Thankful ms. Doorslammer!


Yesterday I put my new lovely phone/videocamera in the pocket of my coat, and tied the coat around my waist as it was hotter than I thought outside.

Went to the grocery store and picked up some biscuits etc, and jumped back into the car outside where my mate was waiting together with my two tiny tots (4 and 6 years old).

Happily slammed the door. “G-gang”. It would not shut! I looked down. Oh. My coat was in the way. Or…. my phone….
Oh-oooooh…… nooooooooooo……

Fotografi den 23-06-2016 kl. 10.25

The panzer glass had scars. And the whole phone was bent!!

I could not remember if I had been clever enough to say yes to an insurance when I bought it.

So. I felt pretty down the rest of yesterday. It was just … departed. Crossed over. Dead as a dead dodo. A bygone.
The home button was very warm to the touch. That was the only sign of the wonderful life that had filled this little dream thingy, for the last one month, one week and one day of my life. Really. Exactly that long. Did it enthuse me.

So today I sailed on to the mainland and went and found my lovely salesman Anders. “So, what´s up?” He said as I entered. Remembering me. Oh how I just love real offline show with real human beings to talk to. “My phone has a big problem,” I explained. “I believe it is dead.”
I pulled it up from my rucksack and gave it to him.
“Wow.” He said. “Amazing! How did you do this?! Yes. It is very dead. Did you buy an insurance for it?”
“I don´t remembeeer…..”

He smiled empathically (and I braced myself for another one of those moments where I learn the consequences of my actions the hard way). Clicketiclick on his computer keys.

“Yes you are insured. I signed you up for one where the first three months are free of charge.”

Rarely have I felt so ecstatically grateful. I almost threw myself to the floor and kissed his feet! Honestly.

Sweet sweet joyous relief !!

And the simcard was´t broken. So. Yay for that extra plus.
Beneath the panzer glass external protection plastic shielding, the screen was actually undamaged! Bent as hell. Or as a banana. Or as someone extremely gay. But other than that just fine! A curved screen, looking spotless.

I filed an insurance claim, and in 3 days I will hear from them and in another 3-14 days I can go pick up a new copy of my so highly desired good. My price will be 500 kr. (about 50 pounds). Which. Is a pleasure to pay for this accident, compared to what a new phone would cost if I had not had insurance. Ten times more. Meaning I could not afford to replace it, basically.

It is crazy to pay that much for a phone. And then. It´s not. Coz it´s not a phone to me. I hardly ever use it as that. It is my walkman (Yes, I am that old, yes), my check on facebook and email, messenger and sms. My communication device. The spider in my personal network. Centrepoint. It is also my camera, which I use a lot. And upload directly to my Youtube channel. It is my alarm clock, playing my favourite song as I wake up in the morning.

Yeah. You know what I´m talking about. We’re all in love with their niftiness, aren´t we.

It´s gonna be interesting to be without it for a couple of weeks actually. Healthy. To notice how much too much time I spend staring into its “eyes”…

Anyways. I´m so happy.

And today we celebrate midsummer´s night here, on the beach. So I will go join my youngness in their afternoon nap, so we can all stay up late and enjoy the bonfire together, as we hear their father sing and play his guitar in the background.

Life is Good.