible superglue of a good community.

It will help people meet, basically.
I didn´t mean the cultural event People Meet.

But in general. What we need, in a community, is occasions and opportunities for people to meet.
When everyone is a (half) known entity, then it makes for a really comfortable social feeling.
Fanø already has this feeling. We just want to celebrate it, and as a consequence, the celebration will enhance and strengthen it.



My present daily life… it feels like a present!


In addition to this voluntary work and my lucky family life, I am building up my “clinic” of vocal sound therapy. I have clients every week. I love that work. Making people feel better, by “singing on them”. Very strange, and strangely effect-full.

And last but not least, I have this blog. Which I am still hoping will make money in the future. I have plans of developing my Youtube channel. Add a vlog. (video blog).

I will stop here.

It has been a weird start of a new year this year. The refugee crises, and the European… failure to react to it in a compassionate way… The death of David Bowie, two days after his amazing new album… other great musicians and actors have crossed over as well… the climate news are not too uplifting, and neither is Danish social politics.

But on the microlevel. Thank Goodness. My life is really enjoyable.

At present. Coz that´s the nature of Life. Count your blessings while you have them. Suddenly new challenges take control and change your direction into a radically new one.

Once we accept this, it is easier to deal with. And let us just grab every positive moment and event that we can, and enjoy it for all that it can give us.

That must be the best piece of advice I ever gave, to myself and to all of us.


fredsmerke med notesirkel


My Valentine View


Just wrote a facebook status:

Happy Valentine´s Day to each and every one of you.
Celebrate the Love you have in your life.
The Love you are allowed to give.
To your cat or dog, your friend, your child, a stranger on the street, your mother, your uncle, your neighbour or your spouse. One Love. Long Live Love. Let Love Rule.

Because. Something on facebook last night made me think. A woman was saying Valentine´s day was sickening to her, all the focus on being a couple, feeling left out.

Then someone said that in other countries they celebrate it differently. In Syria one says happy valentine to one´s friends, and the same applies in Japan and some latin American country I forgot which one was mentioned.

And of course that´s much better.
Why make limits to Love?
Why leave some people out?
Love is including. Not excluding.


I don´t have that much more to say about this. And also, I don´t have time to sit and think about it. Because I´m spending this my Valentine´s day with my husband and three children on the ice, skating about in a probably disturbingly big crowd.

But hey. It will be memorable. It will make us laugh together. And make us two adults catch eachother´s eye above the little ones´heads and smile together about how cute we think they are. If that is not a perfect way of celebrating a Valentine´s day, I don´t know what is.   🙂

sofaselfie LF, Lava og mor2


Here´s me with two of my four favourite people on this planet. Budapest, November last year.
Age soon 3, and 11. And then there is Viola, not in the picture, who soon will turn 6!
God I remember thinking “Soon they won´t be 2 and 4 anymore, but 3 and 5!” Well, that´s a year ago now.

I finish this post with a song. A happy ending. A lovesong?

Okay, you´ve got me started now. This one belongs together with the last one, in my head.

And all good things are three. So. Here. One of the best lovesongs ever written. I said so!


My Backstage Blog Angel


Good morning this Saturday! I hope you are well.

As you know from my pleading with you to click on the adds on my blog here, or send me a donation, I am not a woman of money. Can I call it that? I consider myself very wealthy though. Because I have wonderful people in my life. Husband, children and the rest of the family. And friends whome I know I can trust for support in heavy times, and who will help me out when I ask them to.

One friend like that, I met at the 30 year anniversary party at my local bar, The Cornerbar, back in 2014. Here´s a vid I shot that night:

Yes, it was a great night of fun. Karaoke machine. I sang a lot of songs on that machine. And there were two mikes, so a guy I never saw before, sang a lot of the songs together with me. We harmonized wickedly. At least we thought so ourselves (and still to this day, I believe we were right to think so)!   🙂

Well. We ended up talking, and we had a lot in common. Our perspectives on life, and politics. Our love for music. We both have kids. Lots of common ground. Somehow we found out that we both had a blog. (Or his was a vlog, rather, a series of videos on Youtube). And he also was educated in website building.

I asked him if I could contact him for help on the technical side of my blog, and he said “Sure!”
Great relief. Sweet joy. Hallelujah!

A few weeks later, after him giving me some technical tips on how to solve some plugin issues etc, I said:

“Look. Here´s an idea. You know I´m broke. But how about you came over to my place for a weekend of good meals and you could enjoy the nature of this little island… and in return you could help me with these technical questions? And if you can help me set it up so it starts to make money, I will give you 30% of the income for a year. Could that be an acceptable offer?”

And lucky me, he thought it was a great idea. So he came over, and he basically turned my whole blog around, changed the theme, erased plugins, tweeked and tuned here and there and everywhere. I learnt so much. And a Paypal button appeared, and Adsense adds… the front page of the site was changed… yes, I owe him the entire look of this blog, actually.
He was very easy to work with as well. Which I sort of knew, as we had done all that singing together already, hahaha… but to work at web design and share decisions with someone, is something else. It is not always an easy balance to find.
We enjoyed the work hours, we shared some good food and wine and talks, he had a few walks, and we showed him the glorious beach here on Fanoe, and Fanoe Forest Playground. ( )

So. That was a wonderful win win time. A really nice exchange of energy. Equal, joyful and free.

Since then we keep in touch. And when my blog moves in mysterious ways, then I write him a message and he gives me suggestions for sulutions.

It is truely a great gift, to have access to his helping hand. When I become rich, I will buy him a boat or something else he´d like. Maybe a karaoke machine studded with diamonds. Hah! 🙂

(I have yet to find out how much the blog has earned, I received a letter from Google in my mailbox the other day (!), telling me how to collect my Adsense earnings, a 5 step recipe of computer clicks, I will try to get that done today). I don´t think his 30% will run up to much, but. It will be more than zero. So. Let´s see.

My helping friend´s name is Niels Harbo. On Facebook he calls himself Niller Manden. I have told him I want to recommend him in my network. So he gave me this link to his website. The English version.

Here it is:

And the Danish version:

You can also find him through his Youtube channel. Just search for NillerVision.

So now you know. If you need superb web tech / design help, he is brilliant, pleasant and has a great sense of humour. Hereby very highly recomended.

I finish this post up with a song, to describe how happy, relieved and grateful I am to have found  my Backstage Blog Angel.

I have not picked this song for its lyrics about falling in love. The meaning of the song for me in this context, lies in the enthusiasm of the melody. It really hits strings of happiness and optimism real elegantly. At least in my heart it does. Here you are; a tune to tweek your weekend mood:


We are Nature.


Indian woman breastfeeding

“This photo is revolutionary. It is revolutionary because I breastfeed, in a society where the milk formula is normal and fully accepted, where the ability of women to breastfeed is discredited, where our more instinctive and mammal side is supressed.
It is revolutionary because I show my body, which is banned for breastfeeding, but not that of a bikini model.
It is revolutionary because we dance and we restore our ancient Aymara and Quechua roots, because we believe that is in mourning pacha, under the cement behind the logging of forests, dams, genetically modified foods.

This photo is revolutionary, because I also am.”

Photo via Cata Contreras RisitadeArdilla in Chile


Saw this on Facebook this morning. I always share pictures of women breastfeeding. A matter of principles. A matter of children´s human rights for crying out loud. They need food! And it can´t just wait until the source is in a “socially acceptable place”.

Why is breastfeeding in public not socially acceptable?! When topless sunbathing is. And front pages of magazines picturing naked women? One should think the female body´s natural function was a holy one. She carried a new human being into life! And now she should hide when the baby is hungry? Feel ashamed for… what?

I just don´t get it.

Or could it have to do with the female body primarily being seen as a sexual object for men? And the breastfeeding makes them jealous, that a baby is getting what the men think belongs to them? No, surely people can´t be that stupid.

Anyways. Moving swiftly on.


Oh. I did not see atheist. I am no atheist. I am a spiritual person.
Liberal is a toxic label too. In this political era.

I am a reincarnated French revolutionary.
“Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood / Solidarity”.
That is my parole.

And of course I am a feminist. Someone should rename that word.
Into “common sense” or something like that.

If you don´t believe women are equal to men… it´s the same as believing black people are less good than white ones. Or that gay people´s sexuality is less glorious than hetero sexuality.
Or that Jews or Moslems are inferior. To the fascists.
Because that is the ideology of inequality, man. It is fascism.
The idea of “Das Übermensch”. The Superhuman.
Stupid translation. Superhero, superhuman…. confusing.

But. Its meaning is
that some humans are better than other humans.
And these better ones (mainly defined by themselves, the white caucasion males, WASPs; white anglo saxon protestants) …
Yeah, these better humans, the super ones. They get to ethnically cleanse other specimens of our human species, to their free liking.

Fucking charming.

(Actually. I need to add that not all fascists are white. There are a lot of them in religious / political cults all over the world. Moslem groups. Chinese politics towards Tibet. So. Sorry, wasps. We need a new little label, to include the rest of the  antisocial assholes. Greedy, Egoistic, Violent, Uncompassionate Fascist Men… GEVUFM. For example).

Sorry, my blood is simmering. It´s this refugee crises. All the ugly fascist reactions popping up all over Europe now. Scary.

Of course I´m a feminist. Was my point. I am PRO EQUALITY.
It is the only compassionate way to be. The only decent idea. Anything else lacks humbleness. Lacks respect. Lacks intelligence, actually, I will claim.
United we stand. Parted we fall.
Separation is an illusion.
We are all interdependently connected, we are one.
Including the rest of nature.
We are NATURE!
That´s why I can´t understand when the natural is frowned upon. Like breastfeeding. It is stupidity. Ignorance. Non reflection.
“Socially acceptable.” Us humans in groups we behave as fools!

If we don´t accept and respect we are nature, we will end up destroying our planet and living in fear of our fellow humans.
Oh. Yeah. That is what we are currently moving eagerly towards.

Aaaanyways. Rambling a bit now.

Found a third image on Facebook this morning, that I agree with:

different things empower women


If we could just treat other people the way we would like them to treat us if we were in their shoes.
Like each and every spiritual master has always taught as a golden rule.  Actually.
We would not need many more rules than that one,
if we could follow it. Think about it.

I will round up. No. Not that Monsanto product, are you crazy?!

Sigh…. so many issues to fight for these days…
Here is a video.

We used to be hunters and gatherers, all of us.
I think that lifestyle suited me a lot better
than the one we have now.

dont destroy earths lungs

Again. We are one, and interdependent.

We are nature.

No trees, no air.
No bees, no food.
No compassion, no care.
No giving, no good.

Be one, be all
Be equal, be free
Be united, stand tall
Be Love and dignity

LKH @ now

earth hug