Richard, Timothy & I; all hippyistic thinkers, I reckon. Peace & Love. All we need.


Hi there… Wednesday evening. Soon 9 pm. Gone to bed. But not so sleepy, as I dozed off in front of a webinar two hours ago… 🙂

WordPress has a new update, it looks all confusing on the screen here. It wants me to choose blocks… I was used to the old system… Big sigh…

Oh… “write caption”… Well. I just love Mr. Gere, he is a warmhearted thinker. That´s all. 🙂

Okay. Survived that. Weird this.

Hmmm. Well, ain´t got much to tell, really. Love the top picture, I´ve used for the heading. Made me think of my last post where I talk about the international women´s day party I´m helping organize, where I also wrote a little bit about the hippy movement´s peace activism. 

I think I will just leave you with today´s astro forecast by Timothy. I´ve shared these with you before. I find him immensely inspiring, and soothing in these times of such rapid change all around us. Listening to him explain his theory of how events and energies fit together, helps me remain calm and collected. Check him out if you haven´t already 🙂 :

Hmmm… I can see that one can´t click on the heading picture and see it properly? Used to be able to in the old version. I prefer the oooold waaayyy…. 🙂 Ah well. The only constant in life is change. So said Heraclit, the Greek wiseman. I´ll get used to it, and this too shall pass. Very assuring. 🙂 I will put the heading poster here as well, so you can read the words:

Caption in bold. Me digs. “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Gandhi said. He must be called a hippy. I think so must Buddha, and Jesus. Basically it´s about love,  isn´t it. To believe in unity, instead of separateness and competition. 


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