Running for local council election

(Photos by Asbjørn Nørgaard)

It´s been a year since I was here. A year of corona restrictions which now seems to ease up where I live. We’ll see.

I´ve spent the year writing my CoronaWords; poems and reflections. I performed at a private garden gig in August, reading 30 of the texts. (There´s about 270 of them at the mo). My performance went extremely well, I have to say! Very encouraging. I’m planning to get them published in some form, hopefully next year.

I´ve spent the year also doing intensive inner work. On limiting beliefs, and digging deep. With an excellent, wide selection of international space holders. Expanding identity. Increasing resilience.

And right now I´m running for election for the local council. For The Alternative, the first and biggest green party in Denmark. I am both a candidate and the campaign leader. So it´s taking most of my time! There is no upper limit to the ideas and pr work one can pour energy into. And then suddenly a journalist calls, or a member of the council writes something about us in the paper that we have to respond to.

It is engulfing, overwhelming and both exhilerating and exhausting at once. Our campaign team of 3 people have all been hit by illness, simultaneously! So, though thankful they have our backs and we communicate online as a group of 5 daily, the two of us candidates are pushing through the practical work, mainly on our own. It is fun, though, it feels a bit like working on a filmset, where I used to run around for about 8 years of my life, solving bizarre challenges that suddenly pop up without warning … I love this intensity, demanding my creativity, my social sciences uni-degree, my openhearted writing, expressing my political truth. I love working in projects, that have different phases and a set deadline. Cultural projects. Arts, integration, music. Co-creating for a good cause lights me up.

I am glad, however, that the election is on the 16. of November already, and not 6 months from now. The campaign proces is taking everything I´ve got, it´s like a marathon. Thankfully our party is very well organized and supportive of its candidates, we spent last weekend together with many of the other 100+ candidates and members, receiving debate training etc. Our governmental representative will visit us for a full day in October, where we create a campaign event around him, and the party´s youth organization likewise, will also come visit us for a day in November, and make a campaign event with us. So we are absolutely supported. Also with tons of online meetings. More than we have time for. Still, it´s a marathon, and the days fly by with tons of to-dos. Right now it is Saturday and I have promised myself to take this day off. Haha… Well, updating my blog is a good spare time activity.

So. That´s my update for today. Running for election, writing lyrics and focusing on core alignment, prioritizing self care to re-energize and to proces impressions. Yup. Definitely a nice opportunity to measure my self growth, things feel very different for me compared to the last time I was a candidate, back in 2017.

I love this political work. I really do, or I would not be doing it. I go all in, I give 100%. As always, whatever I do. Whether we get a chair in the council or not, is up to the voters. We try our very utmost to present our views as honestly and lovingly as we can. Based on our party´s values of courage and empathy, humility and generousity, transparency and humour. Knowing we have tried our best is our measure for success.

So wish us luck, stamina and clarity! And see you again, dear reader, on the other side of this election!

(Or maybe sooner. U never know, u know). 🙂