Litteratur Salon no.15


“….Just breath.
Birth ´till death.
Nothing serious.”

Sorry the filmclip ends so abruptly.
I got a friend to film it. Wanted the clip to cover the entire 20 minutes in one piece, but there were technical problems. Such is life. It is primarily an analogue experience after all. At least this snippet gives you an impression.

Of my reciting poems from my book last Wednesday night. In Gallery Henneberghus in Esbjerg. (As I talked about in my last post, that I was going to).
It was a great event. There were four men reading out their stuff too. Two read out a poem each, one read from a story about a man who is travelling in China, and the last one had translated a book of stories written by Spanish anarchists 1890-1915. They were all interesting people with interesting things to say, a very pleasant athmosphere indeed, in the small gallery, filled up, with 30 people in the audience.

In between the read-outs (Is that what it´s called? Like hand-outs, hahaha… no. Recitals, isn´t it). In between the recitals, a young student from the Music academy played for us on his instrumentarium; a self built installation consisting of a sampler, laptop, a shaman´s drum which he played with a foot pedal, and two cymbals plus a mike into which he sang these slow, melodic short sentences…. very poetic. He had also made a piece using war sirens, mixed with noises that to me clearly visualized tanks and bombs, suffering, anxiety, despair, grief…. quite impressive.

We got 20 minutes each, to recite. I had made Danish translations to 14 of the texts in my book of poems and reflections, written in English. (If you want my book, go to the blog´s page “Buy my book?”).

Here´s one I recited:

What I want

I´m a sucker for love
seeking the ultimate mellow fellow
I´m well tuned in to what´s above
yet my soundtrack´s ruled by cello

I don´t want no macho mouse
I don´t want no pessimist
He´s gotta be good to share my house
He´s gotta have the strength of the optimist!

I´m a lover of good times
laughter, dancing, food and drink
enjoying to live never was no crime
oneness in what I do say and think

I don´t want no meek admirer
I don´t want no manipulator
He´s gotta have a heart on fire
He´s gotta be a spontaneous structurator!

Here is the same poem, in video version. 🙂
(Landscape shots from Fanoe where I live, this quaint little lump of beautiful nature.
Notice there is a heart of blue sky between the clouds where I say “heart on fire”. And the straws visualize spontaneous structuring… You can watch the video installation in full in the post “Linking”).

But it is; “What I want”.

It felt really good to stand there and share my writings. I received positive feedback, both on the content, and on the sound of my translations. Lovely to meet other people who love to write. And people who love litterature and have come because they want to listen, take in, enjoy being read to.
Always a special athmosphere there in Tina´s Henneberghus Gallery. I have written about it elsewhere too, (f.ex. in “a piece of christmas peace”), I go there the first Wednesday every month, where she hosts her litterature salon. So heart warming and inspiring. A word oasis, she calls it. It truely is a place to relax and enjoy refreshing impressions.

They liked my poem about who the audience is, as well. (Which I shared with you in the post Being a poet, straight underneath this post). I was a bit curious whether they would like that one. Especially one of the other poets liked it a lot, he actually shouted out loud: “Hear! Hear!” (Only in Danish, where it has just one cyllable; “Hørt!”) That shout made me feel really good actually. I think it is a very telling piece, and especially when read out to an audience, but normally you don´t really get to know what they think, so easily… Direct, instant feedback. Should be a lot more of that stuff around.

Of course we have poetry slam, the genre. Where people go on stage and recite, and the audience “votes” by amount of applause, and it´s a competition where after the last round there is a winner. GREAT FUN.
If I didn´t have kids, I think I would be active on that scene. I have been to a few events. Danish championships in Copenhagen as well. Love it.

Anyways. Gotta go now. Dinnertime. Don´t wanna be late for that. Nope. That´s not what I want. 🙂



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