Into the Known Unknown


Love that title that just typed itself there. Haha. This post should be about dying. Returning Home, back into the Light where I was before I was born into this fleshness… 🙂 Into the Known Unknown…

Anyways. That is not what I meant by the known unknown here now. This post is about me getting ready for an adventure. We are flying Sunday, to Bangkok. Two weeks on the island of Koh Chang that we know, we were there for 2 months in 2013. But although Thailand is known to us, it is still mostly unknown. And after two weeks there, we fly on to Hanoi and spend two weeks in Vietnam. Where we have never been before. So that is unknown.

Hm. The title for this post is marvellous, but it probably deserves a better … text following such a great headline. (Is my humble opinion). Anyways.

Here´s a couple pictures from my Facebook profile, from our last trip to Thailand, 4 years ago:

The Blue Lagoon Resort. We are going back to that resort.

View from inside the one room hut.

Self portrait in the hut´s bathroom.

The reception area. My son, 10 months old.

Another hut, same resort, where we also stayed a handful nights. Higher standard than the ones on the river. More spacious and better beds. Built and decorated by artists from different countries, The Blue Lagoon Resort is like a small, alternative minded community. Thai people and French, live there all year, and develope the site.

Klong Prao beach, where we hung out most of our time at Koh Chang.

Morning, heading for place to find breakfast…

Lots of splash time.

My then 2-yearold Viola shot this close-up of jewellery sold on the beach.

Afternoon resort chill.

On Koh Kood. Wonderful Cambodian waitors and our three little treasures.

One of our houses at Koh Wai (Pakarang resort)

View from the restaurant at Koh Wai.

The beach, Koh Wai.

My eldest, Lava, then 8. Happy. So many amazing memories. She is extremely chuffed we are going back to Thailand.

All the beautiful temples… This one was on the east coast of Koh Chang.

Viola skipping in the zodiac…

Getting transported from one island to another…

Back on Koh Chang. Elephant ride in the jungle. Unforgettable.

Nap time. 🙂

Typical meal time. Order anything. Enjoy immensely. Pay very little. So NICE!!

Sunset on Koh Kood.

Oh yeah…. We are leaving in two days. Suitcases are being packed, last errands run. I have to go make my son a cup of tea now, I just picked him up from kindergarten. Speak to u again soon, I hope! Depending on wifi on the trip, but. Yeah.

Toodle-ooooo and au revoir!
Kop kun ka for reading my blog.
(Thai word for thank you. If you are female.
If you are male, to say thank you, you say “Kop kun krap”).