Swings for Grownups


This swing is pretty crazy. Who would have the guts to get on this…

Posted by Extreme on 14. februar 2015

This is great stuff! I got all sweaty in my palms from watching this swing…
I used this video on Facebook the other day, to illustrate our great idea in Kulturelt Samraad to install two swings for grownups somewhere on Fanoe! (For more info about what Kulturelt Samraad is, read the post I wrote about it yesterday, a mere two posts scroll-down from here).

The swings should be located next to eachother, so one can swing with a friend and laugh together whilst having the fun.
We were thinking they should be overlooking the ocean. But it seems it could be difficult because of the tide, as there has to be a fall-mat of some expensive sort installed underneath the swings.
Another idea is to locate the swings on a kids´ playground. I´m sure the children would love to watch the grownups laughing on big swings, don´t you think?

And no. Most probably NOT a crazy ass swing like the one in this video. Although it does look fantastic. I don´t think there are too many who would dare to have a go on that one.
I might myself, actually. But I´m far from sure. You heard that, right? I said I`M NOT SURE I WOULD.

Hahaha… stuff like that tends to look more tempting from a distance, is my experience. I used to be wreckless as a child, but. Last time I visited the amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen, I was surprised how much I disliked hanging up there in the thin, thin air, I just actually wanted it to end!
“The only constant in life is change”, said Heraklit, the Greek philosopher.
I can but nod. I seem to have changed on this score.


I just thought I would tell you about this wonderful idea, that our K.S. member Julie Koch brought to the table. (A German lady and mother of two, who lives on Fanoe).
We need more fun in our grownup everyday lives, don´t we?
I´m tired of standing watching my kids go on swings and slides, having a great time while I stand there feeling cold, wanting to sit down somewhere comfy. If I could sit down on a swing, I would join the little ones in their excitement, and that can be nothing but healthy, a win win for everyone involved.

So folks, let´s put up swings for grownups everywhere!
Wouldn´t it be nice?!
(Love this album)!



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