Listen to your inner rhythm


Monday, 2. day of easter. Last day of free time disposal. Tomorrow back to early get-ups with school kids.

We came home late last night, from 5 days in Berlin. All five of us. Stayed in UFA FActory. Which is like an oasis on the outskirts. Or. 200 metres from a metro station… splendid restaurants on the corner. Ullsteinstraze.
Great guest house, we chose the shared kitchen, where we met other families. Slept well, all good. Café Ole, dojo, yoga for seniors, playgroups for toddlers, indoor cinema (built 1929) and theatre stage, a school where 60 kids attend, where the teachers get a room each and the kids choose whome to go learn from… Outside, there are farm animals, roaming rather freely. And no cars. Upcycling projects, green rooftops, solar panels and wind turbines…

Whilst we were there, though, it was easter holiday of course. So we spent most our time downtown Berlin. Kids participating in Rittersport chocolate making… we went to the Magicum museum… that was great. Some shopping, the hard rock cafe, aquarium… restaurants… a wonderful park, called Volkspark Friedrichshain…

Yeah. I took photos etc, to be found on my facebook wall. But not loaded into the mac yet, so.

What I really just wanted to say today is how truely lovely it is to have a day of rest after the trip!
All 3 kids are visiting their friends, and my husband is at a soccer game. So I have had free space for hours today. Which I have filled with movie watching, this one:

Very informative and uplifting. Consumerism explained, and how we are moving into a new kind of understanding economy, from a model of “me versus you”, to a “me and you” version of reciprocity and co operation, aligning to values other than never-enough profits…

I then went and treated myself to a durum kebab on the corner, and a cocio chocolate milk drink.
Shared some stuff in different facebook spaces that I interact with. Had a DOZE… and a dip in the bath tub!

Noticing my feet are quite sore after alle that walking in them nice new shoes… how lovely it is to just chill.
Loading my battery, gathering energy, just being without doing much.
And such.

Is the tale from my hand today.

Remember to chill-lax out there! Tak your time, respect your personal rhythm coming from within.

Just like Timothy talks about too, in the newest astro weather report:

Should I tune out with a tune perhaps? Well. Sound of tuning in.