So what do I do these days?


So…. I realize it´s been over a year since I was here. Explanation must be that I´m busy, prioritizing my time differently. With 3 kids, 5 NGOs, a clinic to build, a conference to organize, Corona since March 11. — And a lot of information to take in, process, express. Some rehearsing with a band that formed with two fellow green party like hearted women last Summer… A couple more, new, close girlfriends have blessed my life…. and since Corona I have started writing poems and songs. Been a long while where I didn´t. So that´s a most welcome reunion with a favourite passion.

I´m still working on creating a teaching space online. I have found the mentor for me. After years of researching and learning from different people. All part of a learning curve. And very grateful now, that I have found Emily Johnson, with her Wish Tree and Time to Shine community. I´m enrolling in her course Get Trued Up mid September. I´m also discovering some other very cool stuff to do with neuroscience, methods for changing subconscious blueprints. I´m practicing my hypnosis skills from time to time, and also I keep receiving vocal sound therapy clients in my home. In September I will teach my first workshop in vocal sound therapy tecniques, to a group of maximum 6 people due to Corona restrictions. (I was supposed to start in April, but postponed due to the virus).

Last September, almost a year ago now, I started working as a “home helper”. Going by bike around the village, visiting elders and others who need a hand with this and that. It gives me a lot of joy to meet all these sweet people. The stories from their lives. The humour we share as we solve mundane tasks they can´t manage by themselves. I work once or twice a week, some weeks more. Step in when someone is ill. Ask for a shift when it´s been a while and I miss the lovely people in their homes and also my always helpful colleagues. It´s a really nice job to have for me.

I also still receive contract work for an online ticket office that needs translation into Norwegian to make bids into the market there. Well paid, and I´ve always loved playing with spelling and grammar. So that´s fun, though it tends to come with a crazy short deadline.

I could tell you about many more issues going on. Yet I´m a bit tired. And in an hour´s time I will go with my two youngest (8 and 10) to judo practice. Love sitting there, watching them in the dojo. Boys and girls different ages training together, leaders all men, allowing the oldest kids to help teach the youngest… It gives me a nice feeling to sit and watch it play out. I also used to train iaido, Japanese swordmanship, in a dojo in my 20s. So it feels relaxing for me to sit there.

Anyways. I shall stop here. Test out this new version of WordPress. Try to return in not so long. I feel I need to re organize my homepage here, and let this blog become just a minor element. But this will be done after my course with Emily. I know who is going to help me with the homepage rearrangement, I think…

Thanks for reading this. It´s mostly like a simple diary entry. A note to self. But. That´s the way it has to be right now. Hope you are healthy and happy. And that if you are not, that you have someone to go to for help to change and grow. Should you want my assistance as in conversation, hypnosis or vocal sound therapy, then contact me on and we can talk about it. One Love – Big Hug – from Lene. – Be a Blessing of Bliss – ! 🙂



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