Moving into the new

My daughter Viola, 9 years old today.

It’s been a while since I wrote. Been so busy. With lots of different cultural ngo projects. International Women´s Day Celebration. And planning for big events happening next year. Helping build the local green party The Alternative. Helping start up the “Night Ravens”, adults volunteering to go for walks where the youth hangs out in public at weekends. To be available to them if they need assistance. Help them with anything, or just lend an ear. It was my son´s birthday mid March. And then my daughter´s today. Parties to be arranged with their school classes, and neighbours & our familyfriends. My mother came to visit from Norway one weekend, brought my young nephew, Preben. Soon 10. Lovely. Then I had some talks to attend, seminars, concerts, meetings, lots of meetings… Yeah. Busy.

Seems after this latest wp update, I receive no comments anymore? I wish I knew the cause and could fix it. I miss talking with the readers. Typing along without any response gets kind of lonely and in a way feels pointless.

I´m still looking into creating an online teaching space. It is a very demanding process. I have days when I´m excited about the idea, and other days where I just feel sad and overwhelmed about it. I´ve read, though, that this is the norm. So. I continue the process step by step. Maybe I will take a job whilst I prepare. Looks like it takes more time than anticipated. I think I could do with a mentor to lead me through the proces.

Well. I feel tired. Bit uninspired. Drained. So I think I´ll just stop here. Just wanted to let u know I´m alive. Hope to be back soon. Send me a comment! And be happy & healthy.

Lots of Love.



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