Vocal Sound Therapy; book a session here!

Kaltwasser Heart Matters is not just the name of my blog, but also contains my practice as a vocal sound therapist.

You can read a lot about what that is, in the category called vocal sound therapy. My teacher is Githa Ben-David, and in December I finish my education of two years with her.

I will make a separate homepage for my sound healing. And probably give the practice its own name as well. Just for now I have made business cards that promote both the blog and the therapy sessions under the name of Kaltwasser Heart Matters.

Until things and labels are more formalized, you can email me from here, and book an appointment for vocal sound therapy.




(These are windows in the old Rudolf Steiner School where I go to study with Githa and my 35 fellow students, once every 8 weeks we spend a weekend there. So beautiful an architecture. To me the windows resemble human ears… Allow me to show you this image too before I go, the view from the stage…):



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