Hiya. Sunny Sunday here today, first barbecue dinner in our garden, yey…

And I had a meeting with the Red Cross Syrian women´s group café today, and they agreed to make some dishes for our big family event “The Diversity Day” on the 17. of June. Where the ngo The Incredibles, we invite all local ngos to get together to create a fun day with our island´s children in focus…

Anyways. Will write more about that later. Second time we do it this year. Check out the facebookpage for photos and more info. (“Foreningen De Utrolige på Fanø”).

Today I did another pretty big thing as well, you see.
I published a facebook page for my vocal sound therapy.
I have known for a while I would make one. But somehow it took time.
I have quite enjoyed the nice and easy trickling of customers.
But I… want the world to know I´m ready to receive people.
And I also need growth to build my clinic up, so it becomes
a stable source of income.

Let me try to glue my new facebook page in right here…:

Sigh. No of course not.  I need my WordPress genie! I’m pretty sure it can be done. “Encapsule link” or something. Can´t find it anywhere on my facebook page´s menus though.

Oh well. My new page is called “Kaltwasser Vocal Sound therapy”. You´ll have to go there to see it. Sorry.

I´m pretty pleased with it. Chose a documentary of my teacher to remain on top of my page. It gives a perfect insight into what she knows and what she does with sound… Which is the methods I use too. The film shows examples of a sound scan and a tinnitus reduction session…

And I added a long text on the “about” section of the page. That I can copy to here, hang on:

Om (=About)
I “sing on people”. Listen for resonnance, and add the sound the body needs. Relieves physical pains, reduces stress levels… Strengthens inner balance.
Send me a message to book an appointment. My clinic is in my home on Fanø, south west coast of Denmark. Write me through facebook here, or send an sms to (45)42801902.

I am Norwegian, and I have lived on Fanø for 10 years, so I speak Danish. And of course English. (I write in English here so that everybody can understand).

A sound session lasts for 60 minutes. It is a rather new field, this vocal sound therapy, so people don´t know what to expect. I tell you all about it when you come the first time.

If you wish in depth understanding, I recommend my teacher Githa Ben-Davids trilogy about her way with sound, how she found the method etc. Wonderful books.

I have also written a few posts on my blog about my training, during the two years I attended courses with Githa. They can be found in the category “Vocal sound therapy” on my site:

In addition to the vocal sound therapy, I have just taken an exam in hypnotherapy. So this will be another tool in my toolbox, but first I need to practice, it´s like I just got the driver´s licence, now I need to do some driving to become a good driver. I will practice in the months to come though, so I expect to be a confident and skillfull hypnotist pretty soon.

I love to study. My background is in social sciences from the university in Bergen, Norway. Yet it is hard to find work as a social anthropologist.
I have worked with documentary film production, and I use video in my blog posts. Also made a video poetry installation once, (can be seen on my youtube channel) and self published a book in 2011 in English, poems and short prose reflections on a soul´s journey looking for life´s meaning.

I have 8 weekend modules of training clairvoyance skills at The Clairvoyance School here on Fanø. Ever since my teens I have been reading a lot of self help books, with psychological and spiritual angles.

And I´m thinking to educate myself as a “soul midwife”. To help people who are dying, make their transition… Death has always been very interesting to me. As I don´t believe in its existence. It is just another birth.

Aaaand I love to write. Hahaha….
All this background stuff is not really important. But. It is also nice to know a little bit about someone you choose to confide in. I think.

One of the strengths about vocal sound therapy is that we don´t need to talk so much about issues and their whys and hows. If you want to talk, though, then we do that. And if we are to try hypnosis, some words are needed to replace the dysfunctional thought patterns with more functional/positive ones.


Looking forward to meeting with you. I love doing vocal sound therapy. People become so relaxed, surprised and happy. Relieved.
Come have a go and see for yourself if it can be of support for you.

Best wishes!

This is my profile picture on my therapist page. It is a photo I took of myself as a response to a very sweet message my eldest daughter sent me a few days ago. I took this and sent it as a reply to her.
So now it is out there. Born. My official self presentation as a vocal sound therapist. It feels good.
One third major thing I accomplished today, after publishing this professional page, and gaining the Syrian women´s support for Diversity-Day…
Was that I emailed the Soul Midwives in Dorset and asked them to send me their application form. For their course.
Three hurdles crossed. Three things ticked off my to do list.
The future feels friendly and exciting.

17.-May, Hip hip HurrAAYYY


Hello there.

It´s evening, soon 9 pm. Kids gone to bed. Quiet here in my sofa corner.
It´s the 17. of May and I´m a Norwegian living in Denmark.

This morning I turned on the Norwegian tv channel that I have in my cable deal.
I watch this channel maybe 5 times a year or so. On the 17.of May it is vital I have that channel. As they send this live programme, moving from place to place around Norway, and also visiting places all over the world, where Norwegians gather today to celebrate their national day. To sing and cheer Hurray for Norway.

Norway´s constitution day. The day we became our own independent country, in 1905. Not just a colony under Denmark, then Sweden, then Denmark…

It is not a day of military marching bands. No. It is a day where all school children march in the streets singing and playing instruments. And everyone else stands on the pavements, cheering the children on…

It is the children´s day. Because they are the future of our nation.
Everybody has the day off. Everybody gets up early, and puts on their best clothes. Many wear national costumes, very expensive, traditional dresses and suits, which looks different from region to region of the long coasted country…

After the parade of the children, people go home and have lunch with family or friends. Nothing fancy. Hot dogs, milk shakes. Maybe smoked salmon and hams. Easy food. Kids get ice cream, almost as many as they want. Uncles and aunts and grandparents stick the kids some money, which they are encouraged to spend on silly things in kiosks. For once.

After lunch, there are other parades downtown, where businesses and ngos make floats and joke around. College students as well. Adult fun. And then people with kids go to their local school yards and there´s games and competitions. Stilt race, for example. And racing with a potato on a spoon…

Around 7 pm or so, it is over. Kids and adults are knackered, and getting the national costumes off is a great relief. Sore feet. Sugar shocks. Exhaustion.
All go to bed, ready for a new day at work or school on the 18.

When I was little, it was a day as big as xmas eve. In school we rehearsed marching and singing the national hymns for weeks, leading up to it.

I have lived in Denmark for 10 years now. Only once have I spent a 17.of May in Norway in this decade.It has been relaxing not to have to do all this as a mother, getting costumes ready for three kids… but it also makes me sad that they don´t know the feeling connected to this day. Shouting out the name of one´s school together, ending each sentence about it, with a loud HURRAAAYYYY…… waving the flag….
Feeling moved and proud of one´s country, one´s town, one´s school….. Feeling connected, belonging in a group, joined together…

Celebrating freedom. Of expression, of movement. Freedom from fear. Freedom to expect to be treated as an equal, no matter what sexual preference, gender, colour or religion one belongs to.
Celebrating the all inclusive community of every individual who shares the same homeland. We who live here. Who make Norway together, day by day, by being who we are and doing what we do.

National romanticism. Is a beautiful thing. It is love. Appreciation.

Nationalism is the opposite. Exclusive. Fearful. All about the division into “us” and “them”. “You don´t belong here in our group!” (And hence you are inferior to us). Weird stuff.

It´s interesting. How patriotism can be so… warm and embracing… or it can be cold and aggressively pushing against imagined enemies…

Well. When I wave the Norwegian flag, it is with joy, with pride and without feeling it is against anyone. I wish every person could feel peaceful joy waving the flag of their country of origin.

In Norway, our immigrants participate same as everyone. All citizens alike, all school children, one community. Norway can be your homeland to cherish and enjoy, it doesn´t have to be your country of origin to be your home country.

I heard them say on tv this morning that some immigrants had said that they love Norwegians the most on the 17.of May, because that is the one day people show happy emotions in public, and wear colourful clothes, and greet everyone in the streets!

There´s truth to that. Norwegians are too reserved normally.

Here in my home today, we´ve watched 17.-May on tv, and we had kebabs for dinner, and of course ice cream. That was that. I have spent some time on social media, saying happy birthday to family and friends, as we do on this our country´s birthday.
I´ve felt a bit down, periodically. Then I´ve sung a couple of my favourite 17.-May-songs, and felt a bit better.

I miss my homeland today. I feel Norwegian, to the roots of my heart. And this emotion is not easily translated to those who haven´t grown up in Norway or at least been present on the 17.of May there…

Norway, I salute you.
Freedom – Equality – Solidarity.

The values of the French revolution, really.


I´ll finish by sharing the insight I heard the other day…
That the cross, which to me just symbolizes and instrument of torture, sad to say…
That it actually (can) stand(s) for two crossing axes. One from above to below (cosmos to earth), the other, horizontal axes, standing for how we reach out to eachother, socially.

So the vertical; connecting to the supernatural.
The horizontal; connecting to human community.

In buddhist terminology the concepts are Dharma and Sangha. ? Not sure…

Anyways. Interesting.
Four directions, or. Longtitude and latitude. The two directions of our mother earth.
Meaning is in the eye of the interpreter.
Such is the nature of freedom.