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Heart Matters book cover

This is a picture of the cover of my book.

Which I self published in spring 2011.

Allow me to show you the first poem in it:


Let it Come


precious mode of being

watching, waiting, feeling, seeing

landscapes from an eagle´s view

the flow will guide

the Adventure of you


And allow me to share this one with you, which is one of the 3 pieces Richard´s cousin read out loud in Richard´s funeral (For the full story, read the post “So easy”):


About what makes someone easy to be with

That they are

happy, accepting & non judgmental

honest, fair & open

light hearted, optimistic & generous

considerate, trusting & relaxed



On the very last page in my book it says:


The questions which have made the biggest impact on my life

Why am I here?

What is death?

All I know for sure is


My book is 124 pages long. Paperback.

It is divided into 2 parts, where the first part consists of 22 previous pieces, i.e. poems from my 20s.

The second part consists of 56 “abouts”; reflections on different inner issues, all with About in their title. These were written in 2008-2010, in my 30s.

Both parts cover the same themes, just with one younger and one more mature voice, so to speak; coming from two different angles, and tempers, maybe.

If you want to read my book, then just send me an email.

It costs 150 Danish Kroner. Plus postage. Just write me and we work out the practical details.

Also, if you happen to be interested in helping me publish my book in an English speaking area of the globe, or in the form of an e-book, feel free to mail me. It deserves to travel far, this book, in my own humble opinion. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Buy my Book?”

  1. I’d be happy to show you how to convert it to any of the ebook formats. The .epub format is best. Next most common are probably the Kindle formats, .mobi and .azw3 with mobi being the older one and the other being newer. I’d advise avoiding Adobe’s horrible .pdf format — it’s only really any good for printing on paper.

    You can download the free program, Calibre ( to do the conversion easily and simply for you, or if you find it too hard you are welcome to send the files to me and I’ll convert them and send the ebook back to you. I’ve already converted a lot of ebooks, including my own, and some ebooks from Project Gutenberg with bad formatting I’ve reformatted, also some online books such as those on Wikibooks, I’ve reformatted and then converted to epub ebooks to make them easier to read on my tablet computer in bed. I’ve also converted a friend’s book and helped her set up a website where she sells it:

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