Survival of the Fittest to What?


we think too much feel too little chaplin

Or is it rather the opposite that is our problem? Too much feeling, and too little thinking, in our political decisions these days??
Maybe so.
Or maybe it is fear-inducing thoughts that create the great anxiety that steers the aggression in our current political / religious relations…
If we as individuals were better at taking notice and to respect our feelings, then there would probably not be that many soldiers in the world…
And the political leaders would distribute the economical resources more just, and not give tax relief to the wealthies whilst knowing that there are many children starving to death every day…

It would be a really good thing if we all started to both think rationally, and to pay attention to and respect our emotions, that these two aspects worked together, towards common goals as One Human Nation living on One Planet Only, which we need to save from our own exploitation before it goes under.

Survival of the fittest.
Means the ones who fit in with nature, who preserves the soil and trees and oceans, so us animals in the eco system can have water, food and air.
This moment, us humans are not fit to survive.

It seems we believe that our existence is a competition between individuals. The one with the sharpest elbows and the most money, wins, is the best survivor. But we are actually in this together! When the few are allowed to take all the money, then we collectively go under. Trees are cut, so they can print out more money for themselves. As if they could take it with them into the afterworld.
I find it unintelligent. Both their behaviour, and that we collectively legally accept their greed. in the end paying for their greed with humanity´s / our own existence!!

I read yesterday that we have destroyed 50% of the earth´s species, the last decades. Half of the species, gone. And that we are moving very quickly into the 6. round of extinction, I think it was called. Bees are threatened. Pesticides. Well if they go, so do we. Easy equation. It is happening NOW. Not in a thousand years from now. When will we start to take this seriously? If we don´t soon, it will be too late!

erradicate poverty

Just saying. As a further comment to my post from yesterday, straight underneath this one, called Political Problems & Solutions…

And this one, too, I found on facebook this morning. A comment to the same post from yesterday:

rainwater collecting is illegal

How can they punish people for collecting rain water? It is insane. INSANE is what it is.

I heard on tv this morning that the new government elected here in Denmark has started deciding to save money on the stately support to handicapped citizens, and daycare and schools. AGAIN.
Why is it always the ones who have too little, that have to make do with even less?
Why do we never hear the politicians say that they can reduce their own, very high wages, or the monthly pay that children of ministers receive for the rest of their lives (!), or the free train rides that they get for life time, or their amazingly luxurious pensions….

How are we supposed to trust these people?
With what legitimacy do they get to steal from the poor and give to the rich?
Because we voted for them, in their monkey system?!!
Democracy. Means people´s rule. Give us direct voting on issues. Like in Switzerland.
The way our country is governed now, is ridiculous and harmful and against the will of the public.
It systematically gives more to the ones who have a lot already,
whilst giving less and less to the ill, the unemployed, elders and children.
How can this feel right to them???

In earlier times, there was a king who had all the power. And once a year he rode around the country and people were to applaud as he rode by. Today we have politicians, and at elections we get to applaud for the one we like the best. But the system remains the same, and there are a lot of officials staying put in their offices, where the real decisions are made. We are fools. It is a puppet show.

choose to be optimistic

Yes. Be optimistic. I do try.

note to self enjoy each moment

True, that. We will not get out of this alive.
So I guess whether we go under from atomic waste or a lack of food and clean water, doesn´t matter.
I was hoping to die smiling in my own bed age 99, and I was hoping that my children would have seafood and health and their own children one day. But I guess it´s just out of my hands and I have to accept the state of affairs as they are, and that´s it. I am powerless. Aren´t I.

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5 thoughts on “Survival of the Fittest to What?”

  1. No, Lene, you are not powerless. You, me, and the rest of us, we actually have the power. We just need to understand that and use it. By speaking with others you are using that power. By voting, you are using that power. By standing up for what is right, and improving the world around you you are using that power.

    Bad politicians believe that the greatest power they have is in making us feel that we are powerless. When they achieve that then they put us in chains of our own making. But just as we can make those chains we can also break them. It doesn’t have to be violent or loud or angry, in fact it works best if we use gentleness and tolerance and love. We just have to stop ourselves and others from thinking they have no power. Together we are millions of times more powerful than any politician. We just have to realise it.

    Good politicians understand that harnessing people’s goodwill, instead of hate, and magnifying their love instead of fear makes them far more powerful than a bad politician could ever be.

    But we can’t just wait for a good politician. We need to be the change that we want.

    1. Yeah… I guess I know you are right… on good days I feel empowered and positive that things move in the right direction, with all the revolutions around the world now, and the occupy movement and so much more than I have heard about. Then, on “bad” days I just feel it’s hopeless and we will go under faster than we can say change… thanks for uplifting me. We must try and eqch of us be the change we want to see in the world, yes. As said our dear wise Mahatma Gandhi. Peace will prevail. It has to!

      1. When I wrote it, I was trying to remember where I got that quote from. Yes, Mahatma Gandhi. He was one smart fellow.

        I know what you mean. Like you, one day I feel like we can win the world back from the bad people and that we are succeeding gradually. Another day I feel it is hopeless and that we are lost as a species. I’m glad to have lifted your spirits. I hope someone is able to do the same for me when I feel the stormclouds gathering. 🙂

        It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. When that happens I take a short holiday from the internet to recharge my optimism with a bit of science reading. There is nothing like reading some scientific publications, such as New Scientist or Scientific American for lifting the spirits and realising how much good there is and what amazing creatures we can be. Some people spend their lives solving energy problems, curing illnesses, understanding how the climate works, and how our own brains work. They send fantastic little robots to other planets and moons, and now asteroids and even comets to learn about our universe. They design ever more capable electronics that do even more, while requiring less power. I’ve been following one guy on YouTube in UK, Robert Murray Smith, who has been developing a supercapacitor that would be capable of powering a home. He is concentrating on using commonly available, non-toxic materials so that it is very cheap, not harmful, and we can never run out of them. Unlike batteries, supercapacitors aren’t damaged by discharging completely, they can be recharged in seconds or minutes instead of taking hours, and they can be discharged and recharged potentially an infinite number of times without wearing out.

        There are people all over the world working on solving our problems, and solving them in ways that don’t cause other problems. They are trying to understand what causes people to deny reality and how that can be undone, others are trying to understand what it is that makes people racist or homophobic or bullies and how their worldview can be repaired. If we look in the right places we have an inexhaustible supply of optimism to draw upon.

        1. Thank you for those words, truely soothing to read them. I love you, intelligent sceintists working to solve humanity´s problems! 🙂
          And I will use that term; “We have an inexhaustible supply of optimism to draw upon” to remind myself to take a break from bad news.

          I too search other sources of information, yes, a very important break to take, that from the wild web 🙂
          Yesterday we took the kids to the library, and apart from a dozen of kids´ books and dvds, I found a cd with a meditation on it called “In your heart”, and a book called “little love-conversations with your soul” (how cute is that? and the small, thin book has hand made drawings on its cover, of a dolphin and a spiral sun and some shells… on a soft pink-purple background. Author Inger Burkhalter-Andersen, don´t know if it exists in English). Tt practically pulled me towards its shelf there, eager to have me take it home with me!
          Then I found a book on ernergy medicine, and one called “Anything can be healed”. one by Betty Shine called “The energy of the mind” (Which I think I have read before, but), and then a book called “your healing hands”.
          Topped up with a dvd; Sicko, by Michael Moore. Loved two of his other documentaries, so. That should be good.

          So yes. Finding the uplifting sources. Important self healthy thing to do this day and age.

          I hope for my blog to feel like a source of uplifting. But more than that, I just want it to be real, heartfelt. No glittery facade, please, we have too much of that already.

          Also, in my sound therapy practice, many come and ask for the sound to help them feel more confident, less worried and dragged down by the world or by sorrow over events in their lives…seems to be an issue many grapple with…

          All very interesting. And on lower days, very frustrating and saddening.

          Let me finish with a poem from my book:


          Be brave
          don´t be no slave
          to any fear or doubt,
          you´re happier without,
          just turn within!
          No such thing
          as guilt or sin.
          Pure lightlove is what you are.
          Magic grain of dust from star.

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