Non Violence will Change the World


Hi folks.

This just moves me.

Thousands of people standing in complete silence in Turkey.

Protesting the stately surpression they suffer as a nation now.

I totally agree with Geliqua Amini.

And especially the last line gives me hope for the future.

Geliqua Amini
I går kl. 08:20 ·
No yelling. No screaming. No fighting.
A new form of protesting:
Thousands of people standing in complete silence, protesting in squares and public places in Turkey… baffling the police. Even creating a calm curiosity, instead of tension and aggression.

“Non-violence is the force that will change the world”


Awake under a Full Moon


Full moon. It´s 02:20 (! nice number), and I´ve been awake for 2 hours, after sleeping 9pm until quarter passed midnight…
I find my sleep “pattern” is rather peculiar these last few months. But. I just go along with it. What else can I do. Upstream is not my direction, I prefer going with the flow on this river of life. I surrender.

So what do I do when I wake in the middle of night? Well, right now I write. And then there is the reading and the listening. I do a lot of that when I find pockets of time for it in this everyday mothering 24-7 job that I´ve got (and enjoy).

This morning I spent 90 minutes doing a webinar about visualization, with a man from something called MindValley. Advert popped up on Facebook, as they usually do in my stream. Free knowledge. Yes please! Have myself some inspiration. Lovely.

As I was waiting for the webinar, I read my email and found one from Medical Medium. Which is a magical book I´m reading now. By Anthony William. Very fascinating read. And I had liked his facebook page, and in this email opened up an invitation to a whole free course based on the information on health from his book!! So I spent an hour in that space, with audios, text and questions. I will continue that course in the days or weeks ahead.

But the main aim I have now, is to finish my book on hypnotherapy before my course starts last Thursday in January. They will teach 12 of us, for 4 days (35 hours in those four days!), and then again same dosis last week of February. So 70 hours of being taught in hypnosis, in 8 days.  And after that an exam, to become certified in both a Danish and a European hypnotherapy organization.

I´m loving the book. Amazingly fascinating what hypnosis can help people with. It has always intrigued me, the sub conscious, the Higher Self, consciousness “in general”. Trance. Inner connecting with events from earlier in life, and for the person to be able do “communicate with her own trauma” and heal……..


I´m feeling dead chuffed about attending this course. Thrilled and excited. This is my inner compass, that I steer by. What I call following my heart. I feel what is right for me. My life doesn´t look like anyone else´s, and I have learnt to accept and embrace that. I was born alone, and I will die alone. In this life, I will trust in Spirit´s guidance and go where I feel I am to go, do what I feel I am to do.

Let me see if I have a picture to illustrate this. And then I will go back to bed. To read a bit more, Medical Medium or hypnotherapy.

If sleepiness doesn´t return soon enough, I will find a sleep hypnosis on youtube. Those haven´t  failed me yet.

Wishing you a positive full moon night. Stormy outside here. Lovely sound.

happiness is to not compare yourself


Bernie on the Worship of Money


Good morning. Sunday morning. We are heading off to the birthday brunch of our dear neighbour girl Alma soon, who turns 8. Big hurray for her. We have the most amazing, friendly neighbours, and it is such a strength and joy in our everyday living.

Anyways. I saw this video with Bernie, the man who would have been president now if it wwasn´t for the Democratic Party cheating him out of his right place.

I just leave the rest of the message up to him. And the pope. It is time we start talking about the worship of profit for private gain, goin on in the ruling class.

Thank Goodness there are still intelligent people on this planet.


Card Reading for 2017


Good morning. 4. of January 17. Stormy winds howling outside, woke me up early, providing me space for quiet alone-time.

And so I stumbled upon this video on Youtube. And knew half way into it, that it will go on my blog today. So here you are:

I have loved Doreen for some years. And I also, at some point last year, started following her weekly oracle card readings. I use tarot myself, so I know how, often, the readings´ meanings become more clear with time, in retrospect one can see clear concrete examples of a previous reading´s talked about events.

She may seem quirky, far out, airy fairy, weird. I don´t mind. I do too, probably, to some. It´s neither illegal nor dull or dumb. And what do labeling from others count for anyways?

She talks about God, “but” she makes sure to emphasise one can call “it” Source, Higher Self, Universe, Higher Power… and hence it´s non dogmatic. I personally have grown into embracing Jesus and the arch angels, I didn´t always, as I grew up in a bible belt and resented the hostile rejection I felt from the christians, of anyone who thought differently or just asked questions.

But that was then, and I have seen and learnt a lot through the passing years. I talk to Spirit Guides. I pray. In my own way. And I love the wise words of Jesus. As well as those of Buddha. And Lao Tsu.

Anyways. This is not meant to be a spiritual manifest, a declaration of my spiritual landscape. Or something. I just wanted to share with you this card reading. It is going to be a…challenging year… I feel this, and also did, before I saw this card reading.  Which doesn´t require clairvoyance. We know who is going to steer the nuke button in the wild west in a couple weeks time. So. That´s plenty knowledge to cause thoughts on a challenging time ahead of us. Also the DAPL conflict, the Indians versus Oil company/police in Dakota, is not finished business. And on and on.

I will keep watching Doreen´s weekly card readings when I feel the need to, and I will return to this reading for 2017 as we progress through this year, and see in what ways this reading clings true.

After reading tarot for 20 years myself… I bet it will do.