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Running for local council election

(Photos by Asbjørn Nørgaard)

It´s been a year since I was here. A year of corona restrictions which now seems to ease up where I live. We’ll see.

I´ve spent the year writing my CoronaWords; poems and reflections. I performed at a private garden gig in August, reading 30 of the texts. (There´s about 270 of them at the mo). My performance went extremely well, I have to say! Very encouraging. I’m planning to get them published in some form, hopefully next year.

I´ve spent the year also doing intensive inner work. On limiting beliefs, and digging deep. With an excellent, wide selection of international space holders. Expanding identity. Increasing resilience.

And right now I´m running for election for the local council. For The Alternative, the first and biggest green party in Denmark. I am both a candidate and the campaign leader. So it´s taking most of my time! There is no upper limit to the ideas and pr work one can pour energy into. And then suddenly a journalist calls, or a member of the council writes something about us in the paper that we have to respond to.

It is engulfing, overwhelming and both exhilerating and exhausting at once. Our campaign team of 3 people have all been hit by illness, simultaneously! So, though thankful they have our backs and we communicate online as a group of 5 daily, the two of us candidates are pushing through the practical work, mainly on our own. It is fun, though, it feels a bit like working on a filmset, where I used to run around for about 8 years of my life, solving bizarre challenges that suddenly pop up without warning … I love this intensity, demanding my creativity, my social sciences uni-degree, my openhearted writing, expressing my political truth. I love working in projects, that have different phases and a set deadline. Cultural projects. Arts, integration, music. Co-creating for a good cause lights me up.

I am glad, however, that the election is on the 16. of November already, and not 6 months from now. The campaign proces is taking everything I´ve got, it´s like a marathon. Thankfully our party is very well organized and supportive of its candidates, we spent last weekend together with many of the other 100+ candidates and members, receiving debate training etc. Our governmental representative will visit us for a full day in October, where we create a campaign event around him, and the party´s youth organization likewise, will also come visit us for a day in November, and make a campaign event with us. So we are absolutely supported. Also with tons of online meetings. More than we have time for. Still, it´s a marathon, and the days fly by with tons of to-dos. Right now it is Saturday and I have promised myself to take this day off. Haha… Well, updating my blog is a good spare time activity.

So. That´s my update for today. Running for election, writing lyrics and focusing on core alignment, prioritizing self care to re-energize and to proces impressions. Yup. Definitely a nice opportunity to measure my self growth, things feel very different for me compared to the last time I was a candidate, back in 2017.

I love this political work. I really do, or I would not be doing it. I go all in, I give 100%. As always, whatever I do. Whether we get a chair in the council or not, is up to the voters. We try our very utmost to present our views as honestly and lovingly as we can. Based on our party´s values of courage and empathy, humility and generousity, transparency and humour. Knowing we have tried our best is our measure for success.

So wish us luck, stamina and clarity! And see you again, dear reader, on the other side of this election!

(Or maybe sooner. U never know, u know). 🙂


So what do I do these days?


So…. I realize it´s been over a year since I was here. Explanation must be that I´m busy, prioritizing my time differently. With 3 kids, 5 NGOs, a clinic to build, a conference to organize, Corona since March 11. — And a lot of information to take in, process, express. Some rehearsing with a band that formed with two fellow green party like hearted women last Summer… A couple more, new, close girlfriends have blessed my life…. and since Corona I have started writing poems and songs. Been a long while where I didn´t. So that´s a most welcome reunion with a favourite passion.

I´m still working on creating a teaching space online. I have found the mentor for me. After years of researching and learning from different people. All part of a learning curve. And very grateful now, that I have found Emily Johnson, with her Wish Tree and Time to Shine community. I´m enrolling in her course Get Trued Up mid September. I´m also discovering some other very cool stuff to do with neuroscience, methods for changing subconscious blueprints. I´m practicing my hypnosis skills from time to time, and also I keep receiving vocal sound therapy clients in my home. In September I will teach my first workshop in vocal sound therapy tecniques, to a group of maximum 6 people due to Corona restrictions. (I was supposed to start in April, but postponed due to the virus).

Last September, almost a year ago now, I started working as a “home helper”. Going by bike around the village, visiting elders and others who need a hand with this and that. It gives me a lot of joy to meet all these sweet people. The stories from their lives. The humour we share as we solve mundane tasks they can´t manage by themselves. I work once or twice a week, some weeks more. Step in when someone is ill. Ask for a shift when it´s been a while and I miss the lovely people in their homes and also my always helpful colleagues. It´s a really nice job to have for me.

I also still receive contract work for an online ticket office that needs translation into Norwegian to make bids into the market there. Well paid, and I´ve always loved playing with spelling and grammar. So that´s fun, though it tends to come with a crazy short deadline.

I could tell you about many more issues going on. Yet I´m a bit tired. And in an hour´s time I will go with my two youngest (8 and 10) to judo practice. Love sitting there, watching them in the dojo. Boys and girls different ages training together, leaders all men, allowing the oldest kids to help teach the youngest… It gives me a nice feeling to sit and watch it play out. I also used to train iaido, Japanese swordmanship, in a dojo in my 20s. So it feels relaxing for me to sit there.

Anyways. I shall stop here. Test out this new version of WordPress. Try to return in not so long. I feel I need to re organize my homepage here, and let this blog become just a minor element. But this will be done after my course with Emily. I know who is going to help me with the homepage rearrangement, I think…

Thanks for reading this. It´s mostly like a simple diary entry. A note to self. But. That´s the way it has to be right now. Hope you are healthy and happy. And that if you are not, that you have someone to go to for help to change and grow. Should you want my assistance as in conversation, hypnosis or vocal sound therapy, then contact me on and we can talk about it. One Love – Big Hug – from Lene. – Be a Blessing of Bliss – ! 🙂


Moving into the new

My daughter Viola, 9 years old today.

It’s been a while since I wrote. Been so busy. With lots of different cultural ngo projects. International Women´s Day Celebration. And planning for big events happening next year. Helping build the local green party The Alternative. Helping start up the “Night Ravens”, adults volunteering to go for walks where the youth hangs out in public at weekends. To be available to them if they need assistance. Help them with anything, or just lend an ear. It was my son´s birthday mid March. And then my daughter´s today. Parties to be arranged with their school classes, and neighbours & our familyfriends. My mother came to visit from Norway one weekend, brought my young nephew, Preben. Soon 10. Lovely. Then I had some talks to attend, seminars, concerts, meetings, lots of meetings… Yeah. Busy.

Seems after this latest wp update, I receive no comments anymore? I wish I knew the cause and could fix it. I miss talking with the readers. Typing along without any response gets kind of lonely and in a way feels pointless.

I´m still looking into creating an online teaching space. It is a very demanding process. I have days when I´m excited about the idea, and other days where I just feel sad and overwhelmed about it. I´ve read, though, that this is the norm. So. I continue the process step by step. Maybe I will take a job whilst I prepare. Looks like it takes more time than anticipated. I think I could do with a mentor to lead me through the proces.

Well. I feel tired. Bit uninspired. Drained. So I think I´ll just stop here. Just wanted to let u know I´m alive. Hope to be back soon. Send me a comment! And be happy & healthy.

Lots of Love.




I´m hanging out on my bed as I have for three days now. As I fell and hurt my left knee pretty badly. So I have borrowed some crutches & just keep still. Rather pleasant, I´m all for hibernation slow mode in wintertime.

My Facebook status right now:

Still in bed with my Wounded Knee… (Respect to the tribes murdered). Been surfing world wide these last couple of days. The waves within. The web between us. Connecting.

Found some interesting new Facebook groups. Collected a couple of pictures along the way, check this one out:

Very kool image, in my book… All these groups of people, like 100 000s of members… all talking about empathy, starseeds, intergalactic family…

Ascension… Revolutionary changing humanity…

Hmmm… interesting new ways of sharing information pieces in this WordPress update.

Oh well. I shall go to …. haha. I´m already in bed. Or on my flying carpet, as I call it. Ever since Monday afternoon. Now Thursday morning, 01 AM.

Think I´ll sleep now. Swirl off into theta then delta. Waving Goooood bye. 🙂


Nathan Phillips: A leader.


Rather shocking. I saw and shared this as well. Interview with the native American man after the incident:

I don´t really have much to add. These two video pieces speak volumes. I just came to the blog to say I share his fear for the upcoming generations. When respect, decency is such a lack, and when violence and racism has this deep a hold on the youth.

“Do as you want to be done by”.


Christmas Greeting


Merry christmas.

I´m at my mother´s, in her beautiful waterfront apartment on the west coast of Norway. Everyone else (2 adults and 3 children tonight, as some kids stay at my sister´s) is in bed. Just me and the christmas tree here, the sound of my typing mixing with the humming of the dishwasher.

Here´s a picture of the sunrise from my mom´s place, just outside the terrace door. I took it on the morning of 22. 12.:

In Norway the main celebration is on christmas eve, the 24. Traditional lamb ribs. Church some times, before dinner. Then after the meal, we open all the presents. We open them one by one, so we all can celebrate each present with eachother. Enjoy seeing the others receive, the look of happy surprise and gratitude on our loved ones´ faces. It takes all evening to open the presents this way. But to me this is THE  way to do it. 🙂

Today we continued the family gathering, more delicious food, board games. Kids went outside and played soccer. We watched a children´s movie. Some computer games, and playing with the toys unwrapped last night. Same procedure as every year. So safe and soothing. Predictable, pleasant. Friendliness. Catching up with our family members, as we live abroad it is not so often we get to see each other. Wonderful to see the strong ties between my sister´s kids and mine. Wonderful to speak my own dialect as well, and not have to think before I speak. Mother tongue. Swift and easy. So much depth in the internalized expressions. Which is lost in my Danish communication, as it is not so deeply integrated in me.

I just want to share this text with you, from Marianne Williamson´s Facebook wall. (I guess you´ve heard she runs for presidency? Very good news in my book).

Well. She posted Da Vinci´s painting of Jesus.:

With the following words:

“Mary was awakened from her slumber, as we all are. She was told to go to the roof, as we all are beckoned to higher consciousness. And there she was spoken to by an angel.

She was told the same thing that all of us are told: that God wants to enter us, to impregnate us, and to be born into the world through us. And we are asked to say yes, though we are free to say no. When we do say yes, in any moment or any hour when we allow love to have its way with us, to extend through us, to be born into the world in something that we think or say or do, we participate in a field of consciousness in which all of us are one. That field of our essential oneness is the field of our essential Self, the self we share, the Self that is God’s “one begotten Son.” This Self has many names and one of them is Jesus.

According to A Course in Miracles, he lived as a man but thought only the thoughts of heaven. Having achieved a fully self-actualized state – a state that is potential in all of us – he has been authorized by God, should we request it, to guide us as an elder brother on the path that he himself has walked. He is not looking for martyrs but for teachers, according to the Course. For those who love him, for those who know him, this is a special day of deep remembrance. His is a love that lies beyond this world and shatters its illusions. Miracles occur naturally in the presence of this love. All is forgiven. Darkness dissolves. And tears are wiped away. #salvatoremundi 


I just thought these words are really potent. So I felt to share them here, as a present to you blog readers. Words for meditation. Contemplation. in these days of slow time hibernation.

I wish for peaceful, joyful days for every one, this christmas season.

I leave you with clips from my daughter Lava´s concert with her choir, 14. of December. A very, very good choir. They actually won gold medals in the World Choir Games in South Africa this summer.


Fanø Free Folk Festival # 8; Friday


Hello y’all

Another year, another Fanø Free Folk Festival. A great privilege to have such an amazing festival happen annually on this tiny island where I have my home.

I organized my holiday so I returned just in time to get to the festival. To me it is a highlight of every Summer.

Enough about me, here is the first video I have made from the weekend, 21.-23. of July… The 8. time the Free Folk festival was held…

I managed to see all 7 gigs on the Friday. Some of the concerts are represented more than the others… it doesn´t mean I couldn´t have filmed all of everybody´s performances, they were all great.         Gotta keep the workload down a bit, though.
And some of my recordings are better quality than others… so.     That´s why the limelight is spread a bit unevenly between the artists.

I am no judgmental music journalist.
I just love to participate somehow, and to express and share feelgood-stuff.

Enough explainings.
Hope you enjoy the outcome!
Please comment if you feel so inclined, I am always open to listening and learning.

Lots of Love;


Non Violence will Change the World


Hi folks.

This just moves me.

Thousands of people standing in complete silence in Turkey.

Protesting the stately surpression they suffer as a nation now.

I totally agree with Geliqua Amini.

And especially the last line gives me hope for the future.

Geliqua Amini
I går kl. 08:20 ·
No yelling. No screaming. No fighting.
A new form of protesting:
Thousands of people standing in complete silence, protesting in squares and public places in Turkey… baffling the police. Even creating a calm curiosity, instead of tension and aggression.

“Non-violence is the force that will change the world”


Christmas Spirit?


St. Lucia yesterday. 13/12. Where children, in Scandinavia at least, walk in a long line wearing white robes, carrying candles, singing a hymn to the light piercing the winter darkness…

Now it´s passed midnight and full moon. Was asleep but suddenly woke, wide awake.

There is a massacre in Aleppo, Syria.
Don´t worry, reader, I won´t go into detail. History will make sure we get all the fascist details. I hope. Because history is repeating itself, and will we ever learn from our violence against innocent civillians during war? We apparently need to live through and witness evil again and again.

We had the “election” in the USA recently as well. With Wikileaks releasing all those emails. That are being ignored!
And Julian Assange. Probably removed from the Equadorian embassy in police raid 16.of October. No one knows. Or. Cia does. But no proof of life is given, despite thousands asking for it every day on the Wikileaks Facebook page.

Parallell to this issue, which kept me up in the nights to watch new videos on youtube about it… we had DAPL, Dakota pipeline, where thousands of Native Americans and other peaceful water protectors were refusing to allow a pipeline to be built through their land, and the oil company had a police force shooting at them with water canons (in below zero temperatures), rubber bullets, attack them with dogs, arrest people and put them in cages… (!)…

The president let it go on for a long time. Then finally, after 2000 war veterans turned up at the camp to protect the civillians from being evicted from their own land… Finally Obama said the pipeline would be postponed, and that a study into environmental effects had to be done.
Well. Oil company sent the Indians a letter saying they might just go ahead anyway. So thousands are still going to be spending their winter there. If I didn´t have kids, and had the financial means, I would go there. They are writing history. Fronting the new direction. Of protecting Mother Earth and our Water. Leaving the oil age behind.

I´m sure I could go on to dozens more examples of … fascism.
Happening now as I type. The world seems to have gone off its hinges.
Stuff I have read about the 1930s is regaining validity in contemporary politics!

In Scandinavia the politicians are passing laws to take money from the poorest citizens, and give it in shape of tax relief to the richest citizens. !! ?? !!
Denmark has just recently taken away social security funds, and 15.000 more Danish kids are now below the poverty line. Homelessness is on rapid increase. Sick people are comitting suicide.
Off its hinges. Not an exaggeration.

Maybe in five years, it will feel normal? We can read about the “humanitarian era” in the history books.

It´s not too easy in this ideological climate, to find the calm warmth of heart and move into the christmas season with a smile and a carol, same procedure as every year, James.
Although with 3 kids, I go to a lot of family events focusing on Love.
I try my best, for them, to dwell on the childhood joys of christmas…

I seek comfort in guided meditations on Youtube, and webinars about Akashic Records, manifestation, hypnosis therapy, I listen to Abraham Hicks, and Doreen Virtue´s weekly oracle card readings…

May sound far out or whatever. Luckily it is only me that gets to decide what is meaningful and strengthening to me.

I don´t accept others´ judging of me. People who judge, are just not that intelligent. So I decide not to give them credit. Not even air time in my mind. Life is too short.

I work on accepting that my power over outer events is limited. And to change within, “to be the change I want to see in the world” (Gandhiji); focus on increasing my inner balance and to be a positive force in my life, for myself and all those whose lives I touch.

I should use photos and music in this blogpost. Lighten it up.
I think I will have to wait with that until tomorrow.
I read (and shared, of course) 5-6 facebook links on Aleppo before I went to bed. People sending their final goodbyes, saying the “soldiers” are just down the street and everywhere is dead bodies. I mean… Yeah, no. I promised you no details. You have probably seen enough of the disturbing images and videos yourself.

I shall see if I can sleep on it and then add some photos or sounds here  tomorrow. And then hopefully write another christmas spirit blogpost without a question mark behind it, describing this season of hearts in a more… optimistic way… Because optimism is the attitude of strength. Positive thinking is the healthy choice.

And so I finish this post with this positive thought:

There is nothing to worry about. Because as we know, we will all get to escape, to die and break free from this human race craze. One fine day.
And so it is.

It´s two days later now, the 15.
Found a photo for the blogpost´s heading, finally! Feel empty, can´t think of anything else that would be apt, apart from those images of the bleeding children running through a street in Aleppo, a boy carrying his younger sister…

The only song I can think of, is this one.
“You do not deserve being my brothers in arms.”


I stand by me



Today I’ve felt a bit butterfly-bellied. 🙂
To stand up and claim a title like I did in yesterday’s post…
To a flowy piscean like myself, that’s a huge thing to do.
I feel a bit trapped by it.
I’ve been walking around thinking, “but I’m not a medium in the same way as others are…and I’m not just a medium, I also steer my own writing a lot of the time…”
I’ve been answering myself, that there are immense variations to mediumship, the point is the connection with Spirit.
Which I do have.

And yes, of course I am more than “just” a medium. Like the girl in this wonderful poster that came floating into my facebook stream today:


One can probably say an awful lot
about me and what I am and what I’m not.
The important opinion, though, is the one I’ve got.
Will not lay myself politely down to rot.

Need to stand up.
Be visible and clear.
No need to stop.
No need to fear.
Just stand tall and receive and pass on.
Contact and connect and have fun.

impress yourself only

People have always judged me, thought I’m weird.
I have taught myself not to care.
I sing in the streets, dance alone on a dancefloor,
no matter who I meet, I stay true to my core.
I strive for open mindedness, equality is my passion.
And now I’m forced to find a rhyme that ends up in a fashion.
I love to sing and dance and drum and I don’t make excuses
for who I am and what, what not, coz I’m the one who chooses.

I stand up to be counted, In-Betweener, this is me.
And to say it, is to own it, and it helps me to be free.
If the whole world turned against me,
I would still know it is true,
every word I have been thinking and I’ve published now to you.