Fresh, it´s so fresh!


Fotografi den 19-05-2016 kl. 12.22

This is me. Taken five minutes ago, max. By my brand sizzling new Rolls Royce of personal computers. I have been using a dinosaur pc for years and years. And years. Honestly. And now. This. I am almost drooling. Although I disagree fiercely with the company´s climate policy, and lack of customer service when it comes to repairing their products. The products are still the best. In my humble opinion.

Not to mention names and place support or recommendations. I am merely expressing the immense gratitude I feel for having received this top of the props equipment.

I feel like the groove in this old melody from my high school years:

And like this too:

With a bit of this on top:


Must dash off now, picking´up kiddies in the kindergarten in ten minutes. Just had to update my blog now. Couldn´t wait. New horizons await. Such a pleasure to create with tools that work as they are supposed to. Sweet Relief. Oh the JOY!

Write you again soon.
Have an ACE day!



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