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Fresh, it´s so fresh!


Fotografi den 19-05-2016 kl. 12.22

This is me. Taken five minutes ago, max. By my brand sizzling new Rolls Royce of personal computers. I have been using a dinosaur pc for years and years. And years. Honestly. And now. This. I am almost drooling. Although I disagree fiercely with the company´s climate policy, and lack of customer service when it comes to repairing their products. The products are still the best. In my humble opinion.

Not to mention names and place support or recommendations. I am merely expressing the immense gratitude I feel for having received this top of the props equipment.

I feel like the groove in this old melody from my high school years:

And like this too:

With a bit of this on top:


Must dash off now, picking´up kiddies in the kindergarten in ten minutes. Just had to update my blog now. Couldn´t wait. New horizons await. Such a pleasure to create with tools that work as they are supposed to. Sweet Relief. Oh the JOY!

Write you again soon.
Have an ACE day!


My Backstage Blog Angel


Good morning this Saturday! I hope you are well.

As you know from my pleading with you to click on the adds on my blog here, or send me a donation, I am not a woman of money. Can I call it that? I consider myself very wealthy though. Because I have wonderful people in my life. Husband, children and the rest of the family. And friends whome I know I can trust for support in heavy times, and who will help me out when I ask them to.

One friend like that, I met at the 30 year anniversary party at my local bar, The Cornerbar, back in 2014. Here´s a vid I shot that night:

Yes, it was a great night of fun. Karaoke machine. I sang a lot of songs on that machine. And there were two mikes, so a guy I never saw before, sang a lot of the songs together with me. We harmonized wickedly. At least we thought so ourselves (and still to this day, I believe we were right to think so)!   🙂

Well. We ended up talking, and we had a lot in common. Our perspectives on life, and politics. Our love for music. We both have kids. Lots of common ground. Somehow we found out that we both had a blog. (Or his was a vlog, rather, a series of videos on Youtube). And he also was educated in website building.

I asked him if I could contact him for help on the technical side of my blog, and he said “Sure!”
Great relief. Sweet joy. Hallelujah!

A few weeks later, after him giving me some technical tips on how to solve some plugin issues etc, I said:

“Look. Here´s an idea. You know I´m broke. But how about you came over to my place for a weekend of good meals and you could enjoy the nature of this little island… and in return you could help me with these technical questions? And if you can help me set it up so it starts to make money, I will give you 30% of the income for a year. Could that be an acceptable offer?”

And lucky me, he thought it was a great idea. So he came over, and he basically turned my whole blog around, changed the theme, erased plugins, tweeked and tuned here and there and everywhere. I learnt so much. And a Paypal button appeared, and Adsense adds… the front page of the site was changed… yes, I owe him the entire look of this blog, actually.
He was very easy to work with as well. Which I sort of knew, as we had done all that singing together already, hahaha… but to work at web design and share decisions with someone, is something else. It is not always an easy balance to find.
We enjoyed the work hours, we shared some good food and wine and talks, he had a few walks, and we showed him the glorious beach here on Fanoe, and Fanoe Forest Playground. ( )

So. That was a wonderful win win time. A really nice exchange of energy. Equal, joyful and free.

Since then we keep in touch. And when my blog moves in mysterious ways, then I write him a message and he gives me suggestions for sulutions.

It is truely a great gift, to have access to his helping hand. When I become rich, I will buy him a boat or something else he´d like. Maybe a karaoke machine studded with diamonds. Hah! 🙂

(I have yet to find out how much the blog has earned, I received a letter from Google in my mailbox the other day (!), telling me how to collect my Adsense earnings, a 5 step recipe of computer clicks, I will try to get that done today). I don´t think his 30% will run up to much, but. It will be more than zero. So. Let´s see.

My helping friend´s name is Niels Harbo. On Facebook he calls himself Niller Manden. I have told him I want to recommend him in my network. So he gave me this link to his website. The English version.

Here it is:

And the Danish version:

You can also find him through his Youtube channel. Just search for NillerVision.

So now you know. If you need superb web tech / design help, he is brilliant, pleasant and has a great sense of humour. Hereby very highly recomended.

I finish this post up with a song, to describe how happy, relieved and grateful I am to have found  my Backstage Blog Angel.

I have not picked this song for its lyrics about falling in love. The meaning of the song for me in this context, lies in the enthusiasm of the melody. It really hits strings of happiness and optimism real elegantly. At least in my heart it does. Here you are; a tune to tweek your weekend mood:


The 9.of the 9.


So! I completely forgot to mentioned in my last post two days ago, that it was written on the one year anniversary of my blogwriting!! Yeah, I started this adventure on the 7. of September last year, year 14. I have written about… well more than 100 posts, can´t remember excactly. I´ll give you  exactness at a later date…

It has been very much enjoyable for me.  In the beginning I was worried that I would run out of ideas of what to write about. But I´ve stopped that nonsense. Life keeps on happening, so there will always be stories to tell. About inner events and outer ones. No stress.


Heart matters. Matters of the heart. They do matter. More than anything else, to me. Open, personal free conversations, where one listens to one another with silent minds, not sitting busy thinking of what to say next whilst the other one is talking…

I´ve always written inner talks with my (higher) self about heart matters. My self published book is poems and thoughts that have come out of that process of self-talk, if one can call it that. (I´m open to objections, I just thought this theory up and am always willing to reconsider in the added light of new input).

self talk

Well. With this blogpost, I actually just wanted to say, that two days ago, on the 7/9,  one year had passed since this blog was born. Maybe it´s even cooler to celebrate 9/9. Symmetrical numbers are fabulous.

Nine. As in a cat´s nine lives. And as in nine being made up of three 3s. All good things are three, so three times three MUST be a lucky number. I´ll settle for that. Any excuse will do.

Here´s to creative writing, scriptotherapy, scribbling, journaling and diary keeping. Gratitude to the word, the alphabet and the joy of expressing oneself in writing. It is my dearest passion.



Fanø Forest Playground


The other day, we had a visitor for a few days, a lovely musician from Copenhagen, who also is a web designer. He helped me develope my blog site so it is more user friendly, and also more visible to search engines. Fantastic help to get! So grateful for that.

The sun was shining, and we decided to take him to see Fanø Skovlegeplads, which means Forest Playground.


By the entrance stands these trollies, that you can borrow for free while there. Saves you carrying all those picnic or bbq things. And tired children.
It´s free to enter. There are proper toilets, one can leace some coins if one wants to support the playground. It is run entirely by volunteers. Very impressive.

robin hood skulptur

There are many many of these sculptures around in the forest there. Made by a couple from Lithuania. Lots of different characters from children´s litterature. Snow white, the dwarfs, trolls… I didn´t take enough pictures, so I will have to tell you more about this playground some time later. They have also built a roof, over lots of picnic tables and 3-4 big barbecues. So that one can enjoy a barbecue if it rains… very handy.

skovlegepl hest

This horse is a rather new addition. It has 4 saddles on its back! … and hearts carved in its eyes…

L-F på en rot

My son on top of a root of a fallen tree. I love the way they have left the forest as it is, they have tidied areas and built benches and sculptures and sand boxes and swings, but the surrounding forest has been left untouched.


Very popular swing, that. For bigger children.

giraf gynge

I had to have a go myself, on this one.


Lots of different games to play…

croc bench

A crocodile bench… which needs to be shot close-up. With a camera, I mean. 🙂

Yeah… like I said, there would be at least 10 more photos needed to give a proper impression of this place. But let this just be an intro, and a reminder that if you do come to Fanø, you really should go visit Fanø Forest Playground.


Adsense and Donation Button – Hurray!


The Human Squirrel 1918

This is how I feel right now. After I spent yesterday with my WordPress consultant. 🙂 Very excited, hanging in mid air, holding on to my red thread of blogpost writing, surrounded by scyscrapers of Adsense, Paypal, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools… It´s a jungle. But I have my rope. So. Hold on!

I found the picture on Flickr, in the commons section where they keep photos everyone may use for free. I searched “relief”, as that´s the feeling I have now the blog is set up for making money.
This was the first photo to come up! I liked it immediately, but had to scroll just to see that there weren´t heaps of more apt ones. But this proved to be the one and only, the perfect photo for me, it inspired me instantly, and its lying first, is funny. (Those lines rhyme, so they must be true)! 🙂

The image shows The “Human Squirrel” in Times Square, New York, ca.1918. He apparently did many daring stunts in climbing for benefit of War Relief Funds in New York City. I would have liked to meet that guy!

I was totally and completely overwhelmed yesterday, as my consultant Susanne Lund Mikkelsen set up a dropbox backup for me (via a plugin), she created RSS and Youtube buttons, a like button, and a box where one can connect to my Kaltwasser Heart Matters page on Facebook and get notifications through that page when I publish new stuff…

We looked at different themes, but decided to stick with the one I´m using…
We changed the spamfilter (sounds like a car repair) … and she made a draft for making a photo album page, which I can use to try and find my way further in the direction of mastering that… We set up a better SEO plugin than the one I had, and most importantly:

We applied Goodle Adsense and set up adverts for my blog!! They have not arrived yet, but I guess they are on their way as soon as Google is ready. Must say I am very excited to see what the adverts will look like! I know many products that I do not want to be associated with, let alone to support. Like Nestlé for example. Who steal people´s water and cause infants death in third world countries, fully knowing the damage that they do, yet ruthlessly just doing it anyways, in the name of Profits.

But my consultant tells me that the adverts will look different on different people´s screens…as the adverts will be customized to fit the person watching my site!! So…. I guess it is out of my hands, to control what products (or services?) will be advertized on my site.
Strange new world.

We have also installed a DONATION BUTTON!!!
Now that is far more exciting than the adverts. If one clicks the button, the reader can donate a sum directly to my account! Pure, direct appreciation. I don´t know if I dare believe that anyone will ever push that button. Although several people (or spam robots, I´m not sure), have commented that they would like there to be a donation button as they for sure would like to contribute to the siteowner.

I think that for every click readers make on the ads, I receive a tiny amount of cash.
And then there is the open option of that golden donation button there.

Well. Now it is set up, and I can find out whether this blog can be a source of income for me.
I can not defend spending all this time on the blog if it does not generate income. Being five people on my husband´s one wages is not… fattening… 🙂

I will work on the SEO. And find someone that knows whether I have to invest in Adwords. I 100% believe this blog deserves to live, and that it has an appreciative audience out there.

But I write about many things, in the kind of overlapping area between science (social anthropology and psychology), arts (film, music, poetry) and spirituality (sound healing, clairvoyance, near death experiences, meditation, zen…)

So where is that slot or that space, where I can hit or target or what it is called?
Most of the readers of this blog, come from USA. (If Count per day is right, seems to be different ways of counting visitors in different plugins)!, the second largest group is China!

I still have a long way to go before I understand WordPress and blogging.
But Susanne sure has brought me a quantum leap upwards and forwards. Great relief. GREAT relief.

Now the blog is set up to generate money. Let it drip like honey, honey.

The only way is up!
(I just LOOOVE this soooong!!!)



Radio Years


“So I tried a little Freddie; MMMMMMMM…!” (Mika)
In the early nineties, I worked for Bergen Student Radio Station. It was unpaid, but it was great.
We were all students, and we had these, then high tech, mobile dat-recorders with tiny tapes in them, that could record real good sound on location. So we went out into Bergen and made interviews and recorded exhibition sounds and whatever we could think of. I remember I made a prgramme about an Ivo Caprino exhibition. The grand old man of animated movies, who lived in Norway.

But although it was nice to do interviews and cultural events, I prefered to focus on music and movies, and hence I was moved from the group Skumma Kultur
(which is funny because that´s the name for a type of milk, but literally it means Foamed Culture)
and on to the group Elektriske Skygger, Electrical Shadows, or as we called ourselves; EL.SK.
(This means (make)LO.VE! in Norwegian.)

In El.Sk we did reviews on new music and films. I received a press card, and three mornings a week, 08.15, I went to the cinema and sat with the rest of the press of Bergen and watched the coming films, for free. Yeah. Pretty darn decent, I thought. Perfect way to start the day.
When the movie was finished, I would sit somewhere and eat breakfast, and write down a review.
Then later, after a lecture or seminar, I would go to the station and record the review. Read it into a mike, whilst one of my colleagues steered the sound levels etc. It was actually really enjoyable.

I remember one time us in El.Sk were called in to the editor´s office. He told us off for having caused a break with the station´s expressed profile. We had played “La isla bonita” with Madonna! We did NOT play pop music on this channel !!! We said that it was only because it was in a film that we had reviewed. But that was not good enough. This was serious and was not to ever happen again.

Bergen student radio. People used to say that it was the channel where you would never hear anything you ever heard anywhere else. And you would only hear it once. Hehehehe… I disagreed on that rule. But. It didn´t bother me as such.

I made a programme about my iaidoclub as well. Zensho Iaido. (You can read more about the club in Temple Zen la Gendronniere). All programmes were kept for a few years, but it must be lost by now. Shame, I would have liked to hear it again. Oh well. Things come, and they go. Such is life.

I only stopped working there because I moved to Wales in ´94. English boyfriend.

I actually think that my writing style has been influenced by my radio work. These blogposts, and other reflections that I write, often sound like talks to my inner ear. And then you get a video or a song in between, for breaks. Like you build a radio show.
I´m toying with the idea of adding vlog posts… which is video blogging, for those of us who don´t know. I just learnt about this a few weeks back, from my friend Martin. He said that his daughter watches a lot of vlogs. A lot of WHAT? I asked. Turns out it´s these videos on youtube where, especially young people, talk into the camera, or talk together while they film themselves playing a videogame… a young couple in Denmark does these Minecraft videos, and they earn heaps! Now they also film themselves whilst cooking dinner… strange trend. But every new trend is strange in its own ways. So I mean strange in the sense fascinating.

We will see. I used to be stiff and stressed in front of a video camera. Much happier behind the camera, filming art and nature, architecture…or a concert… but. Hey. I will give it a shot if or when I figure out what I will say. Or something. I guess what it requires is just to be natural, and talk from the hip, spontaneously. Or from the heart.
I will watch some vlogs, and then I will see if I can find inspiration, and then all of a sudden I´m doing it. Maybe. This is not a promise. Remember that. 🙂

Like this one! Is nice. I agree what she says about us Norwegians. Hahaha… And read my post called Danish “hygge” for my take on what it´s like to be a foreigner living in Denmark. Toodle-ooo for now!


Confidence & the lack of it


Yesterday I felt stressed. I thought, what AM I going to write about on my blog next? And will I be able to keep up this pace, and keep writing things, and interesting things?

I have a few ideas about what I want to write about.
I want to show you my children´s kindergarten. Words and visuals. And I want to talk about my year in Bahrain, maybe some more about my years in Wales, my half a year in Lysoysund in Norway… There will be more posts about Servas, and about the process of building a blog. And I want to talk about my three experiences with natural birth giving.
But all these could be written in a week. And after that?

In my post “In trust I trust”, I wrote about having trust in fellow humans´ innocence and good intentions. And trusting in my intuition. I guess confidence has a lot to do with trusting in one´s own abilities.

What governs the level of confidence?
To an extent, our upbringing. Whether our parents gave enough praise, and apologized when they hurt our feelings so we didn´t grow a habit of thinking there´s something wrong with us.
“Am I good enough?” Is a question that many of us have with us from childhood, and work at moving beyond, throughout adulthood.
There are three more such “base feelings”, says Githa, my teacher in vocal sound therapy. (See the category “vocal sound therapy” for more info).

The four base feelings are:
I am not good enough
I am different
I don´t want to be here
I´m not welcome here

Some of these will resonnate more than the others, in each of us. But almost everyone has inner work to do with one or more of these questions. When we do the work, old traumas can loosen from our nervous systems and vanish. It is a great relief when it happens. It´s one of the things we work towards with our therapy method.

Confidence. Today I feel confident. Though yesterday I was doubtful. Why like this?!

Is it the moon?
Or biorhythms?
(Biorhythms was a very popular concept in the 80s, I haven´t heard them mentioned for a decade or two, don´t know if the concept is still in use…)

I feel certain it has something to do with me going to bed early last night, and gaining a good night´s sleep. Alfa.
The Omega, then would be food, physical nutrition. Which we generally take good care of in my home.

And then there is the issue of trust. In my abilities.
Plus trust in getting help from Life. The UniVerse. Higher forces. God, if that´s your preferred name for it. The Light. Trusting in Inspiration.

I am not a religios person, but I am a spiritual one.
I see myself as a spiritual being, having a human experience.
(Which is a line in my exit song, in my videopoetry installation blogpost “Linking”).

I trust that Life will help me find issues to write about.
I do. Like this morning, walking home from the kindergarten, I thought to myself that I feel better today than yesterday, it´s like I´m more confident… and BOOFF. “Confidence”, I thought. “Good blog title”.

Some days I´m confident to a strong degree. Other days I´m not. Maybe it´s the same for everyone? I don´t know.
All the blog comments gave me heaps of confidence that I can make money on this activity. That there is a real audience out there, who appreciate the content of this blog.
Then I installed a spam filter. BAM. No more comments!!

But my blog HAS been shared on Bloglovin and on Delicious.
It has doubled and tripled every month as I´ve typed along. And March has been the wildest month so far. 13.000 visitors now. About 10.000 of them have been in March!!

I have advertized, and managed to find a person who will come and help me with plugin issues, and help me install an advert or two plus a donation button.
After that, I can get an idea about whether it´s realistic I can be a moneymaking blogger or not. It would be such a tremendously perfect thing for me if I could/can.
Time will tell.
I am grateful I have now found a person who knows my technical systems and can straighten things out so everything works, and I get a better understanding of the frameworks of blogging.
It is an important investment. I don´t really have the money to invest, but. I´m trusting it will be a survivable expense, and give payback.

It´s about our convictions as well, isn´t it. What we believe to be true. Consciously or subconsciously. Our theories about how the world works. Our perceptions of reality.
One of my convictions, for example, which I am trying to stop believing in, is:

“I can´t do that, because I don´t have the official qualification for it. I´m not educated.”

or these ones:

“One shouldn´t help oneself to things, it is rude and greedy.”

“To be quiet and modest is the best behaviour.”

“There are so many other great writers, and books, blogs, films and music albums out there, there is no need for me to publish things as well. What can I possibly add that isn´t already covered by someone else.”

It´s a good thing I can spot these convictions. And that I don´t believe fully in them. They get me down from time to time, but they haven´t stopped me. I have published a book, and a film where I also sing in public, I´ve made videowork for an app and edited tv programmes, and now I´m crafting this blog. (And yes, I do have plans for making an album slowly but surely, with the 5 songs from my videopoem installation plus 5-7 more songs, most of which I have yet to create).

I work at my inner dialogue, talking against my convictions, and changing them, so my convictions become a support for my vision of a financially fulfilling future.

I also spend energy on healing old wounds, rewriting my history, my understanding of events in my past, to focus on the positive consequences instead of the wounds they gave me.
For example, things have happened to me, that have given me a greater understanding about some kinds of pain, so I have more empathy for others in similar situations.
And I have gained humbleness, I have learnt there are limits, that I have to look after the needs of my body, and the needs of my self image. To draw the line for how far I allow people to treat me badly, for example…
Deal breakers, as Dr.Phil calls them. The points that mean a relationship is over. The point where I stop trying and walk away.
For example violence. Not just physical, but also emotional violence. I have taken too much of that in my past relationships. I won´t again. Ever.

I work on my convictions, and on healing myself, freeing myself from old hurt feelings.
And I try to create myself a source of income through actions. Through practicing sound therapy towards my exam, and through continuing this blogging.

Is there a song that can illustrate it for us, increase the strength of the words, add a feeling?

Mika. I love many of his songs.
These tracks give me a beat I associate with the energy of confidence. Upbeat, positive. Happy, steady pace.
And the lyrics of Relax cling true to me.

One more musicvideo. With Conchita Wurst.
Who won the European Song Contest, wasn´t it last year?
From Austria. I have seldom been so moved.
She really touched the hearts of so many of us. And she received the love she deserved, she won!
It made me feel very… grateful.
She had the confidence to stand up, and her confidence was rewarded. Her talent and beauty was recognized.

(Ps check out more of those song contest videos from 2014 and watch her receive top score after top score. Goosebumpy stuff)!

Rise like a phoenix, everybody!
Let´s all be confident! 🙂


Blog Technicalities


A lot of you readers ask me about what platform I use, what host I have, you say it looks great the design, and it loads quickly.

Well. I use WordPress. My darling husband set it up for me through the web hotel where I already have a domain. I think it is called Surftown. (Don´t hang me if I´m wrong)!

The design is just one of the free themes one can choose in WordPress. I clicked one, and then clicked one more time for colour scheme, and voila. There is was, all ready allright. Sweet delight.

WordPress is free as well. I don´t know how difficult it is to install, but you can find many videos about it on Youtube.

Then you can install plugins. Also for free.
I have one called Count per day, which tells me about how many readers I have and where they come from.

I have installed a plugin to import my comments from Facebook. It doesn´t seem to work, though. I don´t know why.

I also have a spamfilter plugin. But it is so efficient that I remove it the days I can deal with trashing the spam. I would like a spamfilter that did not filter out EVERY comment in the universe. I need help with this.

I have installed something which can make photo albums. I just don´t get how it works. Yet.

Today I have created myself a username in a forum for online business people, and placed an add for a “WordPress Genie”; someone who can come to my house and sell me 2-3 hours of WordPress help!

Because I desperately just want it to work, GodBlessIt.
I want to install a Donation Button, so readers can send me a quid or two if they feel like it. And I want Google Adsense to install an advert (a non disturbing one), so that I can earn money on blogging.

As you might know, I have no income at all right now.
I am half way through an education to be a vocal sound therapist (Check out the post “Vocal sound therapy”, or “My soundhealer inauguration” or “Introducing: Githa Ben-David” for more info on that issue)…
And I have three children to take care of, and we need to travel to Norway this Summer and see our family there… (Which I´m sure you know, is an extremely expensive little country ot spend holdiay money in…)

So I just want these technical issues to be dealt with NOW.
And I have tried my best. And not been able to solve it myself.


So now I told you how I got to have this blog. WordPress has got 17-20% of the market, it runs that many web sites. I just heard, in this Youtube tutorial.

I just tried to authenticate my google account for the plugin Google Analytics. Only it won´t let me save the settings. So I have spent an hour trying to find out why. Through Googling Google Analytics. BIIIIIIG SIIIIIIIGH.

No luck.

I am not a technicality dumbass though. I have made many tv-programmes, for example. Shooting video and editing. Check out my videopoems, they are in the blogpost “Linking, my videopoems installation”. (Or similar title).
I have also self published a book.

But this plugin business, and this adsense nonsense… Yeah. I´m searching for a WordPress Genie to come show me the way.

At least, while I´m waiting to be set up for the possibility of earning money on this activity, plus to have comments that is a mixture of Facebook comments and direct blog reader comments, without spam glam (wordplay on glam rock, which is quite full of sparks and glitter in their costumes, for example Marc Bolan… So are the spammers´comments, they really spark and shine, it´s such a shame all that amazingly positive feedback isn´t true, hahaha…)!

Luckily I have a friend in Australia, who knows some things about blogging and spamming and stuff, so I will read up on the info she has told me to check out. (Thank you, Miriam)!

Seems I need to spend some time finding out a lot of things about WordPress. I just don´t have that time. I barely have time to update my blog and practice my sound therapy for my exams. Kids take a LOT of focus. As all you parents out there know. 🙂 They need it and they deserve it. Don´t mean to complaint. At all. It just means research time is scarce.

That´s why I am searching for a WordPress Angel. I will pay for a couple of hours, out of my empty pocket. So that I can install moneymaking things on this site, and get to see if it can be a source of income for my family. It would be bliss if it could.

(I wanted to put a video with the Danish band Bliss here, but the music was a bit too meditative (yet beautiful, check it out) for here and now, so I found one of my other favourite songs instead.
Eurithmics. OhYeah.
There must be an angel. A WordPress Angel.
Who will come and play with my Heart Matters.
And push my plugin buttons. Hehehe…

See you later. I will try to post another post later today, or tomorrow morning. One not about techinical frustrations.
But it was nice to get this off my chest.
And I hope you commenters get some answers our of this, that you can use in your attempt to create yourselves a blog of your own.
For tips on writing in general, check out my post called “Tips on Writing”. 🙂 Happy weekending, friends!