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dutch sued for climate

Fancy that. A nation suing its country´s government. I LIKE IT A LOT !!! Con gratulations, Holland.
I believe many more cases like this will follow. Thank you for showing the way forward.

poverty is man made

This shatters my heart. The rulers of this planet choose to keep people in poverty. It is simply a question of priorities. War machines are more important. Tax freedom for multi billionaire corporations, is more important. Than children dying of hunger. And families having to flee their homelands in order to survive. How saddening a truth is this, about the people in power on our globe.

fears under communism truth under capitalism

Can´t argue with that. Can you? Please give me your view in the comments section if you want.

no arts why war, chruchill

I like that man. If only he was still in charge over there… Where they are making it illegal, actually jailing people now, for collecting rain water in their own gardens!!!
And for giving food to the homeless!!!
If that´s not crazy, signs of a mentally ill society, I don´t know what is. What are they thinking???

And this war on terror…. that only creates more terror….. and creates a LOT of refugees…. that we now can watch on tv drowning outside the coasts of Europe…… we bomb their homes to pieces, and then we get angry when they start fleeing in our direction??? Come on……. !!!!!
(And Usa is not alone in this, Denmark and many other European countries are co instigators of this war).


Yes. Simple as that.

earth is my country

One Humanity. One Home, Earth.

Let these two wise men have the last word.
Peace, you my brothers and sisters. Let´s work together towards it.



Dalai hard or soft

Oh… look at this gold nugget I just found on Youtube….
The dear, great leader and brave civil disobediant peace maker Mahatma Gandhi.
We owe him such a lot. All of us.



2 thoughts on “Political Problems & Solutions”

  1. I agree completely with everything you wrote in this post, Lene. I too, feel like I’m a citizen of the world, rather than of Australia (especially since we have such a nasty, corrupt, potentially totalitarian government now). I love the idea of the citizens suing their government. We should do that here in Australia, where there was a recent supreme court challenge to the government keeping refugees locked up in concentration camps for years on end where they’re beaten and raped and degraded and children are sexually abused. The Supreme Court ruled that it was illegal, so our nasty government changed to law to specifically make it “legal”. They’ve been pulling a lot of those kind of horrible tricks lately. They want to change the law so a politician can banish a person without legal cause. They changed the law so that you can’t protest mining companies coming in and ripping up your land. They changed the law so if you belong to a club where anybody in the club has ever been in trouble with the law you can all be thrown in prison for just meeting. They changed the law to allow police to torture people. And much more. The good people of Holland have the right idea. We need to do the same before our nasty government gains complete control and destruction of our society.

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