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Dear reader.

I am writing this blog with great pleasure.
But I only have time to update this frequently because I don´t have a job!
So please help me stay unemployed /independent from an external workplace, so I get time to blog! 🙂

I earn a penny or two per click on Google´s adds that I have set up. Please click on them!
Or much better, if you can afford it and if you feel like it, then press the donate button…

I´m a mother of three with no source of income. All five of us live off my husband´s wages as a music teacher. We love to travel, spent two months in Thailand when our youngest was 10 months old… so if we can afford to go somewhere nice, I will of course be telling you all about it on the blog…

I am hoping that the blogging can become my source of income, together with my practice as a sound therapist (I´m in the middle of my two year long course in vocal sound therapy now, May 2015).

Just thought I´d tell you this.
I will be extremely grateful if you contribute to my remaining free
to sit and type away here in my home office.
I can´t afford to stay broke much longer. And if I get a job on top of my household chores as a mother, i don´t know when I would have the energy to blog.

Okay. Enough of the violins. I should paste a video of myself rapping something wicked here now.
I will have to make such a piece some time. First write the lyrics.


make life not just a living

I like this poster. But one has to make a living as well, somehow, hasn´t one. At least have money.


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